[PDF / Epub] ☉ Lam 'bras snon 'gro 'l khrid yig snan gsum mdzes rgyan Author Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk

Lam 'bras snon 'gro 'l khrid yig snan gsum mdzes rgyan The Most Profound And Fundamental Teaching Of The Sakya Tradition Of Tibetan Buddhism Is That Of The Path Including Its Result This Unique Teaching Of Virupa, One Of India S Extraordinary Mahasiddhas, Covers The Entire Buddhist Path From The Time Of Entering The Spiritual Discipline Up To The Attainment Of Full And Perfect Enlightenment It Serves As A Manual For Contemplating And Meditating Upon The Various Stages Leading To The Final Result Of Ultimate Happiness And Liberation The Three Visions Examines The State Of Those Experiencing Suffering, Those Engaged In The Methods Leading Towards Freedom From Unhappiness And Misery, And Those Fully Enlightened Ones Who Have Attained The Highest Goal Of Omniscient Awakening In A Very Direct And Simple Manner, The Text Leads The Reader Step By Step Over The Vast Path Culminating In Ultimate Peace

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    Foundational Buddhist and Sakya text, I consider this a Bible amongst Buddhist books From beginning to end it takes you through with layers of meaning and insight a review from me can not do it justice The latter part in particular is something I keep coming back to, around calm abiding and wisdom The simplicity of how it is describe needs to be revisited as I think through practice and contemplation it can help along the path.

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    IN SPANISH BELOW The Three Visions is one of the foremost meditation manuals of the Sakya lineage of Tibetan Buddhism Written by Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub in the 16th Century, I find it astonishing how straight to the point this text is, with not a single page being wasted on unnecesarry explanations, aswell as how easy the language and the manner in which it is written are From the very beginning of the spiritual path to the entering into the Vajrayana, the Three Visions provides the student with all the meditation instructions and excerpts from the most important texts in Mahayana Buddhism in order to help him develop faith, effort and, ultimately, realizations, of all the important aspects of the path s he has just undertaken.I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has already read The Three Levels of Spiritual Perception, the 20th Century oral commentary by Dehsung Rinpoche on this very text Although comprehensible by itself, I feel that having had the in depth explanations of a contemporary master as Deshung Rinpoche will make the reading of the original text much easier and rewarding.Las Tres Visiones es una de los manuales de meditaci n m s importantes del linaje Sakya de Budismo Tibetano Escrito por Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub en el siglo XVI, he encontrado asombroso lo directo que es el texto, que no desperdicia ni una sola p gina en explicaciones innecesarias, as como lo f cil de entender que son el lenguaje y la manera en la que est compuesto Desde el mismo comienzo del camino espiritual hata la entrada en el Vajrayana, las Tres visiones provee al estudiante con todas las instrucciones de meditaci n y citas textuales de los textos m s importantes del Budismo Mahayana para ayudarle a desarrollar fe, esfuerzo y, ltimamente, las realizaciones de todos los aspectos del camino que l ella acaba de tomar.Recomiendo enf ticametne este libro a cualquiera que ya haya le do Los Tres Niveles de Percepci n Espiritual, el comentario oral del maestro del siglo XX Deshung Rinpoche sobre este mismo texto Aunque es comprensible por s mismo, creo que el haber tenido las explicaciones en profundidad de un maestro contempor neo como Deshung Rinpoche har la lectura del texto original mucho m s f cil y provechoso.

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