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Erdgeist Purchase Of This Book Includes Free Trial Access To Www.million Books.com Where You Can Read Than A Million Books For Free This Is An OCR Edition With Typos Excerpt From Book T O 1 Schon Superior Do You Think, Then, That 7 Make No Compromises Who Is There That Does Not Compromise You Have Married Half A Million You Are Today One Of The Foremost Artists That Can T Be Done Without Money You Are Not The Man To Sit In Judgment On Her You Can T Possibly Treat An Origin Like MignonV According To The Notions Of Bourgeois Society Schwarz Quite Distraught Who Are You Speaking Of Schon Of Her Father You Re An Artist, I Say Your Ideals Are On A Different Plane From Those Of A Wage Worker Schwarz I Don T Understand A Word Of All That Schon I Am Speaking Of The Inhuman Conditions Out Of Which, Thanks To Her Good Management, The Girl Has Developed Into What She Is Schwarz Who Schon Who Your Wife Schwarz Eve SCHON I Called Her Mignon Schwarz I Thought Her Name Was Nellie Schon Dr Goll Called Her So Schwarz I Called Her Eve Schon What Her Real Name Is I Don T Know Schwarz Absently Perhaps She Knows Schon With A Father Like Hers, She Is, With All Her Faults, A Miracle I Don T Understand You Schwarz He Died In A Madhouse Schon He Was Here Just Now Schwarz Who Was Here Schon Her Father Schwarz Here In My House Schon He Squeezed By Me As I Came In And There Are The Two Glasses Still Schwarz She Says He Died In The Madhouse V Schon Let Her Feel She S In Authprity She Craves Inothing But The Compulsion To Unconditional Obedience With Dr Goll She Was In Heaven, And With Him There Sivas No Joking Schwarz Shaking His Head She Said She Had Never Loved Schon But You, Make A Beginning With Yourself Pull Yourself Together Schwarz She Has Sworn Schon You Can T Demand A Sense Of Duty In Her Beforeyou Know Your

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    When Frank Wedekind wrote his famous magnum opus, LULU, the play ran into many censorship problems and was infrequently produced Oddly enough, although not many people saw it, the story became very famous especially in Germany In an effort to find a larger audience and reduce the censorship problems, he restructured LULU as two separate plays ERDGEIST and PANDORA S BOX The split was not unlike ANGELS IN AMERICA, although for different reasons.ERDGEIST is the first part and PANDORA S BOX the second ERDGEIST has the difficult task to accomplish as it needs to set up the story before things get rolling It contains only one famous incident, a shooting that occurs in the final Act, while PANDORA S BOX contains multiple famous incidents.ERDGEIST is something of a challenge Wedekind wrote a part for himself in the first Act as a circus ringmaster who is introducing one of the world s most dangerous Beasts Lulu Everyone wants her, but she feeds on what she needs and moves on to the next prey It is a stylized introduction, so it seems bombastic.As we move into the play itself, much of the language is stilted and motivations are not clearly explained Indeed, Lulu floats through he story as something of a chameleon, changing to fit with the situation in which she finds herself Yes, she seeks prey for survival, but she is also manipulated by those around h...

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    This is part 1 of a 2 parter It doesn t stand on its own Know that to get the end, you also need to read Pandora s Box.Also, know this If you are actually considering reading this, don t read it s Wikipedia page when you are done I did...

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    I loved the whole play except the last act, it might just be me being 13 and all but it was difficult for me to understand the situation there All these new characters were introduced that their correlation to Lulu didn t really show So I may have skipped the last act Only because it ...

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    Surprisingly funny for a tragedy.

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    The frightening, suicidal pull of corrupted male desire.

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    I don t get existentialism at all.

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