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    Still good, but I liked the first 2 better.Now the kids are back in London, at an official spy training school since they seem to need it Soon after that is complete, they are sent off to Brazil Maybe it s the training, but it seems like they re seeing suspicious characters all over the place Once they arrive, they find out that tensions are running high between the villagers they re staying with and some land developers The kids get the feeling that no one is telling the full story, but they re not sure who to trust As things come to a head, the kids will have to use all the skills they have learned Their survival, and the survival of their new friends depends on it p.s Be ready for some surprises This one veered away from the kids getting chased by bad guys formula that was quite successful in the first two Helping the villagers prevail against the avaricious land developers was good, but not nearly as exc...

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    It s been a really long time since I read this series, and I can t remember much of it The one thing I do remember, however, is that I really enjoyed reading it I think it s a great read suited best for children and teens.

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    For me, this book was kind of boring Maybe for a 4th or 5th grader it would be better The last few pages were exciting, but it took that long for the bad guys to finally show up.

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Rescue: A Jungle Adventure Seth, Sadie And Fami Have Always Loved Playing Spy Games But Now They Have Received Real Spy Training At A Special Academy Near London Little Do They Know That They Will Be Called To Use Every Skill They Have Learned And As They Rush Off To Brazil, They Realize Something Is Not Quite Right Even Before The Plane Lands But It S Not Always Easy To Tell Which People Are Friends And Which Are Really Enemies Faced With Saving The Lives Of Thousands, How Can They Know Which People They Can Rely On.Hang On Tight As You Take An Exciting South American Adventure With Three Latter Day Spies Who Find They Must Depend On A Greater Power Than Themselves If They Are To Survive.