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Elementary My Dear [Download] ➻ Elementary My Dear ✤ Autumn Sabol – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Departing from the seriousness of A Night at The Cup and Saucer and Letter to the Editor Autumn Sabol tries her hand at a romantic comedy that spans the ages Nona Brown an art student in New York City Departing from the seriousness of A Night at The Cup and Saucer and Letter to the Editor Autumn Sabol tries her hand at a romantic comedy that spans Elementary My PDF/EPUB or the ages Nona Brown an art student in New York City has never found her place in life Despite her best efforts she has never completely fit in with her modern urban lifestyle Thanks to the movement of Fate and an unfortunate wrong turn she soon finds herself in a totally different setting Victorian England Nona is mysteriously thrust into nineteenth century London encountering the most famous of partnerships Sherlock Holmes and Dr WatsonAs she is forced to adapt in a world of horse cabs corsets and Victorian etiuette Nona's modern behavior makes a great impression on the duo especially the cold blooded misogynistic Holmes As a terrible case strikes a little too close to home for the detective despite his denunciation of the softer emotions he finds himself unknowingly drawn to Nona and her free spirited ways Can this unlikely couple hold fast to each other as Holmes' shadowed past is dragged forth and his very future is uestionedBrimming with witty dialogue vivid descriptions and unforgettable characters Elementary My Dear is an enchanting novel that will restore your faith in love that withstands the test of time.

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Elementary My Dear
  • Autumn Sabol
  • English
  • 14 January 2015
  • 9780595356867

10 thoughts on “Elementary My Dear

  1. Bonnieskitten Bonnieskitten says:

    I love this book's final draft I was there with the rough draft on FFN Kathy and am glad to finally own it in print Trish is far than I was expecting and the adding in of the family has made Nona well rounded than before All I have to ask is where is Mayhem in Manhattan? Autumn your adoring public are warming up their vocal cords for another round of 'We want March Hare' so how about the seuel?

  2. Chris Apolant Chris Apolant says:

    This was an interesting story It did lack the sophistication it would otherwise have had were it originally written professionally and not as fan fiction That being said it excels at what it was meant to be; a romance on the side study in character situations It was neither remarkably in nor out of character and in fact was a bit refreshing to read something penned long before certain tv and movie adaptations would hijack the characterization of Mr Holmes to the point where most pastiches now make me cringe Further this book succeeded in two areas which I found to be the Mary Russell series greatest faults Watson is treated well here and while he sometimes takes the role of minor player we do get to see a few of his first person journal entries He is always presented as a competent friend and partner to Holmes Secondly there is actual romantic chemistry between Holmes and Nona who is far far far tolerable a protagonist than Russell even if they are both blatant Mary SuesIf you enjoy fan fiction this was an admirable example of it The author has written one of my favorite fics she is March Hare over on ffnet and after this I'll certainly go back over there and give her a re read and look into her other fics featuring Nona that I have thus far passed by

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    I read the description of the book and was on board with the idea immediately obviously I desperately wanted it to be a can't sit it down kind of story but sadly it wasn't I think the trouble that I had with this book is that it is written mostly through the main characters point of view or a narrator telling you her point of view and the character herself is both flat and annoying; she fulfilled her stereotype perfectly and had no sense of realism or intelligence for that matter in her reaction to traveling through time meeting Sherlock Holmes or living in an entire different centurysociety The way in which she travels through time is a problem in and of itself not that time travel is a real occurrence but if one is to include it their novel I think some sort of rational as possible scenario or explanation is expected All of that being said I did not in fact finish the book because I simply couldn't; perhaps I expected too much but when you take on the great responsibility of having such beloved characters as Holmes and Watson in the story I feel like high expectations are the norm so perhaps this type of book is just not my cup of tea and that's saying a lot coming from an avid Sherlockian

  4. Leslie Leslie says:

    Nona Brown was in the wrong place at the wrong timeand then she fell through a wall Nona is a woman of the 20th century and she finds herself transported to Victorian London When a kind gentlemen who is none other than Dr John Watson offers her assistance to the home he shares with his friend at 221B Baker Street she feels she has no other choice than to follow She eventually meets Dr Watson's roommate and thus begins Nona's adventures with the world's greatest consulting detectiveThere have been a few Holmes pastiches that try to add romance to the detective's life Autumn Sabol does a wonderful job in giving Holmes a woman who can put up with his arrogant and self absorbed personality and eventually fall in love with him anyway Very recommendedUpdate At the back is a preview of her next book starring Nona and Holmes However it states that Mayhem in Manhattan would be published in 2007 As of March 2009 nothing has been published yet

  5. Beth Beth says:

    I read this when it was free on fanfictionnet It was a favorite in the fandom but offline it doesn't stand out At all The main character is flat Holmes is out of character The time travel is hardly explained just an accident Bottom line is it's just a fanfic You can find other SherlockOC fics out there for free that are just as good if not better than this

  6. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    I love this story It's just as good as an original Sherlock Holmes story I can't wait for Miss Sabol's seuel Mayhem in Manhatten to come out

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