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Joe Hills The Cape Download Joe Hills The Cape By Jason Ciaramella Bystricepodhostynem.eu It S 1969 And The War In Vietnam Rages On Captain Chase, A Medevac Helicopter Pilot For The US Army, Is Shot Down Over Enemy Territory He And His Crew Are In A Fight For Their Lives As They Play A Deadly Game Of Cat And Mouse With The Vietcong We Soon Learn That Machine Guns And Grenades Aren T The Only Scary Things Hiding In The Jungle Find Out What Happens In This Origin Prequel To Last Year S Eisner Award Nominated Hit, With Story By Joe Hill And Jason Ciaramella, And Art And Colors By Nelson Daniel Road Rage, The Cape Explore Your Dark Side.

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    For as much as I liked The Cape, I did not like this prequel The story shows us what happened to the boys dad in Vietnam and how he received the power of flight that later made its way into Eric s cape The story just doesn t explain enough to me There are too many subplots that are left hanging Where did this witch doctor come ...

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    This review can also be found on my blog Also includes review for the original The Cape This story was an interesting prequel to The Cape We are transported back to the Vietnam War to explain how Eric s cape came to have powers First we meet Eric and Nick as even younger children with their mother reading their father s letters from Vietnam Their father Cory is a captain and is a medevac helicopter pilot We learn he is MIA after his helicopter crashes in the jungle.We are shown how Cory makes it out of the crash alive, but is quickly captured by the Viet Cong Forced into a cage, he is later joined by a tattooed witch tribesman that the soldiers found living in the jungle The two men are pitted against one another by the cruel captors, with the intent for only one to survive Cory is shocked when the mystical man begins to levitate, and despite the other man not seeming to be evil, Cory kills him so he can survive the contest Before the tribesman dies, he touches Cory s army patches on his shirt, and imparts his power to him This begs the question w...

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    Want to know how the cape s power came to be This is a prequel to Joe s short story The Cape

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    Creo que es una obra que se entiende bastante mejor si se ha le do el relato hom nimo Aun as , resulta un poco flojilla para lo que nos tiene acostumbrados Hill con su producci n en c mic Aqu dejo una rese a en la que se habla de la antolog a en la que se encuentra el relato que mencionaba

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    3,25 5Hace unos cuantos meses me dejaba embriagar por La Capa, un c mic de Joe Hill y Jason Ciaramella basado en un relato del primero En este quedaba un misterio por resolver C mo llego Eric a conseguir su capa Pues bien, llego el momento.El guionista Jason Ciaramella, con Joe Hill ejerciendo de consultor, ha elaborado La Capa 1969 Se trata de una miniserie de 4 n meros donde recoge el guante del relato original y nos pone en la piel del Capitan Gordon Chase, responsable indirecto del objeto que llevar a a la perdici n a su hijo Viajamos a 1969, en plena guerra de Vietnam, para ver que le ocurri a los padres de Nick y Eric La historia abandona el tono superh roico para lanzarse de pleno a una historia militar con tintes sobrenaturales.Es una historia corta, que avanza a ritmo vivo y trompicones, retomando el tema de como el poder corrompe a las personas En este caso carece de la fuerza de su predecesora, ya que sal...

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    That was TERRIBLE What do you mean it ended like that I want I have so many questions This was a pretty good book Set during the Vietnam war, it tells the story of a soldier who is captured by the Vietnamese And somehow acquires the mysterious ability to fly The same ability that his skin inexplicably has And a magic witch man I want to know how that works In terms of story telling and explanations, we get almost nothing The whole father son dynamic is interesting when placed in this setting, b...

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    Nice artwork and I like the Vietnam theme I don t mind a bit of swearing in my comics Graphic novels but this had way too much Swearing is often used to cover up a lack of meaningful dialogue and good storytelling, i believe that is certainly the case in The cape Another pet peeve of mine is when a major event goes unexplained as occurs in this ...

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    Preferred the first one, but still o.k., wish the story of the witch man had been developed.

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    Excelente comic.

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    Le el relato de LA CAPA hace muchos a os, y con ganas de hacerme al tomo dibujado por Howard, pero es que mi lista de espera es muy, muy larga, pero no perd la oportunidad de hacerm ocn este tomo de 4 numeritos en los que nos vamos a Vietnam y un helic ptero con perosnal medico es abatido, y su piloto es el nico sobreviviente , aunque es atrapado y termina compartiendo celda con un brujo shaman wtf, que puede volar y en una escena muy chunga, termina pasandole ese poder a el militar y de ahi, solo queda venganza y sangre, oh si, aca nadie se ahorra en casquer a y tenemos un relato simple,duro y violento que es muy disfrutable, con el arte del chileno Nelson Daniel que nos regala paginas muy din micas, oscuras y sangrientas cuando la historia lo requiere.este tipo tiene talento y ...