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The Last Changeling The Seelie Wars #2 ❮Download❯ ➽ The Last Changeling The Seelie Wars #2 ➸ Author Jane Yolen – In The Hostage Prince Prince Aspen and midwife’s apprentice Snail tried to prevent the Seelie War by making a perilous journey to Aspen’s father’s kingdom Their journey started the war instead In The Hostage Prince Prince Changeling The PDF/EPUB ½ Aspen and midwife’s apprentice Snail tried to prevent the Seelie War by making a perilous journey to Aspen’s father’s kingdom Their journey started The Last MOBI :Ê the war instead Chased by two armies Aspen and Snail find refuge with the actors of Professor Odds’ traveling troupe dodging soldiers Border Lord berserkers a hungry troll  and Last Changeling The Epub Ý assorted dwarfs drows lycants boggles and a cloaked spy Will they make it out Is any place safe for the two of them And who exactly is the Last Changeling The Seelie Wars MOBI :Ê mysterious Professor Odds who seems to have his own hidden powers and agenda Fast paced and funny The Last Changeling the second book of the Seelie Wars trilogy is the perfect way to introduce newly fledged readers to fantasy.

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  1. Loretta Marchize Loretta Marchize says:

    Four starsProse 45Romance 55Characters 55Plot 45ProsePretty good Nothing too spectacular It's a typical middle grade novel style as far as prose goesRomanceSo sweet There's not a whole ton of this aspect More of a friendship type thing I totally ship two of the characters though view spoiler Aspen and SnailSophie are so cute together hide spoiler

  2. Venus Venus says:

    Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumWhat I love about this series is that the authors do not spoon feed their readers Although a knowledge of Seelie and Unseelie mythology is helpful this information is also slowly revealed throughout the books making it a great introduction to the myths Although it probably obvious to most readers even in the first book Snail is a changeling as if the title didn't already let us know Snail is completely blindsided by this news too although Prince Aspen is not at all and is rather miffed that Snail didn't know Isn't she aware that no Seelie or Unseelie has red hair? What I dislike about this series is the absolute volatile nature of both Snail and Prince Aspen One wrong word and the two are at one another's throats Their miscommunications were okay in the first book but I expected a deeper connection to have formed by the second and was constantly surprised when Snail in particular treats her companion so poorly It made her a hard character to like At least Prince Aspen is trying to learn and grow I also felt like the pacing was a bit slow on this one Although a lot happens there were sections that felt unnecessary and I wasn't rushing to finish it In fact I started and finished two other books while still reading this one because I needed I wasn't willing to give up on it completely though because I was intrigued enough to see where the plot was going I am not sure when the third installment will arrive but I am interested enough to want to finish the series in its entirety

  3. Katy Katy says:

    This multi layered fantasy covers of gamut of emotion from laugh out loud funny to profoundly sad and the plot is so delightfully twisty you'll be surprised at every new discovery in Ms Yolen's amazing fantasy world of Seelie and Unseelie folk The unlikely heroes Aspen the elven prince and Snail the midwife's apprentice are so realistically rendered the reader wants to hug them weep with them yell at them to STOP before they get hurt worse and laugh with them Themes of friendship loyalty and being noble when it would be much much easier to wimp out make what could have been a simple adventure romp a deeply moving thought provoking story

  4. Miss Clark Miss Clark says:

    35 starsThis middle book takes Aspen and Snail on the run from both Seelie and Unseelie and straight into the arms of the unusual traveling troupe of Professor Odd Who may not have both of their best interests at heartThere are some good character moments in this one A worthy seuel that really expands on all the good elements of the first

  5. MJ MJ says:

    An excellent entryof to find the next

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    Exciting witty and full of heart; everything a good story needs

  7. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Starts off fairly standard journey through a fantasy land then turns bloody and bleak and only gets so

  8. Jaina Rose Jaina Rose says:

    A high 35 stars This review is also available on my blog Read Till DawnThis is my review of the second book in the Seelie Wars series Click here to check out my review of the first book The Hostage PrinceThis book was not what I went into it expecting No it was much original than that I thought it would be a kind of cliche seuel focusing on Aspen and Snail as they snuck around joined a circus troup did performances kind of like this one great book that I read ages ago and can't find back click here to see if you can help me figure out what it's called Instead even though we did get uite a few of those elements to a certain extent it's still pretty uniue I can't say that I enjoyed The Last Changeling uite as much as the first book because I definitely spent most of the middle of the book scratching my head a little bit going what on Earth is going on? And um why should I care? But the ending really picked up a lot taking the story in some pretty cool directions and leaving me desperate to read the third bookIn The Hostage Prince I didn't really have a favorite character That has now changed I can say with absolutely certainty that Aspen is my fave And that's not because I don't like Snail but because I do love Aspen than I love Snail Not that Snail is bad or anything but I didn't think her big plot twist was nearly as powerful as it could have been Aspen's on the other hand yikes I need to get my hands on the third book as soon as possibleSnail and Aspen's relationship was one of my favorite things in the first book and I think it went through some interesting phases as their story continued in The Last Changeling and they faced all the challengesexperiences thrown their way Aspen has mostly gotten over his snobbishness toward Snail and now it's of the push and shove that goes along with being true friends and maybe the beginnings of a little than that I think the third book will be when things really take off thoughAnd really that's the meat of it This was a pretty good book though not as good as the first one but a lot of it just felt like filler Filler that's setting up for the third book yes but still slightly drawn out filler That's a common second book in a trilogy problem though so I'm not really holding it against The Last Changeling I just need the third book Like now

  9. Angie Angie says:

    Prince Aspen and midwife Snail are on the run from both the Seelie and Unseelie armies They have unintentionally started a war between the two courts On the road they meet up with Professor Odds and his band of misfit players Together with a new mother troll and her baby they hit the road to evade the armies Professor Odds is not what he seems however and has ulterior motives for recruiting Snail Turns out she is a changeling a human child stolen into the faery world Professor Odds is recruiting changelings to take on whichever army wins the war Prince Aspen just wants to stop the war however he can but at this point it is pretty inevitable So I didn't read the first book of the series but this one does a nice job of summing up the events There is a lot of humor with the dwarves and the dogcarpet thing and the troll There is a nice cast of characters taken straight out of faery lore though I do wish some of them had been explained I know what a red cap is but young readers probably do not This book sets up the final book in the trilogy very nicely and I am sure fans will be eagerly awaiting the conclusion

  10. Stacey Raymond Stacey Raymond says:

    The 2nd book is worse than the 1st but it is not on my hate list I didn't have much expectation for this book and it lived down to my expectations The characters world building and tone of voice were all low uality The story was very predictable This was an annoying read to me The plot is interesting but the story telling style is tiresome This is of a 15 star for me I just don't like to give a book a 1 star unless I can't stand the book Young readers might enjoy this book

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