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    Another timeless classic and a great introduction to OO design in any language SmallTalk is easy enough to read and understand Fascinating to see how many original ideas from this book have surfaced many times over in Kent s later works.

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    The best introductory OOP book I ve read Lucid insights into low level object design decisions that transcend language.

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    Review in slovak Review in slovak

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    Very well written, with insights and anecdotes relevant to programming and software development in general, not only Smalltalk.Lack of familiarity with Smalltalk likely meant I missed parts of, or misinterpreted some patterns Generated thoughts on how different languages might have different considerations And how neat and ahead of it s time Smalltalk was.Extending the example at the end is the only feedback I have for improvement.

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    Still relevant for developers a must read Was not the easiest read, also because I never programmed in smalltalk But this book is full of very insightful tips to organize your code It really made me think

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    Interesting book, but somehow it is difficult to read the code because I never write Smalltalk before Btw I found an interesting tool to help If you didn t know Smalltalk like me but familiar to ruby, maybe that tool can help you too Interesting book, but somehow it is difficult to read the code because I never write Smalltalk before Btw I found an interesting tool to help If you didn t know Smalltalk like me but familiar to ruby, maybe that tool can help you too

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    An outstanding book of practical advice for writing readable, maintainable programs My fear is that many will pass over this book because they think it doesn t apply to them.

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    Hands down the best book I know on the nitty gritty of writing object oriented code I learned so much from this about how to take advantage of dynamic languages like Perl and Ruby as well as Smalltalk.It s also one of the very few decent patterns books in the computing literature A genuine pattern language rather than a ragbag of patterns with no real coherence Up there with Alexander s A Pattern Language

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    I read this because it s one of DHH s top five programming books Overall, it s full of truly great patterns how to name a method, how to name a variable, etc , but the Smalltalk examples were a real challenge to wade through because this was my first exposure to Smalltalk I d definitely rate it 5 stars if the examples were in ruby or a similar modern language.

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    This book is a good look into where some of the names and constructs in Objective C and Ruby come from.Some of the patterns and recommendations are strictly a result of the idiosyncrasies of Smalltalk and working within the average Smalltalk browser.Oddly most enlightening for me were the code formatting recommendations which assumed using line wrapping in a browser.

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