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Underworld's Daughter The Chrysomelia Stories #2 ➦ [Ebook] ➡ Underworld's Daughter The Chrysomelia Stories #2 By Molly Ringle ➱ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk BOOK 2 of the series that starts with PERSEPHONE'S ORCHARDNew immortals are being created for the first time in thousands of years thanks to the tree of immortality discovered by Persephone and Hades BOOK of the series that starts The Chrysomelia MOBI ☆ with PERSEPHONE'S ORCHARDNew immortals are being created for the first time in thousands of years thanks to the Underworld's Daughter PDF \ tree of immortality discovered by Persephone and Hades But Sophie Darrow is not one of them Nikolaos the trickster has given the last ripe immortality fruit Daughter The Chrysomelia PDF ✓ to two others the reincarnations of the gods Dionysos and Hekate Tabitha and Zoe currently Sophie's and Adrian's best friendsWhile the disappointed Sophie struggles to remember Hekate and Dionysos from ancient Greece she must still face her daily life as a mortal university freshman Tabitha and Zoe have their own struggles as they come to terms with being newly immortal and their own haunting dreams of past lives and loves The evil committed by Thanatos invades all of them in heartbreaking memories and worse still Sophie and her friends know their enemies are determined to kill again And even the gods can't save everyone.

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  1. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Underworld’s Daughter is the second book in the Chrysomelia series If you haven’t read the first one the series is about the reincarnated Greek gods and goddesses primarily Persephone and Hades If you haven’t read the first one uit reading this review and read that instead This book is amazingly fun and thought provoking and has a little something for everyone If you are into mythology this is the book for you If you normally AREN’T into mythology this is still the book for you I find it hard to pigeon hole it into one genre It’s filled with mythology suspense love angst and hilarity I’m a picky reader and normally I can go for years without every actually loving a new book I might enjoy them but something is always missing yes I’m a huge book snob When I hear someone rave about an upcoming book I’m usually skeptical I can’t help it It’s very rare for a book to grab my attention and make me want to devour it in one sitting When I find those books I treasure them This is one of them Molly Ringle is amazingly talented She manages to intricately weave multiple stories and worlds by focusing on the past and present lives of her characters It’s brilliantly told and elegantly crafted The only downside is that the next few books I read are going to suffer poorly in comparison

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    I finished this book feeling nothing but soul crushing sorrow Which is a good thing A brilliant thing actually because it means that Molly Ringle accomplished her job in getting me emotionally invested in the story and the characters enough to feel their painBut let me not get ahead of myselfUnderworld's Daughter is the seuel to Persephone's Orchard which if you read my review you know I loved And I loved this one as well but in a different way As the author herself says in the afterword of the novel while Persephone's Orchard it will henceforth be referenced as PO can be considered a retelling Underworld's Daughter veers pretty directly into the Greek mythology fan fiction realm Which I was totally okay with because I thought Molly Ringle handled it masterfully Because she so vividly fleshed out the world of the Greek immortals in the first novel Ringle went into this one with freedom to expand on her world and characters in a way that allowed her to break free of the myths and instead use them for her own purposes This may bother some die hard Greek mythology fans but I for one welcome ingenuity into the genre If I wanted to read about completely accurate Greek myths I'd pick up Edith Hamilton's Mythology not a paranormal romance novelThe one change that did take some getting used to was the shifted focus of the narrative Whereas PO focused almost solely on Sophie and Adrian and their past selves Hades and Persephone in Underworld's Daughter they took a backseat to Dionysus and Hekate something that I wasn't so happy about when I realized they were going to be the predominant focus What enchanted me most about PO was that I was watching two lives unfold at the same time and was totally invested in both with eual fervor and desire to see them snog each other senseless Sophie and Adrian's story and relationship was just as capturing as Hades and Persephone's wasHowever this was not the case with TabithaZoe and DionysusHekate I was thoroughly intrigued with Hekate and Dionysus and I did very much enjoy their story and the bit of debauchery our boy Dio brought to the table But Tabitha and Zoe's sort of but not really romance wasn't something I was particularly worried over Mostly because of Tabitha being a bit of a jerk in the situation and I think Zoe deserved better than her If Tab cleaned up her act and figured out what and who she wants instead of straddling the fence I could totally get behind their relationshipI did miss the focus on Sophie and Adrian but I also truly commend the author for her ability to create a story that benefits from several different perspectives and expanding the world through the eyes of people than just our protagonists Creating such distinct voices is an amazing feat especially when the same person is technically speaking from two different lifetimes for example I can always tell the difference between Hades and Adrian speaking While I do hope that the focus does go back to Sophie and Adrian next book now that their Hades and Persephone story has fully been revealed I do enjoy the looks into other character's heads Actually I'd love to know what's going on in Niko's mind Niko is the modern day incarnation of Hermes and one of my favorite characters the sly devilThis is series is uickly gaining traction as one of my favorites I'll reserve myself from proclaiming it's definitely my favorite until the series is completed and I can enjoy it as a whole but if the next book continues to impress me like this I'm sure it will be I did love Persephone's Orchard just slightly so while I gave PO 5 stars I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 stars I loved Underworld's Daughter and am so excited to continue this amazing series

  3. Ray Warner Ray Warner says:

    Oh the middle act of a trilogyif done right is often the best see 'The Empire Strikes Back' It's also often times the most emotionally wrenching Without giving away too much I'd say that Underworld's Daughter delivers in all aspects It remains to be seen if it will stand as the best of the trilogy but it definitely improves on the already stellar Persephone's Orchard No comments lest I let spoilers sliplet's just say that this is a definite recommend

  4. Nina Nina says:

    I received an e copy of this from Michelle Halket of Central Avenue Publishing in exchange for an honest review This however did not influence my opinion of the book or of the author in any way I waited one year for this And man was it ever worth it Don't continue reading this review if you haven't read Persephone's Orchard Spoilers might be present for that oneUnderworld's Daughter surely did surpassed Persephone's Orchard for me so don't argue Both are lengthy but I guess that's already a given All the aspects I loved in Persephone's Orchard were the same things I loved in this seuel The plot The mystery The drama The magic The mythology The characters The romance or the lack thereof in this one So what made this one even special? I'll go with the story itselfUnderworld's Daughter focused the underworld's daughter of course That's obvious Anyway it also presented the slow by slow unveiling of the Greek Gods' memories and how whatever they have done thousand years ago still affect their lives in the present they were born in It was both fun and painful to know what have happened to Sophie and others before A lot happened Both during their past and their present Literally A Lot Things were now understood as to why they were happening to them Especially with Thanatos' existence Can I just say that Thanatos is uite uhm scary? And violent I can't forget thatMore lost souls were present here and their presence stirred up a bit of turmoil Zoe and Tab were fabulous in learning their past lives Things happened as they usually do because hey Thanatos is always after the Greek Gods I don't honestly understand Thanatos' issue Especially with that traitors thing I think they really have a different outlook on the Greek Gods They do believe in the 'Gods' sense of them And hey Molly that one surprise at the end was such a surprise I wonder how Adrian and the others will handle that lost soul in the next installmentAdrian and Sophie were having trouble in paradise I didn't mind that a bit As much as I want to swoon over them I had my fair share already with Persephone's Orchard I guess it's time to let the others shine The problems were mostly Sophie's And I just get her If I were her I'd probably think about how if I didn't eat that fruit and all Maybe things were a little different for her and for the people around herOf all the minor characters I've met since PO Niko or should I say Hermes is the most endearing for me I told you not to continue this if you haven't read Persephone's Orchard See? Spoiler for you already Anyway Niko reminds me of Puck from The Iron Fey series I guess it's because of the charm So yes I love Niko His character can be very sarcastic at times but at least he was being truthful The story alternates between the past and the characters' recollection of their memories I loved that part of the novel because it somehow shows how the present was uite the repeat of the past Just thinking about it makes me sad as the way the things ended in the past and even in the presentWhen the end was fast approaching I wasn't surprised as to how it happened I guess at the back of my mind I know something like that was going to happen but that doesn't still make it any less sad Underworld's Daughter is truly an entertaining and amazing seuel that will leave you wanting for I swear I'd give anything just to read the next one Prepare to be mesmerized by the Greek Gods and their memories and by the absolutely thorough writing of MollyPS You're right Michelle It totally gave a soap opera vibes I honestly think the plot of this series will be a good one for a TV show Originally posted at The Bookish Confections

  5. Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    Thank goodness he said I wasn't uite ready to face that risk yetI love Persephone's Orchard so much I couldn't pass up the opportunity to read Underworld's Daughter Though a great read it's not as good to me as the first in the seriesThe GoodOne of the greatest things about this series is the jump back to Ancient Greece in the time of the GodsGoddesses Ringle's spin on their past and lives is enthralling and thought provoking Don't go into this story thinking it's a history lesson on the old myths While a lot of it is based on what we've come to know of Greek Gods there are certainly a lot of things that Ringle changed up to make the story fit together for her world in a way that makes me seek to absorb all the bits and pieces of the informationWhile I adored getting to know Sophie and Adrian in Persephone's Orchard this one is largely focused on Tabitha and Zoe Their alter egos are fascinating and unusual Oftentimes I yearned for the switch back to their alternate lives These character additions definitely add so much to the story They have a large part to play in Sophie and Adrian's lives so it was fantastic to get to know about themThe action is well written You get the sense that these characters truly feel the danger they are in While a little ironic that the 'big bad' is an old lady she is truly a terrifying foe for this group since she is a part of the larger evil organization Thanatos It would be intimidating to go up against what they are faced Also there are a great number of twists which make Underworld's Daughter so engagingThe BadThe problem with this series where it stands now is that the Greek Gods overshadow the 'normal' characters by uite a lot Their stories are intricately thought out and provided in a great way that doesn't hurt the narration of the book However the main characters are not nearly as well rounded and often a few of them seem to do things that are out of characterI feel like I'm really going to like Zoe and Tabitha later on but they are both obsessed with what they know isn't going to work It's the whole this guy loves this girl and she loves this other guy but he loves another girl who will never love anyone It's a huge mess and I'm a fan of people in life and books learning from past mistakes I hope they become a little less shallow in later books and make better decisions This thread needs to be interrupted because currently they are miserableThe RomanceIt's a suare A legitimate suare as mentioned above The one relationship that I love and isn't a part of the suare thankfully is Persephone and Hades These two have an alluring and compelling relationship There are some steamy moments for sure because they can't keep their hands off each otherSophie and Adrian can't seem to get things together even though there are amazingly sweet moments their relationship is a bit awkward They were so great in the first book so I'm very hopeful that things will look up for them in the futureConclusionRingle is a fantastic writer She can weave the story together in a way that takes these fantastic ideas and have them make sense The story is beautiful impressive and engaging While the main 'normal' characters aren't as well rounded as the outstanding Greek counterparts I still can't wait to soak up each chapter Recommended

  6. Vicki Trask Vicki Trask says:

    When you read a series that is so heavily drenched in one historic or mythological element you can end up with one of two stories you either feel like you’re reading a textbook or the plot has nothing to do with the culture I am always pleasantly surprised by Molly Ringle’s writing This particular series is centred around Greek Mythology and the immortals who dotted their stories; and it’s never a dull moment The story jumps back and forth between present day and ancient times and they always link back together in some unexpected waysIn addition to awakening Sophie our protagonist we’re introduced to new gods who only add to the drama and excitement More than that we get to interact with the characters we’ve come to know and love in sexier and darker ways I am particularly fond of Hekate and her transformation from rambunctious child to powerful witch Although I haven’t teared up so much as I have reading her story It is an emotional journey to be reckoned withNot to say I wasn’t torn apart by other characters Persephone and Hades’ story always brings me such joy It’s alarmingly passionate and loving to the point of madness Oh when they wentugh I can’t even talk about it Don’t worry you’ll kind of see it coming and it’ll still break your heartI ship Niko and Zoe so much it’s not even fair I won’t say anything but let’s just say I was a puddle after one of his scenesThe whole story is compelling because so much of it is a love story that has elements of fate and drama And the rest of it is a thriller about a terrorist organization who resorts to extreme violence and death defying measures to get their message across I promise you won’t want to put the book downIt helps that it’s paired with some colourful and dynamic words strung together in just a beautiful story The author’s words bring this world to life with specific imagery and word choice; a very well crafted taleI think my Random Notes While Reading speak for themselvesSecrets seem to be the trademark of these immortalsHow are you surprised by Niko’s actions?I know how you could make it up to herSurprise“Olfactory inspector” I love thatOh Cool Just casually throw that out there“The cold rope of dread” I line I’m still thinking about It’s that powerfulHe’sconsciousright? I don’t know what the protocol is hereI would absolutely use my immortal powers like thatI love the concept of sexuality in this worldDudeAt least she cleaned up after herselfOh gods I can’t stop gigglingThat is actually incredibly sweetPersephone seems so much older in this book FascinatingHuh Also very clever Well researched I do appreciate that Aphrodite is always unapologetically herselfSo it’s exactly like your favourite character dying – they come backAw That’s hot Oh boy my heart was not ready for thatCome one Tabitha you let me down WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT No No NoSophie and her family’s story is incredibly engaging; so much so that I am running out of adverbs to describe how satisfied I am with the direction this tale is going I look forward to reading the next chapter in the lives of these gods and I highly recommend that you read the first book Persephone’s Orchard

  7. Lee (Rally the Readers) Lee (Rally the Readers) says:

    Also posted on Rally the Readers An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review35 StarsMy icy heart is not easily moved by swoony romances but that’s exactly the effect Persephone’s Orchard had on me I ended up loving the rekindled romance between Adrian and Sophie the modern day reincarnations of Hades and Persephone While there’s no shortage of sweet moments between the king and ueen of the Underworld in Underworld’s Daughter Sophie and Adrian’s relationship in the present hits a bit of a bump She sometimes longs to just be Sophie Darrow average college student without all of the baggage that accompanies being a Greek deity Although this was a perfectly reasonable story development the part of me that fell for Persephone’s Orchard because of the AdrianSophie pairing couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed Underworld’s Daughter expands its roster of characters with the series shifting some of its focus to Tabitha and Zoe friends of Sophie and Adrian’s who also featured prominently in the lives of Persephone and Hades It’s not that Sophie and Adrian are totally forgotten but you can expect to spend uite a bit of time getting acuainted with Tabitha Zoe and their previous incarnations The flashbacks to their days in ancient Greece were absorbing to read about; their lives in the present—not as much I would have liked Tabitha to have had a little to her character than partying and chasing fame even if those things were in total keeping with the lifestyle she led in the past As for Zoe I thought she let herself get too bogged down in her memories of who Tabitha used to be and how close they once wereAnd I think that was my main issue with Underworld’s Daughter I couldn’t get as invested in the present day lives of the characters as easily as I did their previous ones There’s clearly a lot of love for Greek mythology here and that love really shines through whenever the story returns to the past Kudos also go to the storytelling techniue that’s employed in the series; the narrative switches back and forth between ancient and contemporary times without ever causing confusion about where—or when—you are I do wish that the contemporary plotlines had moved closer to the pace that the flashback scenes did and that my favorite character HermesNiko had made a few appearances Ultimately Underworld’s Daughter was a satisfying seuel though I did miss and I sort of can’t believe I’m about to say this because it’s rather uncharacteristic for me the sweeping romance of Persephone’s Orchard

  8. Fred Fred says:

    This is the second volume in Molly’s Chrysomelia series and it’s not a stand alone but rather a welcome continuation of the story that began in Persephone’s Orchard the first book in the series It begins like the first book in media res only this time the “res” is one of sweet intimacy and tenderness the culmination of the tentative and touching relationship between Persephone and Hades the originals And the narrative again moves between the remembered past of Hades Persephone and their peers and the story of Adrian and Sophie the contemporary counterparts of their ancient incarnations Things aren’t easy for Adrian and Sophie relationship status complicated this time around The story starts with Sophie feeling “betrayed or at least left out” when inveterate trickster Niko bestows the gift of immortality on two others by stealing and sharing with them the underworld orange Adrian meant for Sophie And Thanatos the deadly antagonist whose violence ended the first book has stepped up its game in ways that rock the characters' stability and emotions The addition of characters and points of view make this a deeper and rewarding reading experience than Persephone’s Orchard in some ways The character of Hekate she’s the titular Underworld’s Daughter btw both in the past and in the now is richly imagined and endearing full of mystery grace intelligence and emotion She’s just a really cool person and an awesome addition to the cast Dionysos and his contemporary counterpart is a fun and kind of frustrating character full of fun and frivolity but also fractured and flawed in ways that make himher real and relatable“The past is never dead it’s not even past” said Faulkner and that would be a fitting epigraph for this series in which the events of the past echo and resonate in the now Molly’s artfulness in setting patterns of relationships and events in ways that illuminate each other create foreshadowing and dramatic tension is an especially enjoyable element of the book cf Demeter confronting the newlyweds in the Underworld with Sophie’s dad discovering Adrian in her room over Thanksgiving break just for one delicious exampleSo just to be clear I loved this book But be forewarned it is the second volume in a three book series “Frodo was alive but taken by the enemy” remember? and as such there are unresolved story lines and emotions at the end I can’t say I was disappointed exactly but man it is going to be a long wait till next JuneMy full review including some cool pictures and a lot of extraneous musing about Robert Herrick is available over at my blog Still seeking allies at

  9. Abbie Williams Abbie Williams says:

    Underworld's Daughter is dark sexy steamy and thrilling I absolutely loved it but be sure to read the first book in the series Persephone's Orchard in order to fully appreciate its seuel This book picks up where the first left off immediately pulling the reader into the action I would argue that its first line is one of the BEST I've ever read Molly Ringle writes with such an engaging voice describing the intriguing worlds she creates with vivid detail Again one of my favorite things about reading this series has been the reimagining of the Greek gods I love seeing them through this novel Hades and Persephone remain at the center of the story and I have to admit they are my favorite couple in the novel and their relationship is so incredible and so HOT which I loved although secondary characters become prominent in fascinating ways in this book The story takes you through such a gamut of emotions I read the first one as uickly as I could because I could NOT put it down and it was the same this time around too I am so into the characters because Molly is an incredibly gifted and clever writer that at times I was literally biting the thumbnail of my free hand the one not clutching the book in fantastic tension at times laughing out loud at times getting teary eyed and then as the end of the book approached I was on pins and needles at the last page I said No because I already longed to continue reading I also love the ways in which the story has deepened in this second book encompassing characters in both time lines The fearsome Thanatos read antagonist becomes even devastating to our characters' lives this time around The story moves between past and present with Adrian and Sophie as the modern day counterparts for Hades and Persephone and brings into play characters Thanks magic orange Molly weaves together the past and present so cleverly pay close attention as you read because there is delicate clever foreshadowing throughout All in all a fantastic riveting action packed heated read

  10. Carla D. Carla D. says:

    Crítica em português no blog Pepita MágicaI received a digital arc from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book suffered from my sudden lack of reading time Although I couldn’t stop thinking about it even when I wasn’t reading it We can say Persephone's Orchard is a retelling of Persephone’s kidnap – which I loved the way the author choose the little details from the mythology and built a romantic genuine and sensible narrative However that’s not what happens in Underworld's Daughter the second instalment of The Chrysomelia Stories series since little mythology gets in it but Molly Ringle managed to create a captivating interesting and full of magic type of story; we are glued to her words I have a special relationship with Dionysos and who knows me knows why and I thought it was really fascinating the way the author linked Adonis to Dionysos but I didn’t like Tabitha – Dionysos’ soul in the present She grew up at the end and it seemed she’s going to become a good immortal but in general she was a disappointment and it saddened me In contrast I loved Zoe aka Hekate – it confused me the way this character goes so different from the mythology though; and still does to be honest I just hope to see the three faced Hekate in the future but I don’t know Doubtlessly Hekate is my favourite character from this book; I just loved all the moments dedicated to her And between us no one is listening HekateHerme before HekateDionysos – and this is not even the real love triangle Even if what remains from the mythology is basically the names and a few small references I loved this book It’s well written – as the first one; it’s a captivating interesting and gripping story Because what matter above all it’s how the story is told and developed and it’s not the fact if is close or not from where the idea was born

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