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    Call it a 3.5 Take this review with a grain of salt, as I read the book in a scanning sort of mode to figure out what I needed for some research, rather than reading it with a lot of pauses and scribbling, which I think is the ideal way to read theory heavy stuff The book s kind of odd It s an overview of media archaeology, but not quite an introduction to media archaeology, if that makes any sense Its eight chapters explain what Parikka feels are the key issues and areas of media archaeology, and it does at least touch on introducing these ideas to an unfamiliar audience, but at the same time, you re going to be much willing to follow along if you ve got a firm grasp on the material already For myself, I ve read some Kittler and Zielinski, and Focault s Archaeology of Knowledge, with smatters of folk like Benjamin and Kirschenbaum, which meant I already went in with a fair bit of media theory under my belt I imagine if you didn t bring those readings to the table, you d be a bit at sea, or at least have to take the reading a little slower which may not be a bad thing.As I said, the book is divided into seven chapters The first and last serve as introduction and conclusion, and as such dive into what Parikka believes...

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    A self proclaimed exercise in mapping, a cartography than a history, Parikka s map occupies itself with names and summaries than places, peoples, and histories I found his chapters helpful in understanding the range of interests and tools that media archaeologists adapt and adopt, but found myself asking questions that a introductory book might have perhaps schematically, historically answered That said, the richness on display makes a compelling case for adopting lines of media archaeological study across a variety of disciplines and interests, while simulta...

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    Parikka s What is Media Archaelogy is a foundation to anyone who wants to swim around the theory and somehow methodology of media archeology However, prior knowledge on media studies I think is necessary, otherwise this book could be really confusing for people who are not familiar with the field and study Scientist artist, or just informed users becomes an important question as media archeology proposed to open the black box of mediation and technology, what are the role of these practicians in the circulation of universal knowledge Could a DIY technologist somewhere in Jaya Plaza Bandung considered as media archeologist I don t know Anyway, What is Media Archeology offers us a set of theory that encourage us to be always suspicious to the technological development fro...

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    Kitab ve tabii medya arkeolojisini tan t c bilgiler i eren, g zel bir Parikka s yle isi

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    I can t make heads of tales of half the claims in this ostensibly introductory text, and while I take a large portion of blame for what little I took from the book, I don t think it s inappropriate to suggest my bewilderment is due in part to Parikka s over reliance on post structuralist postmodern psychoanalytic jargon if I never see the words assemblage, mapping, threshold, or any bit of borrowed mathematical scientific technobabble again, it will be too soon , name dropping, and obscure metaphorical rhetoric The introductory chapter is refreshingly lucid, outlining some of the general themes theories underpinning the field or some general interests of media archaeologists in relatively accessible language By contrast, the subsequent 180 or so pages are so densely packed with buzzwords and terse references to other author s lofty claims about this or that apparatus or bit of hardware often with little attendant exposition , that by the time I d finished I was left wondering if the book s title was purely rhetorical I managed to suss out about the history and practical application of media archaeology from a couple two page journal reviews of the text than from the text itself.Now I don t mean to write Parikka s work off completel...

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    This is an amazing book Media archaeology is an incredibly important sub discipline of media studies Through the impact of digitization and the web 2.0 environment, the past and past media can evaporate This book shows how we can study and remember media and study it with reflection and care.I am so impressed There is attention on software culture and how the most useful software tends to disappear The methods and theories introduced in this book enable us to understand the...

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    Es un amplio panorama introductorio de la arqueolog a de los medios, con dos cap tulos iniciales muy interesantes, en que presenta la metodolog a y algunas hip tesis, pero que despu s se torna muy anecd tico en un esfuerzo por ofrecer un panorama muy amplio e incluyente,

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What is Media Archaeology Reading What Is Media Archaeology Author Jussi Parikka Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk This Cutting Edge Text Offers An Introduction To The Emerging Field Of Media Archaeology And Analyses The Innovative Theoretical And Artistic Methodology Used To Excavate Current Media Through Its Past.Written With A Steampunk Attitude, What Is Media Archaeologyexamines The Theoretical Challenges Of Studying Digital Culture And Memory And Opens Up The Sedimented Layers Of Contemporary Media Culture The Author Contextualizes Media Archaeology In Relation To Other Key Media Studies Debates Including Software Studies, German Media Theory, Imaginary Media Research, New Materialism And Digital Humanities What Is Media Archaeologyadvances An Innovative Theoretical Position While Also Presenting An Engaging And Accessible Overview For Students Of Media, Film And Cultural Studies It Will Be Essential Reading For Anyone Interested In The Interdisciplinary Ties Between Art, Technology And Media.