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    ARC provided to Slitsread for an honest review If you know me, you know that my teenage dream was to be a Mafia man s mistress We can blame my love of all things Mafia on Jackie Collins She warped my world at the age of 13 and honestly I have never ever looked back There is something so surreal about Organized Crime They are lethal, will shoot you down without blinking, beat you, make you swim with the fishes BUT they also are family, look out or 1 another, love everyone in their family and look out for 1 another through it all You will find all of this in Amy Rachiele s mobster series.VITO is my DREAM MAN I HEART HIM BIG TIME Throughout the Mobster s series Book 1 3 Vito was always my main man Yes Antonio is HOT, yes he is the Boss, but VITO He makes me swoonYes, he is an asshole, but DEAR LORD, he LOVES WITH HIS WHOLE BEING Mobster s Angel is book 4 in the Mobster s series and it follows Erin a...

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    I was a little worried about this book because Erin has been the weak link for me in the previous ones and while I really liked Vito I wasn t sure that timid little Erin was the best match for him.Erin grows up a bit in this book and while she s certainly not as annoying as she previously was she s found another way to annoy me, she now keeps things to herself when she shouldn t and this is something I personally can t stand.Now if she d spoken up when she should all the drama could have been avoided and you re probably thinking this would have made a very boring book, not necessarily because there s always another way but this was just too much and too many times and for what Why would she keep all this to herself Apart from this and yes I know this is a major part of the book but apart from this I enjoyed it Erin has grown in strength an...

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    3 Mafia Death Glare StarsWhat I Liked 1 Fast paced story.2 Quick read.3 Dual POVs4 Erin matured and voiced her thoughts compared to the beginning of the series.5 Mafia death glares6 Air quotes about mob business.7 Oompa Loompa comment.8 Birthday party closet scene.9 Vito was a lot better in this story He changed a lot over the course of this series.10 Friends Ronnie and Ty.11 Made me laugh every time the story mentioned how Kirk was scared of Ronnie and Vito.12 Patrick giving Vito and Erin choices Unlike Megan and Tonio in book 1.13 Vito was really good with and to Erin.14 Joey.15 No high school drama Drama happened because of other things.16 You forget that Ronnie, Vito and Joey are only 17 18 year olds What bothered me 1 The prologue should have been chopped out It didn t fit with the information we gathered from the previous books therefore, there were inconsistencies.2 Erin keeping important events or ...

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    It s December, can we have it yet Thank you Amy for letting me know when this fabulous book went live. Mobster s Angel gave me everything I wanted, it was just as fantastic as I expected The minute I started reading, I was once again immersed into the Mafia world It was like I had only finished the rest of...

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    Shooting for release on December 15, 2013.

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    Who would have thought Vito has spent the past books being a bit of a pain the ass Even with the developments between Vito and Erin I didn t really know what to make of him Mobster s Angel changes his entire character I love him The brute of a man literally transforms before our eyes into someone almost unrecognizable His future in the mob family couldn t have been fitting, and I look forward to seeing his future unfold Erin has been the weak link Always the one needing rescued she truely throws us all for a loop in this book as well It is amazing seeing her character transform as well I almost think that she is grasping her new life far easier than her own sister did Vito and Erin fit perfectly This book is not entirely wrapping everything up so nicely Vito and Erin have grown together in this book, but th...

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    I WANT MORE VITO Amy, please give me Vito and Erin I need Mobster Series 5 Vito Rossi He is such a great, beautiful an totally hot man and i need to read about him.

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    Vito and loved this story wish I new what she ended up doing about her

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    I enjoyed the book, its a well written Mob book with a nice plot I would like to see a follow on book about Vito and Erin It was well paced and the relationship progression felt very natural At times some of the chapters seemed fast paced, but when your enjoying a good story, that doesn t really matter It is well written t...

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Mobsters Angel Vito Has Grown Up In The Underworld Of The Mob He Has Recently Reached Age Eighteen His Family Has Been Involved Since The Thirties In 2014, The Rules Haven T Changed Much What Worked Then, Works Now Power, Violence, And Loyalty Love Isn T Something You Can Control As Much As Vito, Mobster Enforcer, Wish He Could, He Can T And Falling In Love With Someone Who Is Close To Jailbait Age Is Even Tougher Vito Bides His Time And Waits For A Hasty Guy With Limited Self Control, It S Difficult To Curb His Impulses At Age Fifteen, Erin Just Wants To Forget Erin S World Came Crashing Down When She Learned Her Family Was Not What They Seemed She S Been Living In A Lie No One Told Her Her Family Was Mob The Clich Ignorance Is Bliss Becomes A Sharp Stabbing Realization When She Has To Learn To Cope With The Aftermath Being Smart Doesn T Save You From Terror And Doesn T Teach You How To Live With It You Can T Escape The Mob It S Part Of Your Existence Sometimes I Hear Him Whispering In My Ear As If My Conscience Has Grown And Matured Into A Six Foot Three Dark Haired Male The Studying, Reading, And Listening I Did To Impress Adults Are Nothing Compared To What I Learned From Vito Erin