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Posthuman Blues, Vol. II (2005 - 2006) There S An Itch In My Mind, But I Can Only Find It Occassionally It S Like Rummaging Through A Box Of Ancient Refuse And Incomprehensible Knick Knacks And Suddenly Feeling The Two Pronged Bite Of A Snake Between Your Fingers You Recoil Shrinking, But Your Curiosity Is Irreversibly Piqued You Want To Empty The Box Into The Light Of Day Regardless Of The Danger Or Maybe Even Because Of It So Writes Author Mac Tonnies In The Early Pages Of The Second Volume Of Posthuman Blues, A Compilation Of His Best And Most Thought Provoking Work From The Popular Weblog Of The Same Name, Which He Ran From 2003 Until His Tragic Death In 2009 This Volume Covers The Years 2005 And 2006 The Result Is A Pastiche Of Original Fiction, Poetry, Art, Photography, Observations About Day To Day Life In The American Midwest During The First Decade Of The 21st Century, And Trenchant Commentary On Current Events And Subjects That He Found Of Interest, Many Of Which Were Related To The Paranormal, Futurism And Posthumanism It Presents A Compelling Portrait Of A Thoughtful Man And The Complex Times In Which He Lived, Rendered With Intelligence, Imagination, And A Wickedly Absurdist Sense Of Humor.

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