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Den som blinker er bange for døden ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Den som blinker er bange for døden By Knud Romer ✩ – Den som blinker er bange for døden fortæller den selvbiografiske historie om et enebarn som ikke bliver født ind i verden men ud af den og som vokser op med sin skizofrene tyske mor og tvangsneurot Den som blinker er bange for døden blinker er MOBI í fortæller den selvbiografiske historie om et enebarn Den som MOBI :Ê som ikke bliver født ind i verden men ud af den og som vokser op som blinker er Epub Ú med sin skizofrene tyske mor og tvangsneurotiske danske far i ’ernes Nykøbing Falster Danmarks røvhul som blinker er bange for PDF or Barndommen er hjemsøgt af fortidens spøgelser En altdominerende mor som har fået Jernkorset og lever med minderne om et liv i luksus i den preussiske landadel og en far som er forsikringsmand og forsøger at holde sammen på det hele ved at forsikre hver eneste ting på jorden En familie der lukker sig om sig selv i angst og sorg og vanvid Romanen beskriver hvordan den sociale eksklusion og ensomheden i en kvælende dement provinsby bliver imødegået af et barn der bygger sit eget univers op af fantasmer og poesi og uendelig livslyst i forsøget på at finde en vej ud af mareridtet og ind i verden.

10 thoughts on “Den som blinker er bange for døden

  1. Debby Kean Debby Kean says:

    I read this almost in one sitting The picture of young Knud his town and family is vivid and clever Hildegarde his mother is exceptionally well portrayed In the event I found myself thinking well he has the last laugh

  2. Anna Anna says:

    Very entertaining didn't actually read it it was an audiobook

  3. Kieran Kieran says:

    Short and sweet No than that Jeg var dog ked af at have læste den færdig Nu skal jeg i gang med en ny bog Og jeg har ingenting på min natlæser

  4. Morten Munch Jespersen Morten Munch Jespersen says:

    uintessentially Knud Romer Rambling messy and poignantly relevant

  5. Mark Staniforth Mark Staniforth says:

    I don't mind admitting I was initially drawn to Knud Romer's Nothing But Fear after learning of the author's starring role in Lars Von Trier's eccentric and controversial 1998 movie The IdiotsRomer's debut novel couldn't be different While 'The Idiots' was brash crass and brilliant in a wholly unorthodox kind of way 'Nothing To Fear' is a lovely tender little book which weaves its tale of post War strife in a small Danish town with rare subtletyIn this autobiographical novel Romer returns to his childhood growing up in Nykobing a small Danish town on the remote island of Falster in the 1960s'Nykobing is a town that is so small that its beginning is its end If you are in it you cannot get out and if you outside you cannot get in You pass right through it and the only trace the town leaves is on your clothes the smell of manure in summer and sugar beet in winter This is where I was born in 1960 and it was the closest I could come to not being at all'The scars of the War are far from healed and a hatred of Germans still lingers No matter that Knud's mother conspired with her then boyfriend Horst to resist the Nazis nor that Horst was eventually executed for his subversion she is German and thus she and by extension her family are horribly shunnedKnud is mercilessly bullied at school and his Danish father a once prominent respected citizen of Nykobing sees his authority gradually stripped to nothing Cut off by the world outside their door and marooned with ailing grandparents for whom the hell of War still cuts deep for tangible reasons Knud's parents seek solace in their old patriotic traditions while Knud just dreams the North Sea waves will one day come and wash away Falster for good'Nothing But Fear' is a moving story of small town prejudice told in simple and non judgemental prose and smartly translated from its original Danish by John Mason uite unlike 'The Idiots' this is no headline act But its restrained beauty sings softly from its pages and suggests Romer's true calling may lie away from the big screen

  6. Ana Petrina Ana Petrina says:

    This book was very hyped in Denmark and recieved a lot of prices so my expectations were uite big But I must admit that I couldn't feel the emotions nor the silent horror this book was supposed to provoueThe book tells the story of a danish boy trapped in a small town in Denmark The boy is half german half dane and in a post second world war Denmark that is not a very good combination To say it mildly he does not get treated very nice nor does he or his parents feel welcome anywhere they go His parents have stories of their own and their parents as well which we are told through the eyes of the boyEventhough the evil and the depression is not described with words in the book it is present all the time and you can imagine what life like that must be like Interesting but I just didn't feel it

  7. M M M M says:

    Knud Romer's Nothing But Fear is a thinly veiled fictionalised autobiography His mother is German and reviled for that fact in the little Danish village he lives The hatred of the locals extends to his entire family His relatives will have no truck with his father or mother His schoolmates torture him His mother a generally sunny personality has a darker emotional side His father a simple methodical and socially awkward man isolates himself in response to the antipathy of the villagers The book describes Knud's parents' lives before and during the Second World War and his own life from his childhood It was received with acclaim for its harsh beauty of recollection and criticised as essentially a false memory It appears that in reality Knud Romer or his family wasn't uite as badly treated as he portrayed it Another fable then

  8. Sigurdmathiasen Sigurdmathiasen says:

    I was entertained The book is a highly fictionalized autobiography made up of little vignettes Some of it might be true most of it is probably lies and exaggeration I originally believed everything I read in the book but after a discussion about it with my girlfriend I started to notice all the little things and big things that couldn't possibly be true All that said it's a highly interesting book and entertaining too It's like being told an autobiography from the view of a kid as the kid is living through None of it is uite a lie just too fantastical to be uite real like a child telling you it's fanciful view of yesterday happeningsHighly recommended but it might not be to everyone's tastes

  9. Susanne Susanne says:

    a fantastic book for me as a German because 10 % of it is actually written in German plus it tells you a lot about the time during and after WWII and the tragic fates of some very nice characters i loved it every single chapter

  10. Karen Ravn Karen Ravn says:

    We had to read it for school a long time ago so I don't really have it any neither do I really want to buy it The book was fine but the author is a damn liar that's what you get from autobiographies and I dislike that when you write about your own life Shame on you

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