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    Great intro readNot exhaustive or in depth on any one school of thought Offers brief but enticing surveys of many liberationist theologies, and can serve as a good reading list for further study.

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Liberation Theologies in the United States In The Nascent United States, Religion Often Functioned As A Justifier Of Oppression Yet While Religious Discourse Buttressed Such Oppressive Activities As Slavery And The Destruction Of Native Populations, Oppressed Communities Have Also Made Use Of Religion To Critique And Challenge This Abuse As Liberation Theologies In The United States Demonstrates, This Critical Use Of Religion Has Often Taken The Form Of Liberation Theologies, Which Use Primarily Christian Principles To Address Questions Of Social Justice, Including Racism, Poverty, And Other Types Of Oppression.Stacey M Floyd Thomas And Anthony B Pinn Have Brought Together A Stellar Group Of Liberation Theology Scholars To Provide A Synthetic Introduction To The Historical Development, Context, Theory, And Goals Of A Range Of U.S Born Liberation Theologies Chapters Cover Black Theology, Womanist Theology, Latino Hispanic Theology, Latina Theology, Asian American Theology, Asian American Feminist Theology, Native American Theology, Native Feminist Theology, Gay And Lesbian Theology, And Feminist Theology.Contributors Grace Ji Sun Kim, Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Nancy Pineda Madrid, Robert Shore Goss, Andrea Smith, Andrew Sung Park, George Tink Tinker, And Benjamin Valentin