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The Singapore Miracle - Myth & Reality The Singapore Miracle Has Been Sold As A Great Success Story To The World Singapore Has Been Promoted As A Highly Competitive, Cutting Edge Economy Where Efficiency Reigns The City State Is Ranked As One Of The World S Most Competitive, Economically Free And Transparent Countries And A World Class Business VenueSingapore Is Also Seen As A Developed And Wealthy Society That Has Delivered A Secure And Affluent Lifestyle For Its Citizens Equal To Anything In The West The Island S Per Capita Income Matches That Of Most Western Countries And Its Housing, Health And Retirement Schemes Are Widely PraisedSuch Claims Are Rigorously Scrutinised By This Book How Much Are They Myth And How Much Reality Do They Give Singapore The Right To See Itself As A Role Model For Developing Countries Or Is The Singapore Model Severely Flawed Could Singapore Become Another Japan The Singapore Miracle, Myth And Reality Considers All These Questions

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