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  1. Tom Mathews Tom Mathews says:

    With Grandville Noël Bryan Talbot’s Grandville has officially become my all time favorite graphic novel series I'm not usually that big on anthropomorphic characters but the magnificent artwork dynamic alternate history steampunk setting action packed plot and timely themes totally sucked me in If you like subversive plots like V for Vendetta you should appreciate Grandville Grandville Noël is the fourth book following Grandville Grandville Mon Amour and Grandville Bête Noire in what will soon be a five volume series of graphic novels It can best be described as that you would dream after mixing The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Wind in the Willows the Rev Jim Jones and psilocybin mushrooms The plot centers around a religious cult and its charismatic leader a unicorn bent of finding hidden scriptures proving that Jesus was himself a unicorn But the author seems to take a jab at mainstream religion as well when one character describes the cult in the following termsIt's a con son pure and simple In fact it's part o' the best con ever invented See a con only works when the mark wants to believe it An' just who don't want to believe that when they die they don't really die but just go someplace nice instead?“An' just to win 'em over you tell 'em that if they don't believe then they'll suffer in agony someplace else forever The perfect con is what it is sonThe Grandville of the titles is a nickname for Paris in this alternate university where the French rule the world and Paris is the center of all cultural and political activity The series is becoming increasingly socially relevant tackling subjects such as racism and anti immigrant with humans aka doughfaces in the role of the despised minority FYI Although this is technically a cartoon its target audience is not children Parents who control their children’s access to reading material may wish to review this one first They might even learn something On my Series ranking scale¹ I give the Grandville series rating of three The series has a substantial and evolving backstory and they are best read in order but readers without the inclination or access to previous books in the series will still be able to enjoy this book Hint If you are looking for a copy of these books check with your local library to see if they have access to Hoopla digital content¹ A Note on SeriesSome people insist on reading series in order starting at the beginning I believe that this is absolutely necessary with some series and unnecessary in others In my reviews I assign books in a series a score of one to five in which the higher score denotes increased importance of reading the book in order A series with returning villains an ongoing story arc and evolving family dynamics will rate higher than one where the plot in each book is totally unrelated to the others As an example a Nancy Drew book would be a one There is no evolving story arc Nancy hasn’t grown any older in fifty years and face it Ned is never going to propose to her The Lord of the Rings on the other hand is a five Reading the trilogy in order is essential to fully understanding and appreciating the story One book picks up right where its predecessor leaves off and Fellowship of the Ring contains information that readers of The Two Towers really need to know Besides Tolkien originally wrote it as a single volumeuotations are cited from an advanced reading copy and may not be the same as appears in the final published edition The review was based on an advanced reading copy obtained at no cost from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review While this does take any ‘not worth what I paid for it’ statements out of my review it otherwise has no impact on the content of my reviewFYI On a 5 point scale I assign stars based on my assessment of what the book needs in the way of improvements5 Stars – Nothing at all If it ain’t broke don’t fix it4 Stars – It could stand for a few tweaks here and there but it’s pretty good as it is3 Stars – A solid C grade Some serious rewriting would be needed in order for this book to be considered great or memorable2 Stars – This book needs a lot of work A good start would be to change the plot the character development the writing style and the ending 1 Star – The only thing that would improve this book is a good bonfire

  2. Rural Soul Rural Soul says:

    Best part in the series so far Story follows a charismatic unicorn Johnny alias Apollo as a religious cult leader After escaping USA and landing in France he conspires to attain power with local fascist politicians Very likely aping German Nazi party and their purge of Jews the writer produces an imaginary world of animals where doughfaces Humans will be killed

  3. Bill Lynas Bill Lynas says:

    Ace badger detective Le Brock returns in Bryan Talbot's fourth Grandville graphic novelTalbot's artwork is as good as ever he fills the story with numerous pop art references as usual For some reason the plot failed to grab my attention this time around but it's still an entertaining ride even if it's not a great one

  4. Andrew Andrew says:

    I will be the first to admit I know next to nothing about graphic novels but I do know that the Granville series by Bryan Talbot are something very special from the artistry colouring and storyline they are a breathtaking series of stories which appear to show no signs of disappointing me the story is on going so its rather tricky to pass comment with out spoiling there previous volumes in the series although they are not critical they do lay some foundations and call upon previously introduced characters as well lay the way for further volumes in the future which I hope I do not have to wait too long forOne thing i will say though is that the in jokes are still in abundance and still impressive there are so many famous characters and references to popular comic culture here you have to re read it just to see what you have missed I loved every page of it apart from the last page never wanted to read FIN all i can hope for is that its only a temporary state and soon to be remedied

  5. Wilde Sky Wilde Sky says:

    In an alternate world where animals rule and humans are second class citizens a detective investigates a religious cultI found this book hugely entertaining The alternate world had a real logic to it The graphics were good as were the character development and the storyline

  6. Raj Raj says:

    The fourth instalment of DI Archie LeBrock's adventures takes place around Christmas and has his pal DS Ratzi off to see the in laws while his landlady asks him to find her missing niece Shorn of his usual sidekick LeBrock takes the case that as all roads do leads him to Grandville and a charismatic cult leader as well as an agent of the Pinkerton detective agencyThis book delves a bit into the mythology of the Grandville series including the persecution of humans and their growing calls for eual rights and the history of Christianity with a search for some lost Gospels also in the mix Billie gets to do this time round as well and throws a bombshell at the end that looks like it will affect events to come Although Roderick Ratzi is mostly absent from this volume LeBrock does find an alternative sidekick in the form of American Pinkerton detective Chance Lucas who is also after the leader of the cult that LeBrock is investigating It's the first time that we've had a lead character who is a doughface human but alas he does mostly just take the Ratzi role and doesn't get to do an awful lot in his own rightThe theme this time round is religion and cults including how charismatic leaders can rise and lead people into saying and doing horrific things Something which is all too relevant today But amongst this grimness Talbot throws in a reasonable amount of humour as well both visual and textual It makes for a very entertaining readThe art is still gorgeous but previous warnings still apply despite the cartoony style this is adult and often violent stuff

  7. Elle Kay Elle Kay says:

    This is the 4th book of a graphic novel detective series set in an alternative steam punk style world where anthropomorphic characters are the norm and humans have no power We follow Detective Inspector LeBrock as he attempts to track down his landlady's' runaway niece and butts heads with the Paris underworld and a murderous religious cultI am amazed I haven't come across this series or this author before now These books are genius the subtle nods to so many clues from literature history and the arts usually beginning with the naming of the characters themselves or the iconography splashed among the art; I was completely taken with the cleverness of this bookA really enjoyable read and an author I will be looking out for from now on

  8. C C says:

    A London Detective returns to Paris to rescue a brainwashed girl from a cultA search for hidden gospel accounts of the BibleDramatic action seuencesAll added together to be than the sum of their partsAlongside all the praises for the rest of this seriesA steampunky alternative history when Napoleon wonAmazing artWonderful nods to European comic history 99% of which I'm sure I miss

  9. Nigel Nigel says:

    Another gorgeous bloody trip to Talbot's world of talking animals this time the bold Inspector tangles with a deadly cult fronted by a unicorn with strange powers of persuasion whipping up hatred against humans even as certain truths of ancient history are set to come to light turning the world upside down Always an enjoyable visit

  10. Tammie Painter Tammie Painter says:

    After the third installment of this series left me feeling like it might be going downhill this fourth installment sent the steam train chugging right back up the slope The art as ever is amazing and the story remains tight and focussed throughout Plus there's a nice little twist at the end of the mystery which is always good

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Grandville Noël Grandville #4 [Reading] ➿ Grandville Noël Grandville #4 By Bryan Talbot – With his trusty adjunct Detective Sergeant Ratzi away for Christmas there’s no holiday for Detective Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard as he embarks on an investigation into the disappearance of hi With his trusty adjunct Detective Sergeant Ratzi away for Christmas there’s no holiday for Detective Inspector LeBrock of Grandville Noël PDF or Scotland Yard as he embarks on an investigation into the disappearance of his housekeeper’s niece Bunty SpallThe trail leads to a growing religious cult where a charismatic unicorn messiah and his con men cronies already responsible for mass murder in the United States are about to lead a crusade for the ethnic cleansing of the French Empire’s doughfaces – the derogatory nickname for humans used by the majority animal headed population Teaming up with Chance Lucas a gun slinging operative of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and reigniting his steamy love affair with the voluptuous Parisian badger prostitute Billie LeBrock clashes with both cult fanatics and doughface terrorists uncovering in the process a centuries old religious conspiracy that threatens to plunge the world into bloody civil warWith Paris in the grip of the mysterious crime lord Tiberius Koenig and an increasingly violent backlash by human extremists can LeBrock stop the seemingly inevitable slide into fascism What is the secret of the legendary True Gospels Can he rescue Bunty Spall from the clutches of the strangely hypnotic unicorn named Apollo But does Bunty want to be saved And will LeBrock be back in time for Christmas dinner No badger does it better.