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The Best American Comics 2014 ➜ [Epub] ❧ The Best American Comics 2014 By Scott McCloud ➦ – “It’s the perfect book to pick up to restore your faith in comics or help show infinite diversity in infinite combinations on display on paper using the world’s greatest artform” — Comics Bu “It’s the perfect book to pick American Comics PDF ´ up to restore your faith in comics or help show infinite The Best PDF/EPUB ² diversity in infinite combinations on display on paper using the world’s greatest artform” — Comics Bulletin The Best Best American Comics ePUB ✓ American Comics showcases the work of both established and up and coming contributors and highlights both fiction and nonfiction — from graphic novels pamphlet comics newspapers magazines minicomics and the Web — to make a uniue stunning collection Frank Miller Sin City called guest editor Scott McCloud “just about the smartest guy in comics”.

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  1. K. K. says:

    I received my copy of this collection from NetGalley in exchange for reviewAnthology titles never seem to do it for me though there were some tremendous pieces excerpted here the collection felt uneven and ill conceived Although McCloud freuently brought up his preference that the reader proceed through the anthology in order with each interstitial essay admonishing anyone who might be skipping around I don't feel that the seuencing here was particularly strongStandout pieces from big names like Jaime Hernandez Gilbert Hernandez and Charles Burns were a pleasure to revisit It was great to see Raina Telgemeier featured her work for younger readers has been wonderful and the excerpt for Saga by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples was a mainstream highlight The new to me works that I was most excited about were Jane the Fox and Me by Isabelle Arsenault and Fanny Britt Mom by Sam Sharpe and RL by Tom HartMcCloud's hand as an editor felt unfortunately heavy here I could have done without the essays justifying the inclusion of each piece and the explanation of why each piece was placed in which section The work included was at its strongest when it was allowed to speak for itself I was hoping that reading this anthology would get me excited about the breadth and depth of American comics in 2014 Instead I felt mostly bogged down and uninspired

  2. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    I don't much like comics collections like this just snippets but I guess it does give a sense of the year and this was a good year and this is after all a good collection I read it mainly because Scott McCloud edited it and I had just heard him recently in Chicago And I don't hunk of him as edgy but this was alt comics than mainstream and I liked his set up for it his essay his selection The cover is great but which I mean it is attractive and Beto Rodriguez did it and it has all this energy It's with a kid on the cover true and you just have to look at the Aline and R Crumb piece to know this is not a kid comic And the Raina Telgemeier end papers are kid type stuff too; not a kid collection definitely but still its attractive The range of stuff here is great True I had read most of it already but I like McClouds's vision and his sense of what was great that year

  3. Joey Alison Sayers Joey Alison Sayers says:

    What can you say about a Best American anthology? There were some great pieces some crap ones Some unnecessary contributors some omissions Some X some Y I didn't agree with the inclusion of every piece but why would I It's a subjective collection Thatss part of its charm and what makes it interestingI will say this though It has the worst cover of any book ever printed since the beginning of time It's ridiculous It looks like an elementary school reading primer cover It's corny and cloying and why is it a kid? These are by and large comics for adults Now I have to go look at the awesome Jog Frog Jog cover just to wash my eyes out

  4. Derek Royal Derek Royal says:

    Of all of the Best American Comics volumes to come out over the past several years this is the one I was most looking forward toand for two reasons First Jaime Hernandez did the cover illustration which is absolutely a wonderful piece of work that really says it all But importantly I was excited by the fact that Scott McCloud was the guest editor It makes sense that McCloud finally tries his hand at compiling this collection in that he has a broad sense of the medium and he brings of a studious and contemplative approach than about all of the other past guest editors I respect McCloud's assessment even if I don't necessarily agree with him all of the time and I've often taken his comments as a cue to seek out certain titles with which I was unfamiliar This year's BAC is no exception as McCloud does a good job at presenting a fairly representative overview of the current state of comics or at least comics published between September 2012 and August 2013 the focus of this volume There's always the temptation to be the armchair uarterback to take issue with the choices the editor made or feel that he left out other things that you would have included That's always going to be the case with a project such as this But if you keep in mind that each Best of American Comics volume isn't any sort of objective best of volume but instead is prone to the same tastes predilections and agendas intended or unconscious as any other creative endeavor then you can get a lot out of these books I have issues with the best part of the title in this series but that's another story And one of the best things about the BAC series is that it introduces readers to comics that they weren't familiar with previously or didn't even know existed That's been the case with me although one thing that struck me this year was how many of the entries I was already familiar with either having read or being on my to read list already If I had one criticism here it wouldn't be for this this particular volume although I would have liked a different webcomic to stand in as the one reproduced representative in that particular section there I did something I said I wouldn't do but for the idea of the series as a whole If you take a look at all of the guest editors through the years from Harvey Pekar on down to this year's project you see a trend and a particular kind of editorcreator Sure both McCloud and Neil Gaiman stand out as a little different from the other past editors eg Lynda Barry Charles Burns Alison Bechdel Chris Ware but they're not that different when you think about it One could argue that Gaiman is part of the mainstream but even then you'd need to ualify your definition of mainstream and admit that really Gaiman was a relatively safe choice in having such broad multi media appeal I'd be interested in seeing the BAC series choose a guest editor enmeshed in the mainstream of comics culture and by mainstream I mean than just superhero comics and see what they're able to come up with I actually addressed this issue with the new series editor Bill Kartalopoulos when we interviewed him recently on The Comics Alternative and he said that that's something he didn't think would happen He made a comment about how HMH in house editing has a say in the selection process and that lead me to believe that maybe any radical shift from the series' tried and true guest editor selection process would have roots internally Might this underscore something we've discussed many times on the podcast a bifurcation of a comics readling public? Are those who make decisions on choosing or approving guest editors the kind of readers who get their list of creators from The New Yorker and the New York Times bestseller lists? Perhaps I'm being to facile in assuming this kind of alternativeindie bias but it would be a nice exercise and a welcomed change of pace to find someone anchored in mainstream ie comics shop comics those distributed primarily through the direct market as a guest editor What kind of choices would this person make for the year's best? What about a Rick Remender? What about a John Byrne? What about a Mike Mignola? What about an Ed Brubaker? What about Scott Snyder? Or damn what about a Grant Morrison I was tempted to say Alan Moore but that would be a choice closer to that of Gaiman? Morrison would definitely be fun to see These are just some thoughts or speculationsalthough I don't assume we'll see this anytime soonStill this kind of speculation doesn't take away from the fact that this is a wonderful anthology one of the best the BAC series has produced so far Kudos to both Kartalopoulos and McCloud

  5. John Cooper John Cooper says:

    I have Scott McCloud's brilliant 1990s books Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics and thought he'd be a great editor for the 2014 best of collection but boy was I wrong What disappointed me about this book? Let me count First the absolute lack of surprise in the selections He starts with the established greats Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez Ben Katchor Charles Burns Adrian Tomine and R Crumb But I like everybody else have been reading these authors for decades and these selections in no way show anything new or different in their current work with the possible exception of R and Aline Crumb's X rated senior sex piece which I desperately wish I could un see I'm 52 I don't have that long to wait I'll wait Second of all the new artists I was exposed to in this book I can count only one that struck me as interesting enough different enough and well executed enough to make me seek out It's no exaggeration to say that I was over halfway through the book which I read from cover to cover before I found a piece I enjoyed And I wouldn't have picked up a book of current comics if I didn't enjoy comics Everything I dislike about comics was here in abundance the pathetic chronicles of depression the sad childhood memoir the pointless angst the wild ungrounded experimentation the clichéd situations and the weirdness for the sake of weirdness What I like about comics was mostly missing the shock of recognition the unexpected perspectives the fresh expressions of life affirming humanity and the just plain gorgeous art As I mentioned with at least one exception Jaime Hernandez's wonderful cover art just doesn't match what's inside in tone or in uality And McCloud's freuent annoying begging of the reader to bear with him read straight through and not skip over things didn't pay off Your mileage as they say may vary But be warned

  6. Matt Graupman Matt Graupman says:

    I've been collecting the Best American Comics books since the series began in 2006 By design the volumes are always uneven but enjoyable; the degree to which this is true always depends on that year's guest editor This 2014 collection is no differentScott McCloud undeniably a comics fan and astute critic has submitted a varied and intriguing set of stories and excerpts Being a fan of formalism and experimentation his selections tend to be a little on the wild side much like Chris Ware's 2007 volume which doesn't always line up with my tastes Overall it's a solid collection but not uite as outstanding as past volumesPS While I'm a fan of his older work and I acknowledge that he's a comics god I really don't like R Crumb's cluttered and self reverential new comics 10 Nerd Points for meFAVORITESRL Excerpt by Tom Hart His series of comics about the unexpected death of his 2 year old daughter Rosalie Lightning are so packed full of joy and sadnessMARCH Book One Excerpt by John Lewis Andrew Aydin Nate Powell Everything that Powell draws is perfectCanadian Royalty by Michael DeForge I usually find DeForge's comics to be too uirky but this piece is delightfully weirdHawaii 1997 by Sam Alden Alden is a uickly rising star in comics and this pencil rendered story is really remarkable

  7. Jeanne-Erin Jeanne-Erin says:

    Unfortunately nothing you do is going to make me like R Crumb And this gross sex scene I am not a prude even about geriatric sex made me need to hide this book from my six year old But Chris Ware Holy crap Has anything so completely shown the solitude of existence and motherhood and how you can truly never know what happens when your asleep? I guess? I don't know I was afraid of the end And Allie Brosch who helped me put words to my own depression what seems like so long ago And now I need to go find Michael DeForge And Tom Hart I have no words for Tom Hart I admit that about halfway through I started feeling a little Emperor's new clothes and tried to like it even if I didn't Experimental just isn't me Between that and the Crumb piece I just can't say I liked the book than a three though the parts I loved were a ten My son is trying to check it out again damn that fucking R Crumb

  8. Marisa Marisa says:

    This is a great collection– there are all kinds of different comics covered in this book which made it a refreshing read I enjoyed that it gave me some inspiration to check out some new artists As in all “Best” lists there were some that I loved some I hated Keep in mind when you’re reading that many are just exerts from a bigger novel Some of the standouts for me were“Drama” by Rana Telgemeier“Jane The Fox Me” by Fanny Britt Isabelle Arsenault“August 1977” by Nina Bunjevac“The Mermaid in the Hudson” by Mark Siegel“Saga Chapter 7” by Brian Vaughan Fiona StaplesPlease note I received a free copy of this through NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinionWho should read it? Any fan of comics or graphic novels but also newbies to the genre This would be a great introductionSee all my reviews and at wwwReadingToDistractioncom or Read2Distract

  9. Amy Amy says:

    McCloud couldn't have been a better editor I hope HMHThe Best American series brings him back again and again Each introduction is a gem and McCloud got me appreciating certain artists Chris Ware the burden of memories in a whole new way I especially appreciate his attempts at articulating webcomics which is terribly hard for me to maneuver; and I laughed out loud at his hyperbolic reference to seppuku in regards to understanding this particular art form At the beginning of the book McCloud warns readers to honor the planning of this book; I issue the same warning read the book in seuence The seuencing of the collection is a work of art itself

  10. Emma Clement Emma Clement says:

    This was an interesting collection of comics I'd read a few of them but a great majority of the comics featured were new to me Some were really great and I want to read than what was included in the excerpts in this collection But some I did not really like at all and I was surprised I was expecting after all these are the best American comics I figured I'd like or at least see the merit to almost all the comics But a good chunk of the comics I didn't like or really understand Maybe they do better when read in their whole? Not sure

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