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A Forever Love (Unexpected Love, #3) When She First Joined The Church, Alex McCarty Realized That She Will Have To Wait Almost A Year To Marry Her Beloved Rich Greenwood In The Temple, But She Knew There Was No Other Place To Be Married Now, After Nearly Twelve Long Months, She Wonders If She Will Live To See The Day As Their Long Engagement Comes To An End, Alex Is Besieged With Difficulties, All Threatening To Interfere With Her Date At The Altar From Her Frustrating Disagreements With Her Lovable But Stubborn Fianc To Her Doctor S Heartbreaking Diagnosis When Alex Returns To California For A Fitness Convention, She Is Hounded By Jordan, A Former Boyfriend, Who Refuses To Take No For An Answer Then There S Dylan, Her Intense Convention Assistant, Who Idolizes Her But Not Until A Scenic Cruise Wtih Rich Turns Into A Nightmare And Alex Nearly Loses Rich Does She Realize That Someone Wants To Prevent Their Marriage From Ever Taking Place.Romance, Suspense, Adventure It S All Here In A Forever Love.

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    This is a sequal to An Eduring Love Alex joins the church and realizes she will have to wait a year to marry her beloved Rich Greenwood in temple During this year, he builds her a huge house She wants several things done to ...

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    I loved it I liked how it made the point that the adversary will do anything it its power to destroy the family It was really slow the first half but the suspence at the end was a killer for me That one person who judged this book for one star saying h...

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    This is the third book in this series It concludes with a littleexcitement than was displayed in the first two books, but I was still disappointed in the predictability of most of the book.Of course, everything ends with everyone living h...

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    this is some kind of romance slash wannabe action thriller novel I thought it was boring, cheesy, and predictable to go along with its corny dialogue and lame characters and I swear, if I read the phrase so and so sent a...

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    I liked it better than the 2nd one I realize that it s a LDS book, and the character is supposed to live happily ever after at the end, but I just kept feeling that if it were a true abduction that the ending would not have been the same Call me a party pooper...

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    Alex and Rich are just trying to stay alive long enough to make it to the temple where they plan to be married Having waited a year, the wedding is just weeks away Terror just seemed to hit them out of the blue Holding onto their faith, and...

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    This one actually had action in it Stalkers, stranded out at sea, and kidnapped A lot of LDS uplifting talk and motivation to share the gospel and attend the temple regularly Need to get back in that groove Then this is the one motivator book for you.

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    I loved the conclusion to this series It was a good read.

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    This was the best one out of all three of the books.

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    This was the best book I have read in a long time The whole series is good, but the last one was the best Kept me entertained for a whole day