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    As I flipped through this book, and saw a few swearwords, I was expecting to cringe every other page To my pleasant surprise, though, there weren t that many instances of foul language There were some and don t get my wrong, none of it s acceptable but it is a book relating men s experiences with the War, after all Despite those few instances, I enjoyed reading about the air battles and skill of the pilots Parts of it were slightly boring, because I am not an expert, nor am I interested in different types of planes If you are, though, I can imagine this would be immensely helpful and interesting The author was thorough in describing many ta...

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    As stated at the beginig of this small volume a tad over 200 pages , the air conflict in the skies of Korea isn t very well covered, especially when compared with WWII or Vietnam conflict Crimson Sky tries to remedy this situation in interesting fashion author focuses on pilot s experiences in a number of detailed descriptions of missions typical to that conflict These stories are put in proper context with help of a rather generic overview of the war as it developed between 1950 and 1953 This approach renders a very interesting book that catches reader s attention from the first page After all, if you picked up this book, you will probably be fascinated by first hand accounts of dogfights in Mig Alley or the very first, improvised on the fly, SAR missions At the same time I must say that I ve picked this book up because I thought it would be a good starting point ...

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    Great aviation related stories plus adding the total history of this forgotten war Told in chronological order with stories from both carrier wings and the Air Force as well Summarizes many parallels to what later happened in Vietnam The military forgot many of the lessons l...

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Crimson Sky: The Air Battle for Korea The Korean War Was A Crossroads In Military History It Was The Last Hurrah For One Generation Of Tactics And Technology And The Proving Ground For The Next The Crimson Sky Examines In Detail Twenty Of The Most Interesting Aerial Actions Of The Korean War, Including The First Air Rescue Of A Downed Pilot, The Battle Of Carlson S Canyon, And Some Of The Most Spectacular MiG Alley Sorties Flown By The F 86 Aces More Than Exciting Accounts Of Military Missions, The Crimson Sky Is About The People Who Flew Them, About Their Experiences And Emotions As They Performed Dangerous Duty A Half Century Ago.