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  1. Casey Casey says:

    I've been skating for as long as I can remember and while I lost my double axel sometime in the early 2000's double axel you are a demon mistress but maybe I'll get you back one of these days I never lost my love for the sport Growing up in the skating world during the height of skating's popularity in the US I was fortunate enough to see and occasionally skate with some incredibly talented skaters I mean have you ever watched Michelle Kwan perform an artistic program dressed like a Disney princess? You can imagine how much 12 year old me totally geeked out about thatAnyway Dick Button is a legend he's pretty much the voice of figuring skating And while he can be opinionated he obviously cares deeply about skating This book seems cobbled together which is too bad as others have mentioned it could use a ghostwriter or at least a better edit But once you get past that it's pretty funOne of the major things Dick Button has been vocal about is the need to maintain the artistry of figure skating He talks about legendary performances such as Katarina Witt's long program at the 88 olympics at Calgary and Torvill and Dean's dance to Bolero in 84; these types of performances wouldn't fly amongst the techniue rich but artistry poor programs we see today And I agree that that's a bad thing There's a reason why people got so up in arms about Adelina Sotnikova's gold medal performance in 2014 while it was technically demanding I and others felt it lacked in artistry See also Tara LipinskiAnd don't get me started on the judging system Ain't nobody understand that shit which is why you shouldn't put a speed skater in charge of the ISUI'm firmly within the niche for this book and while I found it fun I wouldn't recommend it for a general audience I'm still waiting on a book that gives a cultural history of the sport a la Apollo's Angels A History of Ballet Still skaters former skaters and skating parents will probably enjoy this romp through the skating worldIf you do read this make sure to read it with a tab open to YouTube trust me you're going to want to watch some of these performances

  2. Julie Julie says:

    I hate giving this book a rating of three stars because Dick Button has so many interesting insights to share about figure skating If you're looking for a biography find an out of print copy of his previous book On Skates Instead this is of a conversation where you imagine yourself sitting on his couch with his dogs while he discusses the state of skating today and what he has seen over the years If you are looking for salacious stories you won't find them here as the author treats his subjects respectfully and focuses on what they do on the ice not off of itI don't mind the format at all but what I do mind is the absence of a decent editor While I completely agree with the author about the beautiful position of Dorothy Hamill's back in a sit spin achieving a backward z and Michelle Kwan's beaming face when she performs an inside change of edge spiral at about the third repetition I started to lose interest and get annoyed As someone who needs reading glasses I would have also preferred a large type face but that's a personal issue and did not impact my rating

  3. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    In this book the esteemed Mr Dick Button invites figure skating fans to sit on his couch with the dogs have a drink and some popcorn while discussing figure skating He goes into detail about the history of the sport the people he knew howwhy the judging system is the way it is and what needs to be done I loved his commentary most of the time and I loved the Push Dick's Button segment featured on TV during the 2006 Olympics I'm glad he finally got around to publishing this book I learned a lot from his commentary and even from this book I agree with most everything he says except Yu Na Kim she's beautiful to watch compared to some of the other jumping bean girls He states he doesn't want to get involved in the political aspect of the sport but if Dick Button set himself up as the Il Duce of the ISU I don't think true skating enthusiasts would mind much He's so wise and seen and done it all that I feel sad that the powers that be don't care about the sport as much as he does If you are a true skating enthusiast and miss Dick's commentary then buy this book I'm hoping he gets around to volume 2

  4. Larraine Larraine says:

    Dick Button's self published book is a good example of someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about figure skating It's also a good example in my opinion of someone who probably should have used a ghost writer or at least had someone write it with him It's been described as breezy That's one way of putting it I would have preferred a little less breeze but maybe that's just me On the other hand he did give a first rate analysis of the scoring system Any reader who reads this book probably enjoys figure skating in one way or another I'm strictly a fan Perhaps in my next life I could come back with the kind of body that skates In the meantime I can only envy and enjoy Those readers who know the story of the scandals involving judging know that the scoring system was changed It was already moving towards jumping and less artistry which was rather obvious during the recent Olympics Button misses the days of pure artistry I have to agree although in those days Americans often lost out to agreements between judges I can remember an ice dancing team that ended it because they were constantly judged below their performance level It was obvious to me as a rank amateur They were told that they would have to wait their turn Meanwhile certain teams kept returning Well now they have a fair scoring system except according to Dick Button it really isn't fair and it's totally secret There's no way to learn how individual judges scored That doesn't seem fair to me I enjoyed Mr Button's reminiscing as well as some of the history he talked about as well as the photos included While researching this book I came across an short interview he did with the New York Times It's too bad that NBC wanted someone younger to be commentators While both Tara Lipinsky and Johnny Weir are outstanding skaters I miss Dick Button's erudite style His educational background is obvious So I admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to style Listening to Tara Lipinsky and Johnny Weir was too often like listening to two teenagers The book is interesting for those of us who are hooked on ice skating I hope to hear from Mr Button but he is over 80 now

  5. Valerie Valerie says:

    Dick Button starts this book telling the reader that he wants to think about it as a conversation And that's just what you get his voice asides and asides within asides and all This book reuires no great amount of knowledge about the sport but still provides plenty of insight and illumination to those of us who have been longtime fans If you're still scratching your head about how Evan Lysaceck won the gold in Vancouver without a uad or how Yuna Kim came in second in Sochi the chapters on the current judging system the COP will help you understandFilled with plenty of humor snark and pointed commentary about the system and how to change it this book is a must read for anyone who loves figure skating

  6. Maggie Maggie says:

    Dishy breezy fun book about figure skating with a good dose of technical explanations for lay folk Among other things he eviscerates the current new scoring system and the leadership of the ISU Did you know that the ISU runs both figure and speed skating and has been headed by a speed skater for 40 years?? At the end of the book Button suggests that the ISU be divided in two and that competitions be changed to have a technical program and an artistic one instead of short and long Sounds eminently sensible to me

  7. Joan Joan says:

    A fun book not a biography or an analysis but of an informal conversation with one of skating's elder statesmen i enjoyed the stories of the early days of skating and it's fun to contrast the differences between the Olympic games of the 1940s and 50s and of today i don't always agree with his somewhat curmudgeonly opinions of modern skating but it's a good book a uick read and a must for skating fans

  8. Tanya Tanya says:

    Dick I would give you five stars but there are a few grammatical errors that prevent me from doing so However you are a treasure and one of my heroes This book was indeed like sitting on the couch and gossiping with you which is on my bucket list sirrahNever change Please

  9. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    This may be the best book on figure skating I have read for its unmitigated honestly humor and volume of useful information Written in a conversation style Dick addresses readers as if we are sitting beside him and his pet dogs on the couch watching a live event; the man balances personal anecdotes with useful tips and history in ways I never would have thought possible At times his tone may come off as ‘know it all” which is not really surprising as I grew up listening to his insulting commentary on television Button’s dislike of excessive “arm flailing” the lack of “pointed toes” non tucked in boot laces and mid program “wiggling” have always rubbed him the wrong way and yet he constantly reminds readers that these are the opinions of himself and should not be taken as gospel truths “Push Dick’s Button” excels in other ways; the commentary gets entertaining and layered the deeper he gets Most notable is the history of Professional skating how instrumental Button was in starting this artistic less burdensome alternative to amateur skating Pro skating is all but extinct in today’s day and age Even eye opening are the later chapters addressing the dirty politics behind the sport and the nonsensical decisions behind the new International Judging System IJS Chapter 13 “It’s Called Figure Skating But There Aren’t Any Figures” reveals the poor decision for the ISU to elect Octavio Cinuanta speed skater who admitted to knowing nothing about figure skating god damn him The detailed and confusing rules to the new International Judging System are explained chapter 15 The book roars to a satisfying conclusion in chapter 19 “Where Do We Go Fro Here?” where Button suggests the ISU should split into two federations a bold action I strongly agree with While no leaps this big have been attempted by the governing body Button’s convincing argument does make me appreciative of the revised changes from late last year as an honorable attempt to restore artistry back to the sport Another hard fact the last couple chapters addresses is that the sport has lost its luster since the 90s Buttons’ plausible hypothesis is that the sport’s vanishing viewership is due to two reasons; first the “improved” judging system established in part by Octavio Cinuanta him again was not enacted to eliminate cheating but to prevent the mass media and viewers from FINDING OUT WHO did the cheating The second reason for the sport’s decline is the lack of flair in many skaters’ performances; gone are the days of Michelle Kwan’s inside outside edge smiling spiral and the grace and determination of Peggy Fleming and Alexi Yagudin The last chapter has made me look long and hard at the recent stars Alysa Liu and Nathan Chen have have me wondering “is the sport making a comeback?” Man I sure hope so “Push Dick’s Button” is an extremely interesting read for both longtime fans of the sport such as myself as well as those who have never had the pleasure of strapping on a pair of skates in their lives Figure skating will always be uniue in the world of sports as Button elouently puts it on page 240 “Skating gives us the opportunity to express and experience beauty it’s a sport where beauty coexists with technical accomplishment”

  10. Krista Krista says:

    A disclaimer I hate Dick Button There's always been something about his commentary that grated on me and inspired much yelling at the television When I had a chance to ice skate one of the first things I did was mimic footage I'd seen of him arms down fingers twisted upSo to put it mildly I haven't really gone looking for Dick Button's commentary in recent years And yet I found myself wanting to read something substantial about skating and lo I stumbled upon this self published bookAnd to my horror I liked itLet's get the problems out of the way first The book is self published and indulges the author's imagination with a freuent asides to remind us that we're virtually at his house on his couch listening to him There are some phrases that are very Dick Button that is coming across a bit pompous and some content that makes this a personal mini biography vs a skating bookBut it's what is good that made up for this for me Like it or not Dick Button manages to remind the reader of the essentials of figure skating He made me for example look for pointed toes back position and the uality of arm positions in this last Olympics none of which I'd ever especially considered He does give a great deal of insight into skating as history as well as sport especially the politics of its skating union He also gives a great argument against the current point system which as he points out is really a sham meant to make it easier to hide judging shenanigans So much as Dick Button has been my historic nemesisI liked his book

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Push Dicks Button [Reading] ➬ Push Dicks Button ➳ Dick Button – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Everything many of us know about figure skating we learned from the man who’s been called the “Voice of Figure Skating” Now Dick Button the Emmy Award winning skating commentator famous for his Everything many of us know about figure skating we learned from the man who’s been called the “Voice of Figure Skating” Now Dick Button the Emmy Award winning skating commentator famous for his precise passionate opinionated rinkside analyses and for his historic Push Dicks PDF or career as a two time Olympic gold medalist five time World Champion and seven time US Champion plus being the inadvertent inventor of the flying camel the first to successfully land a double Axel in competition and the first ever to do a triple jump demystifies this art and sport beloved by millionsIn Push Dick’s Button you'll learn about the difference between a Lutz and a Salchow performance highs and lows memorable entrances exits and falls including his own costume delights and disasters the new judging rules and nuggets of skating training and history PLUS stories about Katarina Witt Peggy Fleming Johnny Weir Brian Boitano Dorothy Hamill and including today’s champions such as Evgeni Plushenko Davis and White and the latest sensations Droll dishy dramatic and dead on this book is like a one on one conversation with the man whose unsurpassed knowledge experience and love of figure skating have influenced generations.