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ビューティーポップ 1 [Byūtī poppu 1] Although A Truly Gifted Hairstylist, Kiri Koshiba Has No Interest In Using Her Talent To Pursue Fame And Fortune, Unlike The Three Popular Boys In The Scissors Project At School Determined To Become The Best Makeover Team In Japan, They Give Showy Makeovers To Handpicked Girls As Much As Kiri Tries To Shy Away From The Scissors Project Spotlight, She Finds Herself Responding To Beauty S Call

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    What a cute manga I devoured this in just a few hours today on my way to college I was giggling on the bus like a middle schooler Meet Kiri chan, an undercover hair beautician She doesn t make a big deal about her magic hands, she merely helps girls who feel ugly within an hour She s a very chill main character always tired, but always kind unless you re one of the three boys at school in the Scissors Project These boys handpick beautiful girls with shoulder length hair for a makeover The main character in the S.P is Narumi let me tell you, he s a class A asshole but a tolerable one I got a real kick out of him so boastful, so arrogant, so dramatic Usually I d drop a novel when the male MC becomes insufferable with his douche y ness, but I couldn t put this manga down simply because I couldn t wait for Mysterious X to put Narumi s scissors where his mouth is in the Cultural Festival Only problem there was a cliffhanger, ugh I m angry This manga is by all means predictable, but it s still a light and fun read nonetheless BTW, I really liked Kei from the S.P., he was funny I can relate to him with his love of food.

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    I loved this series from start to finish The heroine is confident and clever, the side characters are charming and largely realized What I found most impressive about Beauty Pop is how it takes a subject I have ZERO interest in the adventures and competitions in the beautician field and makes it unexpectedly interesting Full of fun and good humor The lack of romance is startling though and pretty unfortunate toward the end when the characters have been developed so well and have marked chemistry that isn t explored That is kind of what helped the characters grow though not being hampered by the patterns of romantic entanglements in some of the romantic shoujo manga out there.

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    Read this series many MANY years ago and just saw them at my library Time for a trip down memory lane Wow Forgot how quick these were to read Just as I remembered it It s a nice break from all those others that focus on the romantic sides of stories and you get to learn about beautician techniques so an extra plus

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    Gah, I read this as a teen but never finished it Rereading this 10 years ish later is so nostalgic and is hitting all the right spots I hope this gets me out of my book slump.

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    I have to say this is the best comic I have read so far This serie is about beauty making incomplete ugly into butterflies Once he fixes you,he makes the person you like fall in love with you, but someone else is doing beauty projects too and everyone in on school wants to know who is this person, I mean she goes to their school In the end X and the boy have a beauty project hairstyliest competitition, adn in the end someone wins but you have to read volume 2 to know who won

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    I really like this manga from elementary school The protagonist girl is cool and the boy has a confidence in himself but he is coward for love They are so cute and both has a dream to become a beautician They have a setback and it shows detailed about psychological description so I like this storyline well If you have interested I recommend you to read in break time

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    Pretty fun Decent art and good MC Would recommend Will read 4 stars.

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    Okay, that was just the cutest thing that ever cuted Kiri is a really likable character, and I enjoy her blas sense of self She is someone with a very strong understanding of who she is, and she seems extremely passionate about her talents as a stylist Though, what makes her interesting, I think, is her apparent reluctance to pursue the field Narumi, the spoiled unlikable, probable main male lead, puts an interesting juxtaposition against Kiri The dude s a flat out douche pot, but he s amusingly self absorbed rather than just flat out dislikable This works in the favor of the story, though, because Kiri is so not afraid to call this ass on his shit.Then there s the adorable and lolita like character, the exuberant Kei, and the brains behind the group, Ochiai Basically they are all of the cute and just OH MY GOD YES I m really intrigued by the story of this series, and I REALLY love the fresh, lively art style of Beauty Pop Here s to hoping I just found my next favorite Shoujo manga series

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    This is probably the strangest concept for a manga I ve ever read Kiri is a talented hairdresser who tries to keep her skills a secret, especially from the Scissors Project, a group of young men who do showy makeovers on girls at their high school But her fabulous styling is quickly noticed and the Scissors Project vows to challenge her So weird, but surprisingly cute Kiri is a fun heroine with a great sense of sarcastic humor and the cliffhanger ending makes me really interested in picking up the next volume.

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