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Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation Scottish Author, Publisher, And Bookseller ROBERT CHAMBERS 1802 1871 Knew That The Radical Theories About Natural Evolution He Was Espousing In This Groundbreaking Work Would Be Controversial, So He Published Anonymously In 1844, And Kept His Identity A Secret Until 1884, Long After Charles Darwin S Seminal Origin Of Species Had Changed The Tenor Of Modern Scientific Discourse Indeed, Darwin Praised Chambers Daring, Calling His Book An Excellent Service That Had Swept Away Prejudice And Prepared The Public For Introduction To Darwin S Similar Ideas, For Chambers Anticipated Darwin With His Discussions Of The Geological Formation Of The Earth Hypotheses On The Development Of The Plant And Animal Kingdoms The Early History Of Mankind And Much Anyone Interested In The History Of Science, The Study Of Evolution, Or The Politics Of Science In The 19th Century Will Enjoy This Historic Book.

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    This Victorian Sensation does not receive enough plaudits I agree that the book should not be read as an authoritative scientific text but gee, what a raucously fun read Such an awesome history of the world, as g...

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    When Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, his examination of the Evolution of life on Earth, based jointly on his own findings and those of Alfred Russell Wallace, it changed the course of human history Few books have ever had the impact that this one did The first edition sold out practically overnight Five further editions were published and, since initial publication, thousands of copies have been sold Of course, it is now out of copyright and freely available for download from sources such as The Gutenberg Project It must have been read by millions I am one of those millions.14 years earlier, another book on the subject of Evolution was published, but this one anonymously Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation was published by Robert Chambers, anonymously because he realised the potential impact it would have It that time, the suggestion that life on Earth had not been created by a God exactly as indicated in the Bible, was still highly controversial.And yet, Chambers was a man of religion He truly believed that the very existence of life was proof of God s existence It was in just how God was involved that he differed from the prevailing views of the time, views predominantly expressed by the Church of England.Chambers wrote his treatise from the perspective of someone who found persuasive evidence in Nature that life evolved f...

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