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Power & Choice: An Introduction to Political Science Known For Its Comparative Approach And Its Strong Balance Between Theory And Practical Real World Examples,Power And Choice Continues As A Best Seller,offering A Brief But Rich Introduction To Political Science Organized Topically,this Text Maintains Its Use Of Extended Examples Of Appropriate Countries And Its Strong Underlying Theme The Contrasting Purpose Of Political Institutions As A Means To Acquire Power Versus Its Use As A Means To Exercise Public Choice Power And Choice Serves Especially Well Where Instructors Wish To Use A Core Text Supplemented With Additional Readers,handouts,or Other Classroom Materials.

10 thoughts on “Power & Choice: An Introduction to Political Science

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    Since it is marketed as an Introduction to Political Science it s getting the lowest possible rating While it is very base level I read this for a college course but I ve read complex stuff in secondary school, this could just be an Europe American difference though , it is extremely biased I say extremely because it doesn t acknowledge its own bias at all If it was upfront about being right of center American standards I probably wouldn t be as harsh But Shively continuously writes as if he is being objective while being subjective I was going in prepared that this was America and the politics would be right leaning and conservative than home, but I was still shocked If I hadn t had social sciences from home I m not sure I would have spotted all the biases, since a lot of it is subtle just like effective propaganda , and bordering on it being wrong information or a misleading lack of information on some schools of thought, theories, ideologies, and real world examples There was also a number of cases where I m not sure if he was trying to give the student confidence by solving a political issue or if he genuinely didn t know the answers asking open ended questions like we can t be sure why x happened , yet having just said the years these changes began and if you google or ...

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    If I hadn t been assigned to read this text for a class, I would not have made it through all 429 pages of this drivel The writer was obviously inserted his own biased political thoughts into a text that, introducing the realm of political thought from an international view, should have been non biased and presented with a cool detachment of a proper political scientist It hurts to know that my professor rated this the best text she s found as an introduction to political science that wasn t just from the United States point of view because even she had difficulties with the author ...

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    This book, so far, has served well enough for my distance Govt 102 class but I m almost certain we could have a better introductory text Or at least as good with a smaller price tag but the price is beside the point I dislike the tone and Shively s tendency to oversimplify or gloss, es...

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    Shively has a bias that roars in at odd times, but this is a thorough primer for the broad field of political science If I had one other critique it would be that some of his definitions are a tad fuzzy for a 101 book It could have been clearer.

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    My rather marginal textbook for an independent study in world politics back in high school Oh well, it got me a 5 on the AP Comparative Politics exam.

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    This was another textbook I had to read for class This one was enjoyable I found it interesting that the author clearly put in his opinions A different read.

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    I wish you could give books negative ratings This is a terrible book, each page makes me feel like my education levels are warring with each other, and this book is losing.

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