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A Concise History Of English Literature Contents Summary 1 A Brief, Accurate Summary Of Historical Events And Social Conditions In Each Period, And A Consideration Of The Ideals Which Stirred The Whole Nation, As In The Days Of Elizabeth, Before They Found Expression In Literature 2 A Study Of The Various Literary Epochs In Turn, Showing What Each Gained From The Epoch Preceding, And How Each Aided In The Development Of A National Literature 3 A Readable Biography Of Every Important Writer, Showing How He Lived And Worked, How He Met Success Or Failure, How He Influenced His Age, And How His Age Influenced Him 4 A Study And Analysis Of Every Author S Best Works, And Of Many Of The Books Required For College Entrance Examinations 5 Selections Enough Especially From Earlier Writers, And From Writers Not Likely To Be Found In The Home Or School Library To Indicate The Spirit Of Each Author S Work And Directions As To The Best Works To Read, And Where Such Works May Be Found In Inexpensive Editions 6 A Frank, Non Technical Discussion Of Each Great Writer S Work As A Whole, And A Critical Estimate Of His Relative Place And Influence In Our Literature 7 A Few Review Questions For Essays Or Discussion 8 Throughout This Book We Have Sought To Encourage The Student To Read Widely For Herself, To Choose The Best Books, And To Form Her Own Judgment About What The First Anglo Saxon Writers Called The Things Worthy To Be Remembered Chapter Contents A Concise History Of English LiteraturePreface1 The Meaning Of Literature2 The Old English PeriodThe First PoetryAnglo Saxon LifeChristian Writers Of The Anglo Saxon Period3 The Anglo Norman Period Historical IntroductionLiterature Of The Norman Period4 The Age Of ChaucerChaucer S Contemporaries5 The Revival Of LearningHistory Of The PeriodLiterature Of The Revival6 The Elizabethan AgeHistory Of The PeriodThe Non Dramatic PoetsThe First English DramatistsPeriods In The Development Of The DramaShakespeareContemporaries And SuccessorsThe Prose Writers7 The Puritan AgeHistorical SummaryLiterature Of The Puritan PeriodProse Writers Of The Puritan Period8 The RestorationThe Age Of French Influence9 Eighteenth Century LiteratureThe Augustan AgeThe Revival Of Romantic PoetryThe First English Novelists10 The Age Of RomanticismThe Poets Of RomanticismProse Writers Of The Romantic Period11 The Victorian Age The Poets Of The Victorian AgeMinor Poets Of The Victorian AgeThe Novelists Of The Victorian AgeEssayists Of The Victorian Age12 Summary Of English LiteratureContents In Detail For One Chapter 6 The Elizabethan AgeHistory Of The PeriodPolitical SummaryCharacteristics Of The Elizabethan AgeThe Non Dramatic PoetsEdmund SpenserLife Of SpenserSpenser S WorksArgument Of The Faery QueenPoetical FormMinor PoemsImportance Of The Shepherd S CalendarCharacteristics Of Spenser S PoetryComparison Between Chaucer And SpenserMinor PoetsThomas Sackville George ChapmanMichael DraytonThe First English DramatistsThe Origin Of The DramaPeriods In The Development Of The DramaThe Religious Period The Moral Period Of The DramaThe Artistic Period Of The DramaClassical Influence Upon The Drama