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How to Crush College How To Crush College Is An Unorthodox Guide To Adding Sleep, Reducing Stress, Double Majoring, Graduating Early, And Getting Way More Out Of The College Experience It S Designed To Help College Students Whether Currently Struggling Or Already Feeling On Top Of Things To Achieve Goals Once Thought Impossible By Dramatically Increasing Their Effectiveness, Eliminating Previously Unthinkable Amounts Of Wasted Time In Their Lives, And Then Re Directing That Time Towards What S Most Important Did You Know That % Of College Students Don T Graduate Within Years And That % Don T Graduate Within Six To Make Things Worse, Students Everywhere Suffer From Sleep Deprivation, Stress, Physical Inactivity, And Of Course Huge Debt That Grows With Each Extra Semester Even At MIT My Alma Mater , Friends Of Mine Dropped Out Because They Thought They Didn T Have What It Took Other Friends Took Or Semesters Both Miserably And Hugely Costly For Young Adults Already In Mountains Of Debt Universally, The Cultural Norm In The US Is That College Students Are Expected To Lose Sleep And Become Addicted To Caffeine I Think All Of The Above Is Unacceptable My Mission With How To Crush College Is To Change This Forever, Affecting Change At The Only Place Its Realistic With Students Themselves I Want To Take College Students From Treading Water To Excelling And Loving College A Successful, Joyous College Career Should Not Be Reserved For The Lucky Few I Want To Give Everyone A Surefire Way To Achieve This I Want To Eradicate Burnout And Restore Fun I Want To Make College Great The Principles, Practices, And Mindsets That Are Consistent Across The Most Successful College Students Are Translated Into A Very Clear, Simple Step By Step Guide Designed Specifically With The College Student In Mind Its Early Steps Focus On The Biggest Picture, Recover The Most Time, And Create Early Wins That Motivate Students To Keep Going And Keep Making Progress How To Crush College Turns Wisdom On Its Head By Helping Students Do With Fewer Hours And Less Guilt Let S Crush College Together

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