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The End Times of Ben and Bram The Cult Hit, Manning Award Nominated Miniseries Gets Collected With Bonus Content When The Biblical Apocalypse Starts, Charming Bastard Bram Carlson Is Raptured Into Heaven In A Clerical Error After He S Sent Back To Earth, Bram Decides To Cash In The End Of The World For All It S Worth But Can His Anxious Roommate Ben Save His Friend From Himself And The Mounting Forces Of Armageddon Check Out The Book The Onion S AVClub Called Hilarious And IGN Called An Amazing Series

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    Seriously Funny.This volume collects the entire 4 book End Times mini series Book 1 created a huge splash in the comic book community when it first came out, and it s easy to see why The artist for the mini series, Rem Broo, was nominated for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con Right off the bat you should know that this is one of those rare collections where the story, the writing and the artwork are all in sync and absolutely top drawer.As to the story, the Biblical rapture has occurred Millions have been taken away Bram is initially elevated to Heaven, but upon discovery in Heaven of a clerical error, he is promptly returned to Earth Bram and his buddy roommate Ben then undertake to cope with the seven years of post Rapture conflict that will lead to Judgment Day Bram, with Ben s reluctant assistance, decides to totally cash in on the chaos For example, with all the nice girls taken away, the easy girls now make up a much higher percentage of the population Eventually the story heads off into the battle between Heaven and Hell for the remaining souls, and what role Bram...

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    This was awesomely good The Rapture occurs, and Ben and Bram are in thick of it Turns out neither heaven or hell are all they re cracked up to be Due to an administrative error, Ben is raptured for a brief period before returning to earth, whereupon he announces his candidacy for antichrist, and then the real antichrists show up It s a...

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    I was going to write off this comic when it started referring to the Rapture as something Catholics would be taught back in church it is NOT a Catholic doctrine and kicked things off with that old reliable...

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    Note This was a NetGalley ARC.I just didn t find this comic very funny or really all that interesting I mean, all the super awkward things the angels would say were pretty funny, but otherwise this comic was just sort ofmeh.

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    Ok A bit confusing at times Seems aimed at young males Hmmm.

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    Yeah, I totally dug this.

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    Dogma for the Supernatural generation, but with none of the wit, style, or clever, thought provoking writing of either Supplied as an digital arc by NetGalley.