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Contract Bridge Tips & Tools Included Are Five Vs Four, A Pro And Con For Card Majors Vs Card Majors Beating The Experts, Tactics And Strategy For Underdogs Reverse Bidding, A Superior Method For Dealing With Reverses Eg D P S P H, Requiring A Strong Hand Unusual Over Unusual, Applicable Vs ALL Artificial Bids That Show Two Specific Suits Without Naming One, Not Just Unusual Notrump Eg Michaels Over A Minor, Showing Both Majors The Yellowish Rose Of Texas, Aimed At Avoiding NT Contracts That Fail Only Due To Duplication Of Values The Boland Convention, Aimed At Determining Both Slam Potential And Finding A Suit To Play In After Partner Bids NT Invitationally The Miller Convention, Similar To Boland But Aimed At The Six Or Seven Level For Sure, Including Suit Investigation

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