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    While the second volume of the Elizabethan inspired graphic novel Kill Shakespeare delivers on the promise of action and bloodshed presented by the factionalization of Shakespeare s most notorious characters in the opening volume, it seems to fall short of any real connection between the source marterial and the resulting story presented in this graphic novel The occasional line of Shakespeare, or double entendre in the style of the bard, does help to build a sense of playfulness in writing, but does not live up to, or even come close to the mythic stature of Shakespear s writing It is exactly this lack that, in turn, seems to rob all characters of their gravity in the greater events that unfold throughout the narrative While the first volume promises destiny, the second volume destroys that notion and replaces it with the whims of a drunken author While the first volume promises love, the second again shatters this with single moment at which an apparently canon breaking affection is forged and unbreakable loyalty is cemented in two character s psychology If the first volume of Kill Shakespeare is viewed as a set up, the second volume fails to deliver Perhaps if the narrative wer...

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    Kill Shakespeare vol.2 improves somewhat on volume 1, but it still fails to live up to the potential of its basic premise The heroes get fleshed out in this volume with some actual depth, but the villains become so one note that they practically vanish into the background The characters still aren t Shakespeare s, but if you forget that little detail the book becomes a fun fantasy read.As far as what happens when the characters meet Shakespeare himself well, it s still a wasted opportunity In the story, Shakespeare is t...

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    4.5 I know some people didn t quite like this one as much as the first volume, but for me this was so much better than the first The action, the intrigue, and seeing all of the alliances in their entirety was very rewarding I really enjoyed this and am definitely going to continue

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    There s an interesting novelty at work in Kill Shakespeare where all of Shakespeare s various heroes and villains are in a war against each other to either protect or kill William Shakespeare But after a bit, that novelty wears off Writer Conor McCreery couldn t hope to match the poetic verse of the real Shakespeare and to be fair he doesn t really try , but we have here a Hamlet that seems cheerful at times and a Falstaff who s brave That seems a little off Then factor in the artwork that is rather ...

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    The continuation of Shakespearian characters in a combined world Juliet continues as the rebel leader against the tyrannical King Richard and Lady MacBeth Will is found and he s given up his God Father role as the creator basically because misery abounds Epic battle erupts between the factions, much backstabbing occurs, as it should in something having to do with Shakespeare Illustration ...

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    Seriously, creators, the most interesting thing you could think to do with all of Shakespeare s major characters is have them meet in hand to hand combat Seriously If you re wondering why I bothered to read this at all, it s because I borrowed it at the same time as Vol 1.

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    The storyline greatly improved from volume 1 to 2 I think I am hooked

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    As fun as the first one I love what they re doing with Lady Macbeth and one of my favourite female Shakespeare villains who shows up at the very end

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    ARC Provided by NetGalleyOK so this ARC only provided access to the first issue, so it s a bit difficult to judge the whole tale so this is review is based upon only ONLY the 1st issue and from my experience with reading the collected first volume If you re a fan of Shakespeare and a fan of the Fables series by Bill Willingham, then this comic should be right up your alley The authors take the world of Shakespeare and turn it upside down The characters are self aware and realize that there is some higher power that controls their world, but one faction seeks to kill this higher power Shakespeare, and take his power for their own At the center of the battle is Hamlet who has been case out of his home and finds himself in a strange land with two groups battling to control him, for they fear and hope that he is the one that can be the final piece of the puzzle Hamlet s journey continues as he encounters a strange preforming group that forces him to confront his past and his fears in front of Lady Juliet The biggest problem that I have with this issue and one that I had with the first volume as well, is that it feels like you need to go back and reread all of Shakespeare to understand who some of the peopl...

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    Kill Shakespeare, Vol 2 is a much needed sequel to the first edition of this series, this time taking a better glimpse at the Bard s original characters and actions It follows up where the previous volume left off, course, with Iago treading both sides of a traitorous line and Hamlet struggling to find and prove himself to his newfound friends.But Volume 2 does a much better job at intertwining Shakespeare s original characters with the writers own interpretations on them I was much pleased to really feel Richard, Lady Macbeth and Iago s evil motivations against Hamlet and Will and likewise, Hamlet and WIll s humble desperation and, in the latter case, guilt Writers Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col also insert many references to Shakespeare s original works, as recognizable characters show up and take their alliances with people they likely would have had their original plays intersected But perhaps even surprising and interesting was how many Shakespeare quotes the writers included among the dialogue including a sonnet delivered by Will in the end I was reading along many times and found myself smiling for being able to recognize the plays from which th...

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Kill Shakespeare Volume 2 PDF Epub Kill Shakespeare Volume 2 Author Andy Belanger Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Volume 2 And So The Curtain Falls Hamlet, Juliet, And Shakespeare All Facing Death Can Othello Rally The Prodigals To Defeat Richard And Lady Macbeth S Now Fractured Army But Even If He Does, Will Anyone Be Left Alive To Celebrate Victory The Critically Acclaimed Series Ends Its First Run In This Second Volume Collection.