[BOOKS] ✸ Cryptogeddon Mission Pack 1: Detect the Mole By Todd Dow – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk

Cryptogeddon Mission Pack 1: Detect the Mole Cryptogeddon Is An Online Cyber Security War Game Cryptogeddon Mission Packs Offer Various Missions, Each Of Which Challenges The Participant To Apply Infosec Tools To Solve Technology Puzzles An Online Scavenger Hunt, If You Will Each Mission Comes With A Solution That Teaches The Participant Which Tools To Use And How To Apply The Tools To Solve The Mission Here Is Your Mission In Cryptogeddon Mission Pack Detect The Mole SpaceWay Aeronautics Believes They Have Been Hacked They Suspect That Foreign Competitors Have Access To The Blueprints For Their Next Generation Space Vehicle You Need To Verify Their Suspicions By Finding The Files, The Method Of Transmission And The Employee S Responsible For Doing This SpaceWay Suspects That One Of Their Servers Was Compromised Due To Suspicious Activity They Have Provided An Image Of The Server For You To Analyze Your Assignment Is The Analyze The Machine And Confirm SpaceWay S Suspicions Assuming You Find Evidence Of Compromise, You Are To Identify The Files That Have Been Transmitted, Identify The Person S Responsible For This Breach And Identify The Destination Of The Files Each Cryptogeddon Mission Pack Consists Of The Following A Synopsis This Introduces The Mission, Provides Some Background Info And Sets The Stage For The Work That Needs To Be Done Objective S This Clearly Articulates The Tasks That Need To Be Done To Complete The Mission Asset List Each Mission Starts With At Least One Digital Asset That You Will Need In Order To Complete The Mission The Asset List Provides An Inventory Of Your Starting Assets, Along With Instructions To Obtain Those Assets Tools This Section Contains Potential Spoilers It Lists All Of The Tools That Are Required To Complete The Mission Only Read This Section If You Need Help Or If You Want To Review How You Did At The End Of The Mission Support Services This Section Details How You Get Help With Your Mission If You Get Stuck, If The Instructions Or Solution Are Unclear And Or If You Find Errors With The Mission Pack Solution This Section Outlines The Steps To Complete The Mission Some People Will Ignore This Section Until They Ve Completed The Mission Others Might Need To Take A Peek To Help Get Through A Particularly Tricky Part Of A Mission And Others Might Rely On The Solution As A Training Device To Help Walk Them Through The Entire Mission NOTE This Mission Requires The Use Of Web Services AWS EC, Which May Result In Usage Charges To The Reader

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