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How to be a Mentalist: Lessons in the art of Mind Reading and Persuasion Men Ta List Noun Someone Who Uses Mental Acuity, Hypnosis And Or Suggestion A Master Manipulator Of Thought And Behavior This Is Actually A Good Definition Of What A Mentalist Is But It Is Not A Full Definition It Is The Definition Given To A Fictional Character On A Rather Good American Crime Drama The Mentalist Which Follows Former Psychic Patrick Jane Simon Baker , Who Is Now A Consultant To The Fictional California Bureau Of Investigation CBI , Using The Highly Developed Observational Skills He Previously Employed To Read Peoples Minds It Is A Great Show And Has Been Well Researched This Book Will Not Turn You Into Patrick Jane Even Simon Baker Is Not As Cool As Patrick Jane However It Will Enable You To Be A Mentalist A Real Mentalist And In That Sense You Will Be Closer To Jane Than Our Man Who Plays Him Mr Baker Mentalism Or Mind Reading Is The Most Exciting Performing Art Once You Dazzle Your Friends, Family And Acquaintances With A Series Of Devastating Seemingly Psychic Feats They Will Forever Hound You Until You Agree To Give An Encore Wherever You Go You Will Be Pursued, Pested And Plagued By People Who Yearn To See You Perform It Will Change Your Life Forever EVERY ROUTINE IN THIS BOOK WILL ALSO BE SHOWN ON VIDEO WITH AN ONLINE LINK So As Well As Reading This Revolutionary Material You Will Also Have Access To Live Performances And Explanations In Essence You Are Getting A Free Dvd So Prepare To Learn Some Of The Most Powerful And Closely Guarded Secrets In Mentalism You Will Be Equipped With An Arsenal Of Stunning And Devastating Mindreading Effects That You Can Unleash On Your Audiences Large And Small Once You Start There Is No Turning Back The Existence You Have Known Up Until Now Will Be Changed Forever When You Have Studied The Routines And Bits In How To Be A Mentalist And Perform Them Some People Will Ask You If You Have Psychic Power I Suggest You Answer No Not Really Then Add While Tapping Your Forehead The Secrets Are All Up Here Now That Would Make Patrick Jane Smile

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    the title give people a wrong impression of what it is about The book is eventually about magic tricks.

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