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A Mail Order Bride for Wyatt ❮Reading❯ ➽ A Mail Order Bride for Wyatt ➶ Author Carré White – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Hired for a cattle drive, Wyatt Carson is surprised when his boss, Mr Hardin, expects him to transport his mail order bride, Sofia Parker, from San Antonio, Texas to Abilene, Kansas Little does Wyatt Hired for a cattle drive, Wyatt Carson Order Bride ePUB ´ is surprised when his boss, Mr Hardin, expects him to transport his mail order bride, Sofia Parker, from San Antonio, Texas to Abilene, Kansas Little does Wyatt know that the real Sofia Parker has just passed away from blood poisoning Her roommate, Eugenia Madsen, has taken her place, determined to escape poverty by marrying a rich cattle baron While on the Chisholm Trail, Eugenia s drawn to the handsome trail boss, but Wyatt Carson, oldest of A Mail PDF or the Carson brothers, has no plans to settle down just yet or anytime soon, preferring his freedom Eugenia is a raven haired beauty with big, dark eyes Her fun and flirty manner begin to wear him down, especially after she dons a pair of men s denim pants and learns to ride and shoot Two months on the trail is a long time far too long to be spent with a woman like Eugenia and not touch her The flirtatious vixen tempts him like Mail Order Bride Kindle Õ no other, and his good intentions begin to evaporate As the cowboys pull into Abilene, Wyatt must let Eugenia go This could be the biggest challenge of his life.

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  1. Pam Pam says:

    Wyatt Carson has done many things since the war was over and that did include cattle rusting Now he is going straight and is leading a cattle drive to Topeka for his wealthy boss This drive will be different in that he is expected to bring Sofia Parker, his boss s mail order bride back with him Meanwhile, Sofia has died and her friend Eugenia Madsen decides to take her place on the cattle drive and as a mail order bride Her attraction to Wyatt and his to her make for a very tense and entertaining cattle drive Can Eugenia go through with her deception of Wyatt and can she really marry Mr Harper as his mail order bride

  2. Vickey Mcgee Vickey Mcgee says:

    Another Brother Bites The DustAs with the previous books in the series, I loved it It s very well written and love the characters These are very fast reads Can hardly wait for the next and will hate to see the series end.

  3. Cindy Rippentrop Cindy Rippentrop says:

    To love the unlovedBroken does not get a happy ending or so the two main characters silently believe Yet, gate has a bigger plan Enjoy this series of events that being these two together for an HAS.

  4. Melody Cox Melody Cox says:

    A real disappointment I was quite disappointed with this book I really liked it until they were getting closer to the second town on the cattle drive view spoiler Wyatt was in love with Eugenia but thought he wasn t good enough She was on the cattle drive with him as a cook and he left her there alone one evening to go into town with the guys to drink and procure a prostitute for the night It made me ill when the author told of his sexual encounter with the red headed prostitute and how he groaned out Eugenia s name with his release He was not happy that he was seeing Eugenia s face when he looked at his soiled dove And then there is Eugenia stuck out at the camp site waiting for the man she loved to returnhaving no idea what the men went into town for She was so naive and innocent From that point on I was done Yes, I completed the book but very angrily and unhappily hide spoiler

  5. Cheri Cheri says:

    If you ve read the other two books in the series, you know ma has taken getting her boys hitched and giving her some grandkids on herself Writing the letters to Mail Order Brides, they arrived to marry only to find out the groom is involved with a married woman and has no interest in changing the situation Well, big brother Wyatt didn t need mom to meet his woman, not that he was looking for one.You ll enjoy the story, the interaction and the ending I did.

  6. June June says:

    Eugenia Madsen sees a way out of her miserable life when her roommate Sofia does the night before she is to travel to meet her intended husband Eugenia pretends to be Sofia when Wyatt Carson shows up to escort her to Abilene, Kansas.Soon Eugenia feels the need to be honest with Wyatt because she s started having feelings for him He tries to ignore her as much as possible because he s not the settling kind.

  7. Stephanie (Between the Coverz) Stephanie (Between the Coverz) says:

    A very simple quick light read It is written well and keeps you entertained from start to finish The story has some humor, passion and lovable characters A good book for those that like clean reading romance without heavy, descriptive sex scenes there are sex scenes but they are not overly erotic Overall I felt that this book was not of the same caliber as the first two in the series If I had read this book first, I probably would not have continued with the series.

  8. Mary Lisenby Mary Lisenby says:

    It was fantasticIt was fantastic this is the third book of the Carson s I am fixing to read the last book of the mail order bride for the Carson s Series Hope it turns out to be fantastic too So here goes let s start to read.

  9. kathy howell kathy howell says:

    Good read.I found that I could figure out what was happening nextnot enough mystery between Wyatt and Eugenia although I will admit she was very clever to assume her best friend s identity when she suddenly died.

  10. Donna Donna says:

    Good book.

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