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Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society Volume 35 Epub Works Issued By The Hakluyt Society Volume 35 By Duarte Barbosa Natus This Historic Book May Have Numerous Typos And Missing Text Purchasers Can Usually Download A Free Scanned Copy Of The Original Book Without Typos From The Publisher Not Indexed Not Illustrated 1866 Edition Excerpt The Country, And Who Are Governed By Sheikhs And At Times They Go Against These Towns Of The Kingdom Of Ormuz, And Make War Upon Them, And Sometimes They Make Them Rebel Against The King This King Of Ormuz Possesses, Besides These Places Already Mentioned, On The Coast Of Arabia, Many Other Towns In The Country Of Persia, On The Sea Coast, And In The Midst Of The Persian Sea Many Islands Inhabited By Moors, In Which He Has Many Large Towns, Very Rich And Handsome, All Of Which Are Named Separately Further On, And Afterwards The Island And City Of Ormuz And Its Customs Are Mentioned On This Coast The King Of Ormuz Has A Town Called Baha, In Which He Maintains His Governors Having Passed This Place, Further Along The Coast Is Another Place Called Dexar Further On Another Place Called Xahen Further On Another Place Called Ygun.2 Further On Another Place Called El Guadun Further On Another Place Called Nabani,3 From Which Place They Carry Much Water To Drink To Ormuz, Because There Is No Drinkable Water There And From This And All Those Other Places They Carry To Ormuz All Its Supplies Further On Is Another Place Called Guan Meda, And From There Further On There Are Also Some Other Places Belonging To The King Of Ormuz, Which Are The Following Lefete, Quesebi,4 And From Here Further On The Coast Turns To The Northwest By North As Far As The Mouth Of The River Eufrates, And It Begins Here To Be A Wide Estuary Berohu,5 Caljar, Xuza, Mohimasim,6 Lima,7 Gorbaz, Alguefa, Cannon.8 Which 1 Baha, Ortelius 2 Iguir In Ortelius, 1570 3 Naban, Ortelius, 1570 Quesibi, Ortelius 5 Berou, Ibidem 6 Moy MaciDa, Ortelius, 1570 7 Lima, Ortelius 8 Carmon, Ortelius This List Of Towns Is Thus Introduced Without Anything To Connect It

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