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The Kennedy Wives [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Kennedy Wives By Amber Hunt – The Kennedy Wives saw history up close—made history in some cases They knew wealth and privilege but we are bonded to them by loss which are our losses too The Kennedy women—fierce intelligent and The Kennedy Wives saw history up close—made history in some cases They knew wealth and privilege but we The Kennedy MOBI :Ê are bonded to them by loss which are our losses too The Kennedy women—fierce intelligent and very private—belong to us Not because of their glamour but because of their grief and misfortunes  The Kennedy Wives takes an unflinching look at the women who married into the Kennedy family and their distinct roles Rose the matriarch; Ethel the athlete; Jackie the icon; Joan the fragile beauty; and Vicki the redeemer In reality each woman was complex and multifaceted As Kennedy wives they were bonded through characteristics and experiences uniue to the Camelot family The Kennedy Wives is an exploration of these women that will offer what no other book or film created thus far has a thoughtful analysis of what drew the Kennedy men to these iconic women and what the women endured in exchange for their acceptance into the Camelot clan .

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  1. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

    The Kennedy Wives is a biographical book about the five Kennedy women that were married to Joe Jack Bobby and Edward Kennedy Every woman gets her own chapter and in the chapters their lives are described from their childhood to how they met their husband and how their lives turned out For me this book didn't really contain much of new information when with it come to Ethel Jackie or Joan since I have read Taraborrelli's Jackie Ethel Joan Women of Camelot I have also read part of Rose Kennedy's autobiography that I own and must finish some day so I knew much about her also Vicki Kennedy however was a woman I hadn't read so much about and her relationship with Ted Kennedy actually made me soften up a bit to him Ted Kennedy has never really been a Kennedy that I cared so much about For me it has always been Bobby and Jack Well mostly Bobby This book put the wives in focus sure they are mostly known for their roles as wives but I think it is nice to read about them about what made them tick and their influence on their husbands and the tragedies they suffered in their lives I think Amber Hurst and David Batcher has done a really good work this book is informative and it never gets boring reading it I admit that I didn't think the chapters about Joan and Vicki would interest me so much but they were just as interesting to read as the other wives chapters A great book for people that are interested in the Kennedys or for those who want to know about Rose Ethel Jackie Joan and Vicki Kennedy Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review

  2. Erin Erin says:

    Find this and other reviews at have mixed feelings about Amber Hunt and David Batcher's The Kennedy Wives A collected biography of one of America's most recognizable families the book boasts obvious appeal and covers a lot of wonderful material but the execution wasn't as even handed as I envisioned going in and I must admit there were aspects of the book that left me wanting I appreciated the format in that each of the women had a section dedicated specifically to her but I'm not sure I liked how the authors labeled Rose Ethel Jackie Joan and Vicki I feel the treatment pigeonholed their personalities into very specific roles narrowed the authors' views during the writing process and resulted in a very simplistic portrait of each Kennedy spouse As the jacket states this is a complex and multifaceted group of women individuals who are far too dynamic to stereotyped and I'm not convinced the presentation here does justice to that legacy The underlying favoritism of Jackie and the Camelot era also frustrated me as the figurative designation refers to the Kennedy administration rather than the extensive dynasty founded by Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jackie's section is rounded than those of the other spouses her picture is prominently displayed on the cover and paired with the Camelot references in the description I felt she was singled out Were this the biography of an individual I wouldn't take issue but all of these women married Kennedy men and weathered the challenges of that association and at the end of the day I don't think Hunt and Batcher's work displays Rose Ethel Jackie Joan and Vicki on an even playing field Finally I had particular difficulty the chapters dedicated to Ethel To be fair this section sparked an interest that inspired me to learn about Robert's widow but it also highlighted a flaw that left me rather disappointed with the book I liked what I read so much that I took time off to watch Rory Kennedy's Ethel but in listening to the documentary I realized how heavily Hunt and Batcher relied on the film and was ultimately disillusioned with their research The story is there but I don't feel the authors brought anything new to the table and that opinion openly colored my experience with subseuent sections of The Kennedy Wives Is it a bad biography? Certainly not The intent here is nothing short of brilliant and generally speaking I think the volume a great introduction to Rose Ethel Jackie Joan and Vicki Yes I felt there was room to do with the material and I'm not shy about saying so but when all is said and done I value the time I spent with this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the Kennedy women

  3. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    A special thank you to Rowman Littlefield and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review A remarkable book and a captivating family of five distinct and inspiring women The Kennedy Wives the woman behind each man Each of these five special and uniue women an integral part of our US history Kennedy Wives Triumph and Tragedy in America's Most Public Family is thought provoking well researched and elegantly portrayed with passion honesty and clarity – by talented authors Amber Hunt and David BatcherMany readers may have a favorite Kennedy wife or mother; one we respected sympathized with or possibly related to as part of a specific generation or time Since I grew up in the fiftiessixties I have always been intrigued with Jackie Kennedy the icon; as a wife mother and a woman Her classic style and sophistication has always been timeless and enjoy the Palm Beach connection since I reside there There are so many landmarks and spots which I see every day reminding me of the history and photographs The book provided some tidbits about her father and childhood and teen years which was unaware of The book is broken down in parts by each woman from the cradle childhood to marriage motherhood and beyond; from politics loves losses fears successes tragedies addictions sickness and health to the grave Part I Rose 1890 1995Part II Ethel 1928Part III Jackie 1929 1994Part IV Joan 1936Part V Vicki 1954The Kennedy family of course is known for its politics the public figure the man his intellect and power behind the name Jack Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963 remember this like it was yesterday when the teacher came into the classroom crying; his brother Bobby Jack’s Attorney General who would also be assassinated in 1968 and Senator Edward Ted Kennedy the youngest of the nine children who lived longer Soon after Bobby's death Ted received one of many ominous letters and threatening him not to run for President or VP Ted maintained a deferential attitude towards the older seniority laden Southern members when he first entered the Senate avoiding publicity and focusing on committee work and local issues Compared to his brothers in office he lacked John's sophistication and Robert's intense sometimes grating drive but was affable than either of them Amber Hunt and David Batcher delivers a “must read” classic account of the five brave women who married and stood behind these powerful men Rose Kennedy the matriarch of the family and wife of Joe Kennedy Jacueline Kennedy wife of Jack Ethel wife of Bobby and Joan and Vicki the first and second wives of Teddy KennedyBy the time Jackie met John he was one of the most sought after men on the East Coast a junior congressman with an eye on a Senate seat She would fall for his many virtues and in time come to learn about the darker components of his complex personality Jacueline Kennedy the woman continued long after the death of Jack Kennedy But the mythic figure we remember today was forged largely in that week in Nov 1963 when though a disoriented and grief stricken widow she used her own brilliant alchemy to create with simple words and stark imagery an enduring heroic romantic picture of what our country could beJohn Jr had the best Kennedy ualities—the looks the smarts the discipline and the zest for life Ted had stayed close with Jackie through the years and he had loved her dearly and after her death he felt even protective of her two children John Jr had always been seen as heir to Jack’s throne and thanks to Jackie’s grounding influence not just by birthright Though he never ran for office he was an important behind the scenes player throwing his name and money behind the Democratic causes and candidates Then another Kennedy had been taken in his prime and Ted was heartbrokenReaders may sympathize with these women married to powerful dark and not always the perfect nor faithful husband with ongoing threats to their lives as well as their family pressure and demands As they each faced their demons the press and tragedies in different ways as reiterated with TedVicki’s mantra “One step at a time”There was always a time and place when each of these women had to be strong a day in 1963 when Jackie Kennedy faced the world without Jack A day in 1968 when Ethel had ten children an eleventh on the way and had to walk forward without Bobby by her side The next year Rose returned to an empty house in Hyannis Port after burying her husband near their first home in Brookline Even Joan had to go about the task of inventing a new life in Boston after her marriage to Teddy ended Now Vicki found herself where each of the others had stood; staring into the future her husband gone memories to fortify her and their shared ideals to carry forward “Their experience of wealth and power love loss and tragedy occurred at such a heightened level that is tempting to see them as mythic almost archetypal creatures But Rose Ethel Jackie Joan and Vicki were and are stubbornly fleshy in their humanity and they give all of us men and women powerful examples of what everyday strength resilience and grace can look like It’s because of their refusal to ossify into sterile sainthood that they will always fascinate—and always inspire” The Kennedy Wives is well organized and enjoyed the easy to read format and review of history the writing style and the well researched material making for an engaging and satisfying read Highly recommend Judith D Collins Must Read Books

  4. 2kasmom 2kasmom says:

    I am going to tell you the truth I read lots of biographies I am interested in those that have come before In this book the authors have an investigative journalist advantage that many books do notI found out all I could possibly know about the wives who were married to the Kennedy men They each have their own characteristics and Hunt gives them titles Like Rose is the matriarch and Jackie the icon She has a very well put together way of telling you everything from their birth to where they are buriedI was pleasantly surprised to find how complete and in depth this book is It is like a history volume all in itself Everyone in America it seems has curiosity about this family They seem like a royal family with all the glam and dramaThis book reminded me again of the phrase the woman behind the man These women were very uniue and their own strengths that each brought to the family and also the relationships they were inVery thought provoking and information that I remember seeing before in my lifetime this is a very easy readI received this free ARC copy from Netgalleycom in return for review purposes It did in no way influence my opinion ab out the author or book

  5. Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict) Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict) says:

    Is there a intriguing American family than the Kennedy family? I don't think so; the Kennedys steal the show The Kennedy Wives focuses on five Kennedy women and how their lives have been shaped by becoming apart of this famous clan First there's Rose Kennedy the matriarch of the Kennedy family Next is Ethel Kennedy Robert Kennedy's wife Of course the authors focus on Jackie Kennedy the famous wife of John F Kennedy and lastly there's Joan Kennedy and Vicki Kennedy both wives of Ted Kennedy Authors Amber Hunt and David Batcher did a wonderful job bringing to life each woman's tale of the many ups and downs that come with the territory of being a Kennedy Each woman's story was fascinating in its own right and I was thoroughly captivated by every heart wrenching detailRead the rest of my review here

  6. Mandy Mandy says:

    A very readable and entertaining biography of 5 Kennedy women Rose Ethel Jackie Joan and Vicki whose lives were closely entwined with the wider Kennedy clan and as a result lived in a world of glamour wealth and tragedy Jackie Kennedy is the one we perhaps most readily recognise but each of these women has an interesting story to learn about and the authors have done an excellent job of making their subjects come alive Meticulously researched and narrated in a succinct and accessible style it’s a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of this iconic family and I thoroughly enjoyed it

  7. Flewts Flewts says:

    I chose this book because I wanted to know about Vicki Reggie A friend of mine was her roommate at Tulane so I knew a very little but not enough to really understand what she was like Even though I'd read biographies about the Kennedys in the past I did learn a few things about Rose Ethel and Jackie I hadn't known much about Joan so that was goodThis is a very readable book with enough insightful narrative to carry the reader along With 5 remarkable women to profile it must have been a challenge to narrow the information into such concise chaptersWe all have heard a lot about their husbands It's time to pay attention to the women behind the men

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    Once upon a time five beautiful and strong women married charismatic Kennedy men They were called Rose Ethel Jackie Joan and Vickie Rose the matriarch of the dynasty had a steely inner strength and toughness that helped her through her husband's infidelities the loss of his reputation in the UK and terrible tragedy She has often been thought of as fanatically religious and rather cruel to her daughter Kathleen who fell in love with two Protestant men However she is likeable and softer in this account Ethel raucous and a tomboy also clung to her faith through much tragedy She was a supportive wife to Bobby managed to raise 11 children and devoted much of her time to charity work but she also loved a good time and she was famous for her parties She also held educational seminars Jackie restored the White House to its former glory charmed crowds everywhere she went with her elegance and facility for languages and became a symbol of the nation's strength and fortitude when her husband died Kind hearted gorgeous Joan fell victim to her husband's philandering and found it difficult to cope with suffering than the other wives She became an alcoholic but she bravely attempted to overcome it Vickie clever and wise was exactly the wife that the aged Ted needed in his last yearsThis is a fascinating and sympathetic account of these wonderful women by Amber Hunt and David Batcher and an excellent analysis of their characters I didn't find anything new in it but I didn't know much about Joan or Vickie so I was extremely interested in the last part of the bookThis is a great book for anyone who loves to read about this great American family

  9. Jill Crosby Jill Crosby says:

    Reads like a high schooler's essay on Great American Women Named Kennedy Basic facts are WRONG and the hagiographizing of five Kennedy wives Rose to Vicki is redundant and superficial Spunky Ethel's section is swiped almost verbatim from Rory Kennedy's documentary of her mother and if I had to read ONE MORE TIME about the beautiful Joan I'd have dispatched a Thesaurus directly to the authors If you want definitive accounts of the Kennedy gals check out Lawrence Leamer's comprehensive volumes and leave this one on the shelf to be untouched by ten foot poles

  10. Katarina Katarina says:

    Loved it Really interesting and so well written that it reads like fiction With that I mean that it's easy to read and flows well but also that the Kennedy family's lives are like fiction Full of larger than life characters this book focuses on 5 of the wives I haven't read much about any of them so for me this was a treasure trove of information Those women are wereare pretty amazing and lived through so many roller coasters

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