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A Thugs Wife [Epub] ➝ A Thugs Wife By Shan – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk 80000 Word Full Length Novel Zaria Yessenia and Cherie are just your average around the way girls They live normal lives just like everyone else Zaria is ride or die for her husband uasym She believes Word Full Length Novel Zaria Yessenia and Cherie are just your average around the way girls They live normal lives just like everyone else Zaria A Thugs PDF/EPUB or is ride or die for her husband uasym She believes in holding her man down to the fullest extent But when uasym becomes sick of his wife being the one to hold him down he forces his way into the game bringing his best friend Devon along with him uasym is suddenly the King of the South and is seeing money that he had never expected With his sudden change in status he and his wife Zaria are hit with one thing after another Yessenia and Devon are happily married Yessenia is a hair stylist who does everything a wife is supposed to do for her husband She believes in catering to her man's every need But when she finds out that her husband is holding on to secrets Yessenia ends up caught in a web of lies that could cost both her and Devon their lives Cherie is young and full of life All she wants is to marry a man with money and to be taken care of When her love life isn't going as expected she becomes jealous of her sister Zaria She's desperate for a mate and will do anything to have one But what happens when her get rich schemes begin to backfire These three women have to deal with the drama lies betrayal and even murderbut will being a thug's wife become too much for them.

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10 thoughts on “A Thugs Wife

  1. Shakeria Sharie Shakeria Sharie says:

    This was a okay read for me

  2. Iamshawnda Hamilton Iamshawnda Hamilton says:

    This book to me was missing something it was dry It had it's high points here and there throughout the story but for the most part the story failed me I think that it needed development and structure I really cannot explain what it was it just overall did not do it for me

  3. Latonya Latonya says:

    I absolutely loved this book I have read it twice

  4. yeama soya-bongay yeama soya-bongay says:

    Thanks but no thanks Okay read

  5. Tanielle Tanielle says:

    This was a little boring at times but held just enough to keep me reading uasym seemed like the last person to hold the throne because he was just too indecisive It was like he needed someone to hold his hand and walk him through everything He kept going on about how people wouldn’t give him a chance he didn’t want to get in by doing Dan D and almost messed that up Like the next one want you to come take money out their pockets and give you something He wasn’t strong enough to hold the top spot in my opinion uasym didn’t hold it down again in the end with Hova and Hova is going to be a problem that he will regret Zaria was cool she had her issues but they seemed real enough but she kept getting the short end of the stick Cherie was just foul and from the beginning she was no good and what she did was all kinds of wrong but I guess it’ll come out laterDevon seemed like a stronger character to carry the weight but he didn’t really get his shine Yessenia needed to sit down somewhere with all her drama That mess with her being in the house was silly never understood why you'd step to the chick if she was with your man crap If she didn’t want to keep the baby why even tell the man knowing full well she was married and she was the one who went after him It’s alright but it’s something about it that you can’t really connect with the characters to pull you in Maybe the next one will be better

  6. Toya Merritt Toya Merritt says:

    This was a great soap opera type book to me It had minor errors but the book is so good that I over looked them uasym Zaria was the perfect couple even though Tianna uasym crazy baby moma was always trying to do something to break them apart Kareem Cherie would have made a good couple if she had a mind of her own instead of always trying to please Tammy I could not stand Zaria Cherie mom Tammy She don't think about nothing but money Makes you wonder how she was in her younger days I sure hope that it be a part 2 so I can find out if Cherie got caught up in the lies that she told Good job Shan

  7. Robin Perryman Robin Perryman says:

    Very Good BookI loved it I even know some mothers like Tammy This book was good from beginning to end I read it every chance I got I especially liked the way it ended I liked how each character was described I could picture them in my mind I highly recommend this book if you like nonstop drama and I will be reading from this author

  8. Kristie Kilson Kristie Kilson says:

    it was ok Well for starters this was supposed to be a full novel it wasn't completely finished I'm not sure if there is a book two or not but I was under the impression that this was a full complete novel They left me hanging for real tho Lol It wasn't what I thought at all

  9. bridgette acevedo bridgette acevedo says:

    OmgI can't believe that this book leaves me hanging I hope part 2 comes out soon they are 2 sisters that were raised to believe that a man was only good for money one sister is married and her man has money the other one is trying to get one well a terrible accident happens between the sisters and one lies she causes someone to lose their life and a war is bound to happen

  10. M4queen M4queen says:

    Good read but uite complete thoughAlthough the title has full length novel after it it isn't It ends with a bit of a tragedy and a vow for revenge It also leaves a lot of unanswered uestions A but disappointed at the false advertising Still a good read though

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