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Joy to the World [Reading] ➼ Joy to the World By Scott Hahn – What could be familiar than the Christmas story and yet what could be extraordinary The cast of characters is strange and exotic shepherds and magicians an emperor and a despot angels and a baby who i What could be familiar than the Christmas story and yet what could be extraordinary The cast of characters is strange and exotic shepherds Joy to ePUB í and magicians an emperor and a despot angels and a baby who is Almighty God The strangeness calls for an explanation and this book provides it by examining the characters and the story in light of the biblical and historical context Bestselling author Scott Hahn who has written extensively on Scripture and the early Church brings evidence to light dispelling some of the mystery of the story Yet Christmas is made familiar all over again by showing it to be a family story Christmas as it appears in the New Testament is the story of a father a mother and a child their relationships their interactions their principles their individual lives and their common life To see the life of this earthly trinity is to gaze into heaven.

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  1. Jeff Miller Jeff Miller says:

    For the last two years my habit has been to re read Pope Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth The Infancy Narratives Just perfect reading leading up to Christmas to review all the scriptures related to the story of Christmas After reading a book review by William Newton I have found another book to add to that annual reading Scott Hahn’s recent book Joy to the World How Christ’s Coming Changed Everything and Still DoesIn some ways they are companion books especially as Joy to the World references Pope Benedict XVI book throughout The underlying chronology is of course similar as you would expect when the primary sources are a limited number of passages in the Gospels of St Matthew and St Luke Reading them together back to back they reinforced certain themes while also have different emphasis If you line up 15 scripture scholars together you are likely to get 15 different opinions regarding reconciling some texts and that is also the case here to a small degreeIn Joy to the World I especially enjoyed one chapter on the angels and his saying “ Christmas appears in the Gospels as an explosion of angelic activity” I found this phrasing rather striking and such an apt descriptor He then canvases the Old and New Testaments to all the appearances of angels While angels are certainly not lacking in the Old Testament the arrival of Jesus really does bring in an explosion of angels We also learn from Jesus that angels are really good at multitasking The Guardian Angels can both guard us and worship the face of the father“See that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven Mt 1810Don’t blame Scott Hahn for the multitasking observation since it is my own Really Scott Hahn kept his punning to a minimum in this book Still I was laughing over his observation comparing the styles of St Matthew and St Luke in a chapter regarding the Magi There is much in Mr Hahn’s writing style I appreciate as his love of scripture is always infectious I also enjoy his phrasing of things“We live in a world of marvels but we are schooled to put these aside if they do not fit the broadest generalities in categories confirmed by the scientific method and approved by a magisterium of skeptics”Another point he brought out that struck me and stuck with me“Though the Gospel is certainly rich in allegorical meaning it is first of all history If there is allegory in the infancy narratives it is fashioned by God and not simply with words but rather with creation itself—with the very deeds of sacred history God writes the world the way human authors write words”This observation really applies to all of scripture There is just so much parallelism and echoes in scripture Mark Twain said “History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme Reading salvation history there is than rhyming involved and an agency involved with God as poet All the crooked lines of human history being straightened with repeating refrains Scott Hahn goes into some of these parallels as they relate to the infancy narratives such as the parallels between the New Testament Joseph and the Old Testament Joseph While he doesn’t reference the parallelism of Mary as the new Ark of the Covenant in this book he has covered it elsewhere Those scripture parallels give me virtual goosebumps as God’s plan is revealed in a series of parallels passages between the Old and the New Testament regarding Mary

  2. Manny Manny says:

    Scott Hahn’s Joy to the World is a surprisingly subtle book on a subject you would think we all know everything about Christmas Hahn takes us through all the elements of Christmas the Christ child Mary and the Annunciation St Joseph King Herod angels shepherds Bethlahem the Magi and so on But in almost every chapter there is some enlightening new information or perspective that I never knew or never thought about The book is truly rich But Hahn always emphasizes the most salient fact of Christmas Christ’s birth is monumental It is the incarnational entrance of God into world the one and only time in human history And with Christ’s entrance the world is renewed The fall from Eden will be reversed That is the reason for our joy which is reflected in the book’s title That is why we celebrate Christmas All the chapters lead to Hahn’s central theological uestion Why did God enter the world and enter it as a babe no less? God became man to 1 to save us as part of mankind therefore redeeming mankind because it was mankind that lost salvation 2 to show us that God is love 3 to reveal that God is a family of persons bound in love of which we are supposed to emulate 4 to draw us close to Him since He took on physical presence and 5 to show us that God can humble Himself to come as a babe that reuires love and careAnd finally Hahn concludes with a return to his central thesis of joy as what makes Christmas is so very special to us and to the world So we should spread this joy despite the commercialism twist that Christmas has taken the last hundred years Hahn is not afraid of the commercialism In its own way it’s “an acknowledgment of Christmas joy It’s the market’s awkward attempt to join the party and capitalize on joy” p 166 And why is Christmas joy so important?Because the world offers countless pleasures but no lasting joys What Jesus Christ gives is joy even in the midst of hardship and sorrow—even amid persecution flight and exile p 165It is amazing how people can be secular all year long but celebrate Christmas In Christmas those people come the closest to tangibly experiencing Christian jubilance but it still falls short of full mystical joy This is our calling as Christians to bring people to this joy

  3. Ann Warren Ann Warren says:

    What a beautiful book to start the year with Scott Hahn explains the origins and details of the Christmas story in a thorough and interesting read that kept the joy of Christmas alive for me halfway through January My word for 2019 was joy and this book just encapsulated it so well Highly recommend ❤️

  4. Nicola Mansfield Nicola Mansfield says:

    Scott Hahn is always a good read I'm in the habit of reading his new book from Image every year and while this was published a few months ago it just begged to be read at Christmas This is the Christmas Story explained all the symbolism the people events and the accepted theories As usual I find Mr Hahn's books are best read slowly because they contain such profound enlightenment This is an easy read much easier than his last few books and could honestly be read in one sitting if one had the day but I chose to take my time What I found most amazing was reading this book the two weeks prior to Christmas and while doing so attending some daily Masses and coming across events in the Scriptures that I had read about here Talk about light bulb moments The day we hear Joseph's reply when he is told Mary is expecting we think back upon the three accepted possible reasons a righteous Joseph may have answered the way he did The day we hear the Scripture for the Star of Bethlehem we think back to what Mr Hahn told us of the theory presented by Saint John Chrysostom and accepted by Pope Saint Gregory the Great that the star was actually an angel Not only that but the author explains why the Christmas story is written the way it is or isn't in each Gospel why the New Testament starts with that 'boring' long list of heredity and oh so much I'm giving this book 4 stars because comparing it against Hahn's previous books it's somewhat simplistic and not uite as absorbing as he does repeat some information he has spoken of before However this book is most certainly exceptional in its field

  5. Ann-Marie Ann-Marie says:

    Christmas is about joy Love is joy God is love Those are the lessons of Joy to the World How Christ's Coming Changed Everything Lessons which mean so much no matter what time of year it is This book was easy to read and made for a thought provoking personal Advent lessonI have one major issue with this book that keeps me from rating it any higher In defending any concept or belief of Catholic Christians for which there is no scriptural evidence Hahn just dismissed doubts because well Church doctrine says so or tradition has it That is not proof That is not evidence That is not what it means to be a Christian I don't believe because tradition or doctrine tells me to I believe because of my own life experiences and because of of faith which cannot be explained Now to get to the good parts Hahn examines several important themes relative to the Nativity the birth place the witnesses shepherds the Holy Family The Angels the visitors The Wise Men The Blessed Mother herself King Herod The flight into Egypt and the events in the Christ's life that relate directly back to the Christmas story These are aspects of Christmas we all know so well we take them for granted and this book does a wonderful job of putting it all in context again We all need to examine why we believe in Christmas Thanks and love to my sister and brother in law for the gift of this book Peace on earth Goodwill to men That truly is my prayer for all of us Amen Amen Alleluia

  6. Celia Celia says:

    Scott Hahn has written the perfect book to enhance the reader's perception of ChristmasHe deals in depth with Bethlehem angels shepherds Mary Joseph and the Magi There are 14 chapters in all My favorite was Chapter 9 Do You Believe in Magi? The Magi were from Persia The Jews ironically abhorred the Persians From the bookThough the Magi were near neighbors to the Jews in geographic terms religiously they were light years away In many ways they personified the world of the Gentiles—they were foreigners and idolaters who were ignorant and contemptuous of Israel’s ways and Israel’s GodAnd yet they showed an interest in finding and understanding the Messiah who was to be bornI loved all that I learned from this book and strongly recommend it5 Christmas Stars

  7. Megan Megan says:

    This book was beautiful informative touching and incredibly interesting Written in a simple conversational manner Scott Hahn answers uestions I didn't know how to ask explains stories and symbolism in a way I would never have thought but it all becomes so incredibly clear and obvious once you know it I loved how this book gave me a better understanding of St Joseph and his actions and who the Maji were and why this matters Why the shepherds were the first to come and worship How humanity's relationship with angels changed when Christ was born How the Holy Family is in a way an image of the Holy Trinity The parallels between the Old and New Testaments The differences in the intentions of the Gospel writers Why Jesus lineage is such an important detail for the Gospels to includeI cried reading this it's so absolutely humbling It renews one's understanding of Christ and all that He did Does To be faced with a Love so infinitely vast what other reaction is there but tears?I read this over three days and finished it before I intended I picked it up initially because I had little else to do in the moment and I had meant to read it the past two Christmas seasons With Lent coming up it was a now or never decision to start reading If I had KNOWN it was such a fast read I would have picked it up sooner That being said this is a book I will definitely read again 1010 would recommend

  8. Barb Barb says:

    Not Scott Hahn's best book of this type but how can one complain about a book that celebrates the Incarnation of Christ and its enormous importance to believers and the world? Hahn has a very easy writing style and I'm always pleased with his books In this book he gives the Old Testament background to each element of the Christmas story Mary Joseph Angels Shepherds Magiwhich was great I was particularly pleased that he broached the topic of the Protoevangelium of St James a 2nd century apocryphal text that gives many details of Mary's life It has always filled in the gaps on Mary's story but everyone is afraid to mention it because it isn't canonical He does this deftly Also loved the explanation of the Magi as not only representative of the Gentiles but actually representative of the Babylonians andor Persians some pretty big villains to the Hebrews Loved the Flight Into Egypt seen as a furthering of this mission to the Gentiles also Finally got a reference to another book I want to read Ratzinger's Blessings of Christmas Maybe I'll wait though Ash Wednesday is only a week and a half away

  9. Sophia Sophia says:

    “Joy is the best argument for Catholicism People find it irresistable and irrefutable And we have it built into our great feasts” This is a wonderful book for Christmastime— so readable full of uick and comprehensible insights I actually really loved the structure of the book as well as all of the ScriptureBiblical history stuff My favorite chapter was ‘Shepherds why this Jubilee?’ I was totally surprised and excited to learn all the connections between Old Testament and New when talking about shepherds This was the best “flocks of sheep provide the dominant metaphors for Israel’s self understanding When the people sin they go ‘astray’ Psalm 11967” How cool is it that our Lord infused the very language of his Word with hidden awesome connections to Christ? And how cool is it that we can continually learn and about Him through Scripture?Even though Christmas was last week the season of celebrating Christmas has just begun Definitely grab this book for some light reading in the next month and the season will come alive in your prayer and at Mass

  10. Irene Irene says:

    This is my second book by this prolific Catholic author and I have decided that Scott Hahn is not for me In each of the chapters of this book Hahn looks at the various figures of the Christmas story the angels Herod Mary Joseph Bethlehem etc He does not merely explain each element ie the Messianic expectation of the Hebrew Scriptures or the historical facts of Herod but he goes on to defend the veracity of the way each element is portrayed in the Scriptural story and defends the most devotional attitudes toward each figure For example Hahn finds evidence to justify an ancient belief that Mary had vowed perpetual virginity prior to the Annunciation or that the historical record of a Roman census in 6 AD could not have been the same as that in Luke because Jesus had to be born in the year 0 I personally do not find such arguments edifying or inspiring But I know that this type of book is valuable to many Scott Hahn is a very popular Catholic author I read this book because it was the pick for one of my book groups After reading it I won’t be participating in the discussion I know that my thoughts on the book will not be shared by the others and I don’t want to diminish their enjoyment of it by my inability to appreciate it

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