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Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia: Home Training Course in Spectro-chrome Metry Spectro Chrome Metry The Fascinating The Spectrochrome Color Healing System Of Dinshah Is Considered By Some To Be The Most Complete, Evolved System Of Healing Using Colors Projected On The Body The Healing Triangle Of Light Is Humanity S Birthright Dedicated To Dinshah Pestanji Ghadiali Humble Servant Of Suffering Mankind Testimony Spectro Chrome Metry As A Highly Credentialled And Eminent Surgeon She Was A Member Of The AMA, But She Was Also A Vociferous Advocate Of Spectro Chrome Therapy And Defender Of Dinshah Throughout Her Life The Following Is Excerpted From Her Paper Presented At The Clinical Meeting Of The Section On Eye, Ear, Nose And Throat Diseases Of The Medical Society Of The State Of Pennsylvania, October ,ReprintedColor Spectro Chrome Metry Potential To Greatly Reduce Surgical Site Infections Scientists From The Center For Radiological Research At Columbia University Medical Center Have Shown That A Narrow Wavelength Of Ultraviolet UV Light Safely Killed Drug Resistant MRSA Bacteria In Mice, Demonstrating A Potentially Safe And Cost Effective Way To Reduce Surgical Site Infections, A Major Public Health Concern High Vibrations Spectro Chrome Therapy PartSpectro Chrome Therapy Is A System Of Therapy Where Light Energy Is Processed Through Color Filters And Irradiated Into The Aura The Color Filters Are Each Specifically Attuned To A Certain Window Of Frequencies By Matching Corresponding Wavelengths To The Organs And Systems Of The Body, It Strengthens Or Calms Energy In The Distressed Areas, Creating A Support System For Balance And Spectro Chrome Therapy Technicolor Cures OrThe Spectro Chrome Was A Box With Awatt Light Bulb In It And An Opening Fitted With Colored Filters Attuned Color Wave Slides The Five Filters Could Be Deployed Singly Or In Pairs To Produce Twelve Different Colors The Device Was Sold Together With The Spectro Chrome Therapeutic System Guide, Which Detailed Which Colors To Shine On A Given Patient Green Light, For Example, Was A Pituitary Stimulant Dinshah Health Society DHS Main Page Spectro Chrome Therapy Is A Safe, Natural, Inexpensive Home Use Medical System That Does Not Rely On Any Drugs Or Chemicals, With Their Uncertain Side Effects

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