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This Side of Paradise Illustrated What If The Earth Had Finally Reached Her Maximum Capacity At One Hundred Billion Souls, Food Was Scarce, Weather Conditions Atrocious, Life Cheap What If Miraculously A Planet Named Paradise Was Discovered Where Food, Water, Trees, Beautyeverything Was Abundant Sex, Strife, Wars Were Unnecessary And Obsolete Tensions Life Was Practically Eternal What If Passage To Paradise Which Originally Cost One Hundred Million Credits Was Now Only One Hundred Thousand Credits So That Vast Numbers Of The Earth S Population Could Buy Their Ticket And Leave Their Dying Mother Earth Behind With Its Killer Demon Robots, Its Tainted Food Induced Cannabalism, Its Alien Guard Creatures, Its Roving Gangs Of Rapists, Its Corrupt Police, Its Serial Killers, And Its Complete Breakdown Of Civilization.What If Your Name Were Jake Terwilliker, Mil Pol S Finest Assasin, Now Turned Detective What If You Had Owned A Ticket To Paradise, But You Gave It Up For Someone You Lovedand Then They Dumped You What If Everyone Of The Planet Was Leaving You Behind, Except For The Owners Of Cheap Strip Joints And Bars, Alcoholics, Druggiesall The Friends You Have Left What If Your Last Girlfriend, Jolene, Was A Female Jack The Ripper Who Loved To Go Out And Gut People At Night For The Pleasure Of The Kill What If You Dumped Her, But She Wasn T Going To Take Nicely What If All Of This Were True Then You Would Probably Reside On This Side Of Paradise Illustrated In Color With Every Possible Scene The Author Could Imagine, This Side Of Paradise Takes You On A Rollercoaster Through Hellwell Future Minneapolisproviding The Ride Of Your Life.

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