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Collected Poems Frank Bidart And David Gewanter Have Compiled The Definitive Edition Of Robert Lowell S Work, From His First, Impossible To Find Collection, Land Of Unlikeness To The Early Triumph Of Lord Weary S Castle, Winner Of The 1946 Pulitzer Prize To The Brilliant Willfulness Of His Versions Of Poems By Sappho, Baudelaire, Rilke, Montale, And Other Masters In Imitations To The Late Spontaneity Of The Dolphin, Winner Of Another Pulitzer Prize To His Last, Most Searching Book, Day By Day This Volume Also Includes Poems And Translations Never Previously Collected, And A Selection Of Drafts That Demonstrate The Poet S Constant Drive To Reimagine His Work Collected Poems At Last Offers Readers The Opportunity To Take In, In Its Entirety, One Of The Great Careers In Twentieth Century Poetry.

  • Hardcover
  • 1220 pages
  • Collected Poems
  • Robert Lowell
  • 23 February 2017
  • 9780571163403

About the Author: Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell, born Robert Traill Spence Lowell, IV, was an American poet whose works, confessional in nature, engaged with the questions of history and probed the dark recesses of the self He is generally considered to be among the greatest American poets of the twentieth century.His first and second books, Land of Unlikeness 1944 and Lord Weary s Castle for which he received a Pulitzer Prize

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    Lowell has long been one of my favorite 20th century American poets I especially like his early work there s something about the stern, stentorian rhythm of the verse, combined with a hardscrabble New England outlook on life, that never fails to thrill He s a formal master, alive to his influen...

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    9.0 10I have run the emotions of life through Robert Lowell not a mean feat, in a few weeks No wonder I m exhausted And elevated Depressed And inspired Who is Robert Lowell And how much time do you have Thoughts that occurred to me, in reading this collection Prophetic Pessimistic Awe Inspiring Eccentric Fun And funny Affectionate Intimate Gossipy Private Confessional Self centered Self effacing Devoted Formidable And, if read all in one go, much as I have done, overwhelming Overwhelming in his scope, capacity, and understanding I did not know, until after reading this collection, that Robert Lowell suffered from bipolar disorder, which suddenly made clear all the emotions I had been experiencing To be in such a mind for a day, for a week, was an electrifying and emotional privilege to have to live in it, for the better part of his life would have been exhausting depleting.This is poetry in which my mind finds a home READING MYSELFLike thousands, I took pride and than just,struck matches that broug...

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    From the fall of Rome to that of the World Trade Center, a cloying, mindless and absurdist sincerity characterizes most political poetry, which often reads like paid for newspaper memorials to lost loved ones No one would have known better than Robert Lowell, whose long awaited, monumental volume of collected verse appeared in June of this year, that politics suffers from the dangerous and inevitable curse of abstraction simplistic us vs them theories are perennial favorites unless its practitioners leave behind the pleasures of bombast and partisan rivalries for the exponentially difficult knowledge of history s unending bloodshed.This knowledge was both Lowell s birthright, as a member of a Boston Brahmin family though from the less distinguished branch, as he delighted in pointing out , and something he learned from his chief mentors, the Fugitive Agrarian writers John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate and Robert Penn Warren, whose commitment to traditional aesthetics eventually morphed into a controversial economic and pol...

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    It s probably a good thing to have this on my shelves for reference, since Lowell has such a strong reputation, but as a reader I would prefer to have a much smaller selection, with adequate footnotes, produced by a good judge Even one poem, if it was presented in terms I could appreciate, would be preferable to this monolith, but I could not suggest which one wo...

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    Goodness gracious I ve been working through this gargantuan tome for several years and I ve finally finished it.What to say about LowellI was so intimidated and excited to start reading him that I made sure to get a hardcover version of this book over at The Strand because I knew that I d be taking extensive notes and that it would become holy to me.I m happy to say that I DID takes notes so many on some pages that I can barely make out the poem and it did become holy in the way that great works which you love so much they re hard to look at straight on become.Lowell is a genius I don t use that word frivolously The poems in Lord Weary s Castle are so formally and acoustically PERFECT that it s daunting to even consider that those poems aren t his most famous But they re difficult to LOVE in the sense that they re SO cold and PERFECT and MADE and, as is characteristic of his early work, quite abstract I mean the latter in the sense that the poems are not yet fully lyrical or what later became known as confessional though Lowell despised that term So of course, poems like Skunk Hour and Beyond the Alps are just breathtaking But Waking Early Sunday Morning from Near The Ocean might just be the most perfect poem I ve read Its content is so majestically married to its form and sound that my first reaction upon finishing it was honestly to ask myself why I even bother to write at all I m still working through that No...

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    As to the edition at hand Bidart and Gewanter have assembled a definitive Lowell text, encompassing all the major works, quite a couple of less significant contributions, as well as a wide array of alternative versions The notes are especially extensive as to textual variants The reader gets quite as much Lowell as he could ever want, if not .Lowell s poetry needs no new criticism by yours truly It ranges from formalism in rhyme and meter to freer verse, including three books of 14 line sonnetesques Lowell s quality, in my humble opinion, varies likewise many poems are complex and expressive, but much of his middle and later output tends to be verbose and rather vapid, such as the bo...

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    The book is a comprehensive collection of Lowell s work Forever the tinker, one of the most interesting aspects of Lowell s work is that he constantly revised The collection contains not just the poems from his published collections, but a...

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    I m not that impress with the poems that he collect.

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    Outstanding insight into a complicated mind.

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    Robert Lowell was a genius in his skill His poetry is touching and brilliant.

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