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    My mother sent me this in a care box seems I owned this way back in 1985 and never read it So, I figured for nostalgia s sake, I would now As I read through the first half, it was as I expected The journal of a young farm girl, reminiscent of Laura Ingalls, is made for pre teens However, I actually became engrossed in the story and found myself reading it late into the night There is no doubt that life in 1890 was a bit difficult than ...

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    This book takes place in the early 1900s in Sobby County, Tennessee Trilby Frost writes everything in her diary, from her turbulent relationship with her half Cherokee friend Saul, who helps with the chores on the Frost farm to her days at finishing school Her mother disapproves of her romance with Saul The Frosts have tw...

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    As a pre teen I found this book in the school library in the early 1980 s I loved this book and read it several times It will always be a favorite.

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    Read it in 1994 while I was going to school in Karachi Happy Home I overheard the girls talking about it My friend told me it was really, really good and that I had to read it she said it was in the library Well, the library turned out to ...

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    I first read this book back in 1979, in middle school It made such an impression on me that I tried for years to remember it and find it My hubs finally found it for me and got an old library copy for me for Christmas a few years back It was every bit as rich and poignant as I remembered ...

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    Mrs Boyd read this book out loud to us when I was in the sixth grade All of the classes would sit in the common area after lunch every day while she read a chapter to us I remember Mrs Boyd crying while trying to read the ending to us ...

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    This book I read and sobbed over I still remember where I was when I read it the first time I can relate to this simply pure relationship as I had one that was similar when I was a teen with the boy down the street. anyone who knows me has heard me mention him than once.

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    I have been trying to remember the name of this book for years I loved it in elementary school and never forgot the story.

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    For what is probably the 30th time, I have re read this book thanks to a public speaking class I was taking We had to convince our audience of something and I decided to convince them that this was the saddest children s book ever written Based on my feedback, they agreed When I was a kid spending my summers in Kansas City with my Oma, Opa and my three aunts, going to the Raytown branch of the Mid Continent Library was a regular gig One summer, I remembered a deliciously depressing book I had read the year before and I wanted to read it again That was the first time I pulled what every librarian knows I asked the librarian to help me find a book that was sad, was a diary of a girl a long time ago , her best friend was an Indian and, wait for it, the cover was yellow She was not amused and so I spent my time going through each and every single book until I found it Years later when I started wor...

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    Trilby is a teenage girl growing up in Tennessee in 1899 She records everything in her diary, including her relationship with a half breed indian, Saul and a terrible secret that changes her life forever There s a lot of strong feelings expressed in this book, handled very well You really get involved with the characters and care about what happens to them I think the time p...

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The Diary of Trilby Frost Life In Sobby County, Tennessee, In The Early 1900s Is Not Easy For Trilby Frost, Who Longs To Make Something Of Her Future Her Mother Disapproves Of Her Romance With Saul Edwards, The Rebellious Half Indian Boy Who Helps With The Chores On The Frost Farm Then There Are The Frosts Two Boarders A Disreputable Bootlegger Who Tries To Woo Trilby S Older Sister, And A Sophisticated Teacher Who Tries To Win Trilby S Heart Trilby Writes Everything In Her Diary, From Her Turbulent Relationship With Saul To Her Days At Finishing School Her Words Tell Of The Tragedies And Joys Of Life In A Log Cabin In The Early Twentieth Century And Show That The Trials Of Growing Up Are Timeless.