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  • Kindle Edition
  • 208 pages
  • Clean Green Drinks
  • Candice Kumai
  • English
  • 07 October 2015

10 thoughts on “Clean Green Drinks

  1. Carol Carol says:

    I was given this book as a gift along with a vitamix and I honestly have been unable to find a drink I don't like yet Favorites so far the cinnamon almond horchata fabulous the chocolate avocado goddess the name says it all really and I am drinking the raspberry mint refresher as I am writing this Recommend strongly

  2. erl erl says:

    This is a book of smoothies and juice blends that promise all sorts of health benefits The pros the recipes are ridiculously simple to follow They are virtually idiot proof And all but one was delicious The cons Kumai's tone is way too cutesy for my taste I felt like I was reading Seventeen magazine And annoyingly there is no list of recipes and no index If I want to look for a recipe that calls for an ingredient I have in the house I have to go through the book page by page The book is short enough to make this task possible but it's an unnecessary hassle Still the easy delicious recipes make this book worth having

  3. Marilee Rose Marilee Rose says:

    This book is like the Bible of Juicing So many delicious recipes I can't get enough

  4. Kerry Kerry says:

    Okay so I've looked at enough of these books now that I can tell in about 10 seconds whether or not I will actually use one of them This one had potential but I'm not a juicer so it's partly of no use to me I did like some of the recipes but I can find them or something similar out there in the eather if I really want to actually make one It could also be that I'm on an information overload With the 2 books I own I have well over a year's worth of smoothies to have a different one every day for a very long time

  5. Nan Nan says:

    There is a ton of junk out their on juicing and green drinking Luckily I stumbled onto this little gem Kumai's collection of recipes was a perfect choice for us because it had juicer and blender reviews and colored pictures of the recipesThis book is light and has great recipes We've liked most all the combinations we've tried that were suggested in this book

  6. Blair_metal Blair_metal says:

    I don't have a juicer yet but I love smoothies and I am always looking for healthy and nutritious recipes I really like the practical format of this book and the recipes all look delicious pictures in a recipe book is a must for me I may bump up the rating of this book once I try some of these drinks ;

  7. Lori Lori says:

    This is a fun read by Candice Kumai I have already tried one of the smoothies in the book It's called The Cucumber Cleanser It's a good book to check out if you are interested in eating healthier I highly recommend this book

  8. Aarij Aarij says:

    Good book for a beginner Specially the format is excellent and detailed New starter of this kind of food can benefit a lot and can give you lot of information on how to make a drink without much thinking

  9. Jenny Jenny says:

    I've started drinking smoothies regularly and needed something than banana spinach and blueberries Yay protein powder Frozen mangoes Almond butter

  10. Melissa Melissa says:

    My favorite juice and smoothie book EVER I even purchased my own copy to mark up and make notes in

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Clean Green Drinks❰Read❯ ➵ Clean Green Drinks Author Candice Kumai – Cleanse Sculpt your body boost your health renew your mind and improve your whole outlook on life   Clean Green Drinks is not just a recipe collection but also a guide to a leaner happier and fulfill Cleanse Sculpt your body boost your health renew your mind and improve your whole outlook on life   Clean Green Drinks is not just a recipe collection but also a guide to a Clean Green PDF/EPUB ² leaner happier and fulfilled you With than perfectly balanced delicious drink recipes that can be made in a minute Clean Green Drinks will help you sip away extra pounds as you sip away stress Health journalist and chef Candice Kumai reveals the new science behind her enticing refreshing flavors; and shows how easy it is to get fit healthy happy and glowing   Advance praise for Clean Green Drinks   “I’ve always been a fan of Candice’s recipes and I can’t wait for her juices to kick start my health Healthy eating can be delicious”—Nicole Miller designer   “ Clean Green Drinks is one of the most impressive health books out there full of amazingly delicious recipes and fresh ingredients If it’s great health you want this book delivers” —Kim Barnouin New York Times bestselling co author of Skinny Bitch   “Candice Kumai is an absolute artist with recipes She’s shaking things up with Clean Green Drinks This book has taken my juicing obsession to a whole new level”—Gabrielle Bernstein New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles   “Combine a passion for health and nutrition with culinary expertise and you have Candice Kumai I recommend her books for every kitchen”—Dr Lindsey Duncan celebrity nutritionist and naturopathic doctor“Candice has whipped up the most stylish guide to juicing Green truly is the new black”—Michelle Smith founder and designer Milly   “ Clean Green Drinks is a treasure trove of recipes—perfect for cleansing detoxing and everyday sipping The beautiful pictures and design of the book are bound to inspire”— Alexandra Jamieson co creator of Super Size Me and author of The Great American Detox Diet   “Going green has never been so delicious Candice makes these recipes healthy easy fun and yummy”—Keri Glassman nutritionist TV personality and author of The New You and Improved Diet From the Hardcover edition.

About the Author: Candice Kumai

Candice Kumai is an American author and chef Kumai is based in New York CityCandice was born in California to a Japanese mother and Polish American father Kumai worked as a model when Clean Green PDF/EPUB ² she was a teenager Later she trained as a professional chef in Southern California cooking on the line at several restaurants.