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Roy Lichtenstein's ABC's Roy Lichtenstein, One Of The Primary Artists Of The Pop Art Movement In The S, Has Revamped The Alphabet With His Own Attitude And Style With His Combination Of Popular Imagery And High Art That Borrows The Techniques Of Advertising And The Comics, Lichtenstein Revivifies The Alphabet With Playful And Entertaining Art And Refreshes The ABC For Art Lovers And Letter Lovers Alike This Was The Last Book The Artist Completed Before His Death

10 thoughts on “Roy Lichtenstein's ABC's

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    Lichtenstein s art is used to show off the alphabet This book is put together by Bob Adelman, but I think I would have preferred if Lichtenstien had purposefully written an alphabet book.

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    I love Lichtenstein, letters and a good literary abecedarius.

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