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On a Clear Day [Reading] ➹ On a Clear Day Author Walter Dean Myers – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Young heroes decide that they are not too young or too powerless to change their world in this gripping futuristic young adult novel by the New York Times bestselling author of the Printz Award–winn Young heroes decide that they are not too young or too powerless to change their world in this gripping futuristic young adult novel by the New York Times bestselling author of the Printz Award–winning Monster  It is Teens armed only with their ideals must On a Epub / wage war on the power elite  Dahlia is a Low Gater a sheep in a storm struggling to survive completely on her own The Gaters live in closed safe communities protected from the Sturmers mercenary thugs And the C a consortium of giant companies control global access to finance media food water and energy resources—and they are only getting bigger and even cutthroat Dahlia a computer whiz joins forces with an ex rocker an ex con a chess prodigy an ex athlete and a soldier wannabe Their goal to sabotage the C But how will Sayeed warlord and terrorist fit into the euation.

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  1. Liz Liz says:

    Re rating this because after some thought the book didn't really have a cohesive storyline? Like they're trying to take down a big evil corporation thing and a terrorist but like things happen but it not really I felt lost most of the time and kept asking What just happened? I thought that this would be a great read to have some diversity included in it but they came off rather stereotypically Not good I've heard that this author's past works are WAY better so it's not like I'm never going to give his novels another shot But dang like publishers please care about cohesive storylines It's important

  2. Andrew Hicks Andrew Hicks says:

    DNF at 20% Walter Dean Myers's last completed YA novel before he passed away at age 76 Ambitious dystopian scope with too large ensemble of same ish rogue characters all with several pages of biographical details combined with next to no actual characterization Does it seem like I read the whole book? Well I didn't I read just to the point where I was interested to see if the story would ever got any better so I bailed to a review section that told me universally that it wouldn't Then I bailed to Myers's 1999 book Monster which was the first recipient of the Printz AwardWalter Dean Myers has over 100 published books This is not one of the better ones If you're looking for late period Myers two better options are 2013's Darius and Twig and 2010's National Book Award finalist Lockdown It was published two months after his death Whether it was fully completed or still a work in progress is debatable

  3. Raina Raina says:

    I REALLY wanted this to be goodBut I started reading with reluctance when I got to the following line on page 104 It was guy stuff but it sounded goodsrslyMyers was a lovely person and an amazing advocate for teens and reading I REALLY wanted to like this bookBut the main character is supposed to be a math whiz Her special role in the group is to create models to predict the behavior of world powers the connection between these two things is not explained just assumed And the uote above about guy stuff was in reference to strategizing against an enemy This does not make sense But maybe that's because I'm not a guy?deep breaths cut the snark RainaThe romance was half hearted I really wanted something to develop with Anja and that's not entirely bc of my own bias The logic of the world was flawedI got excited when he started off with biocremation but there was no followthrough on the sci fi coolness Most of the book feels much contemporary To the point where when the protagonist doesn't understand the concept of a landline near the end it was jarring and I fell out of the bookI loved the diverse cast but found many of the characters stereotypical And I think he missed an opportunity by having the whole thing narrated by just one of the people on the teamWaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhExtra star bc Myers Effort WeNeedDiverseBooks

  4. Andrew Andrew says:

    Absolutely nothing in this book made sense to me At allThe characters hardly know eachother as well as can't stand eachother yet throughout the book it's played off as if they've all known eachother for years? What? How does Dahlia magically know all these things about everyone when they've hardly spent any time together? So and so is very How does she know this? How are we supposed to know this? You would also think with the characters being randomly grabbed by their awful ringleader that they would all have different skills used in whatever case they're doing which I couldn't decipher at all at any point but no It's just What do you think this means guys? Come ONI also don't know WHAT they were doing the ENTIRE TIME Absolutely NOTHING was explained yet somehow characters kept saying everything is starting to make sense Is it really? No It's not All you get from the start is we're young people and we're gonna make a difference We're gonna shut this corporation down Somehow they have a meet up in Europe with biker Nazis but they never reappear again and I wonder what was the point of that? They go to gather information What information? What THING are you even looking into information FOR? There's no reason given no explanation no plot point Just getting information Then there's this stuff with Sayeed who's labelled a terrorist and they meet up with him too but you can't tell if he's supposed to be a good resource for them to band forces with or another bad guy to get information from Somehow a farm pill is involved somehow Sayeed wants or doesn't want? WE JUST DON'T KNOW something to do with it and the characters suddenly need to put a stop to him I don't have a clue what anyone in any of the three parties were supposed to do what their mission was Nothing Somehow it ends with Sayeed's hired army getting killed from what? from who? WHAT? and two characters get fixed up in a car Then they return to their normal lives Somehow they saved or destroyed a company that was or was going to be associated with C 8 I seriously don't have a clueAlso what was the thing with constantly not just as a description but THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE BOOK every person of color's race is mentioned eighteen hundred times? What is Dahlia's obsession with calling Mei Mei a porcelain doll? I couldn't stand it Not to mention Mei Mei is supposed to be a smart young woman and an important part of their team a master of chess yet she's treated by Dahlia like she's as dumb as a stump and the only thing interesting about her is how much she looks like a porcelain doll Ugh So in conclusion absolutely no character development and a SERIOUS lack of explanation on ANY kind of task in this book The only reason I finished was because it was short and I willed myself to power through Since this is the author's last book it wouldn't surprise me at all if this was actually nowhere near complete when published There are a couple other books of his I was interested in reading which appear to be a lot well liked However this just wasn't very good

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Received an ARC from coworker who attended ALA in Las VegasThe Goodreads synopsis states this story is set in 2035 I must have missed that little fact being shared within the story itself It was apparent that the story was set in the future but it was never clear to me how far into the future or even if it was post apocalyptic dystopic or just a prediction of what is to comeThe back of the ARC has a synopsis that was misleading “Ex rocker Michael gathers together an ex con a chess prodigy an ex athlete a do gooder a soldier wannabe and computer whiz Dahlia Enter Sayeed terrorist” Yes Michael gathered these folks together But Sayeed was not part of the group And the blub does contain an accurate description of the characters kind of Drego being an ex con was never really clear from the text; his being connected to gangs was clear but does that make him an ex con? Tristan was supposed to be the soldier wannabe I think I would hardly use “ex athlete” to describe Javier who the text stressed was an aspiring lawyer prior to the car accident that added the term “wheelchair user” to his lifeAside from the misleading blurb the characters were just blah So much could have been done with Dahlia and Mei Mei’s dislike for one another just as so much could have been done with Dahlia and Anja’s friendship The “love spark” between Michael and Dahlia was irrelevant extraneous and just muddied the already confusing plotSo the characters were never fully fleshed out the timing of the events in the book was completely unclear until I went to go write my Goodreads review and sadly I never understood what in the hell the damn characters were trying to accomplish Were they trying to overthrow the ruling corporations? Inform the public? Stop a conspiracy? Oh wait there is that whole terrorist thing mentioned on the blurb Sayeed was NOT a terrorist in the sense that our current society thinks of terrorists If he was meant to be he never got there I felt like he was a pussy cat trying to make himself at home among lionsI just wanted to cry as I read this book I told my husband that the only reason I was finishing it was because Walter Dean Myers had just died – and I just could not bring myself to believe that he had written something so bad My only hope is that this ARC unlike so many ARCs I read truly was advance and had many forthcoming edits to bring the pieces together Alas unless a ghost writer takes WDM’s pieces and forms them into something better this is going to be one big footnote in an otherwise amazing career My only consolation is that upon checking the author’s website I learned that he has one book coming out in 2015 I so hope that book lives up to his established reputation

  6. Sue Edwards Sue Edwards says:

    Dahlia has always loved math — the numbers and formulas are dependable and help her understand the world even as things fall apartThe year is 2035 The C 8 eight huge businesses control everything from food to health care Not only do they control who has access to what the profit margin for these companies determines what even comes into being On the surface that doesn’t mean much for the wealthy They live in their suburban gated communities were everyone looks like them white They shop they party and they plan What very few of them do is seeThose like Dahlia who aren’t wealthy have no choice but to see They have to keep their eyes open for the gangs roaming city streets They also have to watch out for opportunities that are actually traps The free tablets everyone was so happy to recieve? Once everyone was online and could access classes that way the government had no reason to keep the schools open There was simply no profit in itDahlia dreamed of becoming a teacher She would be able to help kids like herself see the beauty of math Now there’s no point No gater gated communities would pay her to teach their childrenThen two boys show up in a van From the van to their clothing it is obvious that they have money They may have money but they see They see what C 8 is doing around the world — controlling who makes it in government who has access to health care and who has food to eat They are going to take on C 8They tell Dahlia and that they need her help They’ve read the paper she published in a math journal They know she has the computer skills needed to help them predict what is going to happen next They are putting together a team of young people who believe that they can make a difference and they want Dahlia to be a part of it Before she can decide if she can make a different Dahlia has to find the nerve to leave behind all she knows and trust two boys she’s only must metThis is one of the those books that is almost impossible to do justice in a review It is rich and it is complicated It is gritty than lyrical but teen readers will love it because it is true Walter Dean Myers was clearly an author who could see the dangers of big business of the 10% and of the reliance that people place on the WebI wouldn’t call this book post apocolyptic but it is walks up close to the apocolypse and dares the reader to see how far they can see On a Clear Day–SueBE

  7. Miriam Miriam says:

    Myers' motley crew of teens takes on the capitalist corporations in this fast paced novel set in the not terribly distant future You can feel Myers' own anger at the ineualities destroying the fabric of civil society and his hope that young people can overcome inertia and despair to fight against the bill of goods we're being sold by people who mask their motives behind slick advertisements I applaud Meyers' sentiments and I appreciated his kick ass math whiz Dominican American heroine a lot I got a bit lost in some of the slang the characters use but that's probably my age and sheltered existence showing I found the story a bit rushed though I can understand that Myers didn't want to over complicate or make the book too thick both physically and structurally but I'd have liked back story on the teens in the group I'd like to have known how Michael found each member for example Still I'd hand this book to any number of teens and can imagine some great discussions emerging Pair it with FEED or with LITTLE BROTHER or SHIPBREAKER

  8. ⚡Rachel Riddikulus⚡ ⚡Rachel Riddikulus⚡ says:

    This story was not at all fluid It made little sense and was difficult to follow I borrowed it from the library because it came up as a recommended book for those who liked Ready Player One Well for the record it is nothing like Ready Player One and the protagonist does not come across as genuine and this is coming from an intelligent Hispanic female from the Bronx

  9. Joseph Lemieux Joseph Lemieux says:

    I thought I would have liked this a lot than I actually did with how good the description was all in all a disappointment but a uick read

  10. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) says:

    I've never been so confused with an audiobook I don't really know why eitherThere's not much of a plot going on – just a group of teenagers from random parts of the world I think banding together to take down a major company while figuring out how a terrorist fits in with it all If you want a shorter version it's a group of teenagers coming together to take down a monopolizer On a Clear Day is probably better to listen to than actually reading the book There are some parts that are read rapid fast but Rebecca Soler is an amazing narrator Like Amanda Dolan in Red ueen the story is narrated realistically and it was just far enjoyable to listen to I felt like I was listening to a recording of a conversation that might actually be very accurateThe narration might have been why I even completed the book Maybe the heat is getting to me not likely but I feel like I'm just chugging along and nodding without interpreting anything going on I don't feel like I know much about any of the group of teenagers aside from what they're well known for – chess prodigy mathcomputer whiz athlete musician etcI feel like I'm reading the middle of a stand alone series where I'm supposed to know all the major characters really well and Myers can just focus on developing the plot The points to the point disappeared somewhere The end feels like a pause that Myers will never get around to It's a happily ever after with loose ends and an unknown futureC 8 had backed off from acuiring another company For nowThis review was originally posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts

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