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Bone in the Throat Nem Tudo Vai Bem No Dreadnaught Grill O Chef Esquisito, O Patr O Foi Preso Pelo FBI E A M Fia Est A Aparecer Por L E, No Meio Tudo Isto, Tommy Inocente Chef Adjunto Com Rela Es Mafiosas Tenta Cozinhar O Perfeito Arroz De Marisco Portugu S.Mas Quando Um Assassino Profissional Mata E Desmembra Um Informador Da Pol Cia Na Rea De Lavagens, Tommy Percebe Que Tempo De Tomar Uma Posi O.Com Um Cast Inesquec Vel E Uma Intriga Mais Retorcida Que Uma Travessa De Linguini, Um Osso Na Garganta Um Policial Irreverente, Delicioso E Hilariante.

  • Paperback
  • 339 pages
  • Bone in the Throat
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Portuguese
  • 11 August 2019

About the Author: Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was the author of the novels Bone in the Throat and Gone Bamboo, in addition to the mega bestsellers Kitchen Confidential and A Cook s Tour His work has appeared in The New York Times and The New Yorker, and he was a contributing authority for Food Arts magazine He was the host of the popular Emmy and Peabody Award winning television show Parts Unknown.

10 thoughts on “Bone in the Throat

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    A mafia story with foodie restaurant elements.I did not care much for the mafia story, but I really liked the descriptions of the work in the kitchen Ein Mafia Krimi im Restaurant K chenchef Milieu.Die K chenchef Anteile haben mir sehr gut gefallen, den Krimi Part fand ich weni...

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    A lot of people don t know this, but Anthony Bourdain used to write fiction, most people are aware of him for his tv shows A Cooks Tour, No Reservations and Layover along with his food writing and his 1 cookbook However, before all of this, back when he was still the chef at Les Halles in New York City, he wrote 3 books of fiction Sadly they did not sell well and only due to his later fame were they rediscovered That s really too bad, because they re great.This shouldn t come as a surprise, but his fiction usually revolves in some way around the food industry, specifically cooks and restaurants Also, organized crime is a large theme as well, again, not a shocker for anyone familiar with Bourdain and his work He s always been public about his fascination with that particular world.Bone in the Throat revolves ar...

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    I went into this with no expectations, but it turned out to be great fun Snarky, funny and entertaining, just like his food books But with murder most foul RIP, Mr Bourdain.

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    On the one hand, this novel reads like a caricature of The Godfather, like the fantasy of someone who has watched one too many Martin Scorsese movies On the other hand, it is full of action, ribald dialogue, and asides about food that only a master chef could deliver Not great literature in that reg...

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    I m a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain Having watched him compose beautiful stories through food and culture on his television shows, I knew he wouldn t disappoint me as a writer of fiction His book Bone in the Throat was not as elegant and interesting as I had assumed it would be, but knowing Bourdain s taste for foul language and getting at the heart of a story helped me sink my teeth into this book The story involves a group of mafia types, police, and restaurant junkies who are playing a game of merry go round to see which side wins I found myself not caring too much for any of the characters, but I think that s the point You re not supposed to fall in love with these people They re realistic in that they have good and bad qualities They re flawed I ended up rooting for a couple of characters who got mixed up in all that was going on and hoping they d come out on top They did...

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    Unfortunately, this novel had too many characters The main one s were not really developed effectively I struggled to root for anyone I knew that I was mean to root for the chef and the sous chef, but I just couldn t However, there is an excellent moment with a meat slicer th...

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    Muito se tem falado do Anthony Bourdain nos ltimos tempos, principalmente com a sua recente vinda ao nosso pa s Embora n o o tenha descoberto agora, n o posso dizer que seja um seguidor Isto , vejo o No Reservations sempre que me lembro e gosto do que vejo O problema que nem sempre me lembro No entanto, apesar de j conhecer o Anthony Bourdain h algum tempo, este livro obriga me a ficar ao lado daqueles que s agora aprenderam que ele existe Sou sincero sabia que ele era um chef de cozinha n o fazia ideia que era um chef da escrita Bone in the throat , ou Osso na garganta ,como se chamar , mais dia menos dia, a edi o portuguesa n o um palpite, uma esperan a de publica o , um livro com ptimos ingredientes bons personagens, excelentes di logos, bastante ac o, humor, morte, culin ria e m fia.A hist ria gira em torno de Tommy Pagano, um cozinheiro, cujo tio Sally pertence M fia Tommy n o quer ter nada a ver com esses neg cios, mas quando aceita fazer lhe um favor, v se no meio duma investiga o da pol cia e do FBI ao seu tio Sally e restantes amigos mafiosos Julgo, no entanto, que a melhor frase que define este livro e que foi a frase que m...

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    Libris interruptusI was traveling on my motorcycle to see a film at the Zurich Film Festival with this book in my jacket pocket, but when I arrived at the venue, the book was gone I was about two thirds of the way through the book at the time of its disappearance I guess it is a testament to how little I was engaged with the story that I did not make a search for the book after it went missing The story was okay The characters were ok...

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    Even before he was big time, Mr Tony had a real clarity of voice and tone that help this novel cohesive and kept me reading He does a nice job of rotating chapters through the eyes of many characters without getting bogged down by the variety each chapter also advances the admittedly thin plot I would ve enjoyed mystery and less novel, the ending was a foregone conclusion, thou...

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    Touted as a snarky mystery, this really is just fiction, almost of a character study This is one book I had to make myself finish I had a hard time keeping track of the characters who is this guy again until late in the book because few were fleshed out enough to stick with me.

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