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The Myth Hunter [Reading] ➿ The Myth Hunter Author Percival Constantine – Uncover the secret history of humanity Elisa Hill is a myth hunter an adventurer who seeks out the truth behind the legends of the past and it’s a job she was born into Her parents were myth hunters Uncover the secret history of humanity Elisa Hill is a myth hunter an adventurer who seeks out the truth behind the legends of the past and it’s a job she was born into Her parents were myth hunters as well The Myth PDF \ and the one legend they could never prove was the myth of the lost continent of Lemuria Now Elisa has the opportunity to finish the work her parents began But the secrets of this lost civilization hold great value for a sinister secret society and a ruthless assassin and both will stop at nothing—not even murder—to gain their prize Elisa must rely on friends and unlikely allies in order to make it to the lost continent Because if she fails those same secrets could spell doom for mankind.

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  1. Werner Werner says:

    Note July 6 2014 I edited this just now to correct a minor typoBeing a little known author myself I have a lively appreciation of how difficult it is to get one's work noticed in a glutted book market without a major advertising budget; and I have a soft spot for New Pulp So when I stumbled on Goodreads author Percival Constantine's free e book versions of a couple of his action adventure novels I thought there was a good enough chance I'd like them to risk investing a bit of time and hopefully be able to give him a good review I always do this with the intention that if I like the book I'll buy the print copy which in this case I'll be doing While this novel is nowhere near four or five star territory it kept my interest and earned its threeAs the Goodreads description indicates our protagonist here is a female archaeologist Constantine's idea of archaeology though is definitely of the Indiana Jones variety and Elisa Hill proved to be an action heroine type very much a literary euivalent of Lady Lara Croft or TV's Sydney Fox in that respect Given that I own both Tomb Raider movies on VHS and never missed an episode of Relic Hunter if I could help it it's not hard to guess that I found her an appealing character type This is the series opener for the author's Myth Hunter series the titular hunters being involved in tracking down both archaeological and supernatural mysteries While I didn't classify this as supernatural fiction it does have a significant supernatural element in the person of one character In this particular book though what's being investigated isn't really ancient myth but 19th and early 20th century occultist myth the idea of an ancient continent known as Lemuria or Mu in the area of what is now the Pacific Ocean In particular it draws on the claims of Col James Churchward 1851 1936 who asserted that as a British officer in India he was shown secret tablets in an unidentified temple written in the Naga Mayan language which as far as actual philologists know doesn't exist; he claimed that only three people in India could read it but one of them taught him that purported to show that 50000 years BP Mu had a civilization highly advanced than that of his own day and that all the world's later civilizations developed from their scattered colonies after the motherland continent sank beneath the Pacific in a great cataclysm As a kid I read some of Churchward's books which belonged to a boarder we had who was into the weird; even then I could tell that they were off the wall but reading this book brought back memories Constantine takes off on this premise to build his plot here Since the whole Mu Lemuria theory is pretty well discredited by both geology and serious archaeology philology etc this reuires some suspension of disbelief But if you can muster this Constantine has done his homework in the Churchward canon and also brings in another real world tie in Japan's Yonaguni Monument massive offshore stone formations under the Pacific which some maintain are man made though that isn't clearly evident nor widely accepted by archaeologists He also has done some research into the Japanese folklore of the kitsune Japanese for fox; older foxes were believed to have power to take human form and were messengers for the spirit world Constantine who's a resident of Japan has reinterpreted this mythos somewhat but he clearly hasn't forgotten his basisThis is not a deep or highly textured read; it's straight pulp action adventure with a simple direct prose style and a full throttle narrative drive that makes for a uick read None of the characters are very deeply developed including Elisa and while the author takes us to some exotic locales he doesn't really evoke much sense of place in any of them We also aren't even given any clue where Burroughs University where Elisa teaches is located except that it's in the US Archaeological finds here tend to be too easy for believability; no physical digging or excavation nor much textual or other research to identify sites is reuired Where action scenes are concerned Elisa's no slouch in the kick butt department; she's an ethically sensitive person who doesn't fight unless she's attacked but if she is she fights to kill without batting an eye However her aversion to guns and preference for edged weapons in a modern day context isn't explained credibly enough to seem realistic We can say the same for the tendency to use swords rather than guns on the part of the minions of the Order think the Illuminati on steroids which will probably be the series' staple evil entity Also some of the jumps characters make in the action scenes with no running start are implausible as is the idea that a character could stop a bullet by slicing it with a sword And I'm not sure a fox could inflict all the physical mayhem Asami does here granted we're told she's a very large fox but how large isn't specified It's also clear that Constantine doesn't know much about how academic sabbaticals are scheduledFor all that this is a page turner with brain candy appeal and the good characters are engaging I was hooked enough to read it all the way through just to see how it would turn out; and while it's plot driven than character driven Elisa's relationship to Lucas and to Asami have enough complexity and ambiguity to be interesting There's no sex here; there's some bad and coarse language including f words but it's not pervasive and mostly comes from characters you'd fairly expect to be potty mouthed The violent episodes can be lethal and gory but they're over uickly and not dwelt on Bottom line this won't be epochal and groundbreaking even in the world of pulp adventure fiction; but it's workmanlike entertainment and pretty well proof read too despite one mangled sentence that slipped through I'd be up for reading the seuel sometime and am interested in checking out the author's other freebie as well

  2. Carlissa Carlissa says:

    Well what can I say I didn't uite finish this one but I did get up to the middle of chapter 17 The story and the narration were okay but it just didn't uite hold my attention long enough for me to finish it Maybe one day I'll come back to it I didn't give it a star rating since I didn't finish itI do wish to thank the author narrator and Audiobookblast for the opportunity to give this audio a try

  3. Grant Gardiner Grant Gardiner says:

    Pulp Warning All of my e reading skews towards the pulpy side of the prose spectrum As such my reviews are pulp skewed Reader beware Pulp WarningOverall 4 starsThe Myth Hunter is the pilot episode for what could be a very strong pulp series It's a cinematic piece of modern tomb raiding e pulp that moves along at a cracking pace It is unapolegetically pulp But it would hope to cut back on the exposition add some uniue elements and give the characters depth if the rest of the series is to really capture an audience But at 1 on Kobo and the potential for a really fun series in the works I think it's well worth checking out to see for yourselfPacing and Action 4 stars 3 stars if you have no intention of reading further stories in the seriesThis story moves at a truly cracking pace With its frantic jetsetting exotic weapon laced fights and several different sets of bad guys all crammed into a rather modest page count the action never stops And it has a real cinematic feel to it that is crisp and clear with larger than life action never being marred by unnecessary detailUntil we're set to learn something new about each character Chalk it up to first story cobwebs or something but the story throws the reader straight into the deep end of the action which is good but then makes up for the frenetic start by regularly stopping for exposition heavy dialogue between various characters concerning either the next important plot point or the way they knew each other back in the day and what they were like In any other story the level of exposition is fine but in a story moving this fast 'fine' is slowBut this is most definitely pulp fast And pulp fast is goodOh and the end is a little anti climactic It would suggest that there's a bigger story in play which is good for a series but it would be a little annoying if you were only interested in reading this one story in the seriesPulp Concept 3 starsThe unapolegetic big picture zaniness is there and the use of uniue elements like the Japanese mythology is very well done The concept of the myth hunters also works with a great showdown between than a few parties making the story even crazier But the let down is that a lot of the story feels like a poor knock off of Tomb Raider right down to the lack lustre imitation Lara Croft Imitation isn't a problem in pulp in fact resuing cool ideas is kind've encouraged but the end result should be something uniue A failure to do so leads to fan fiction The Myth Hunter rarely feels like anything less than a Tomb Raider clone one that adds little to the idea whether it be the characters or the way in which the internal logic of the world operates As a first episode in the series it may be working up to those points of difference but there was little to foreshadow such a thing in this bookCharacters and Development 3 starsFairly two dimensional As I said above the lead is a Lara Croft knock off and the rest of the cast are fairly cliched Bond villains or henchmen There's a few mythical characters who give themselves a point of difference but they never really get beyond superficial motivation etc The story is very cinematic but the problem with typing out a movie is that you lose the storytelling the actors bring to the movie And while these characters told you a lot about themselves and each other they were never really convincing Something you can fix in a series but it certainly wan't satisfying in this particular episodeProduction 5 starsVery good production Properly editted and well set out there was nothing to take away from the story The cover also stands out even if it communicates little about the story within A very professional product that would suggest you can trust the author to always provide a well crafted e bookBut the really outstanding part? 1 on Kobo as I bought it That's a pulp price if ever I saw one It also means that you have no reason not to try it for yourself Probably makes it hard to make a living for the author but at that price the first issue can be a guilt free experiment If you don't like you haven't lost anything from the experience And with the high production values you won't have wasted your time A very very good thingSeries Potential 4 starsAnd here's the rub With its fast exciting start and the general mythology of the world set up this could be one hell of a pulp series The exposition is out of the way the bad guys and the general conspiracy are explained and the whole Tomb Raider clone concept has been well established Now we can get on with the rest of the series where all the weaknesses of this particular episode can be addressed And with a seuel already out Dragon Kings of the Orient I'll be sure to check it out to see if this be the case But if these things aren't addressed and the series continues with the same shallow characterisation and 'Tomb Raider lite' concept then it will not rise above fan fiction and that would be a shameWrap upAt such a cheap price this series is well worth a look if you're in any way interested in this whole e pulp thing You'll definitely get your money's worth and a fun fast read that could lead to a new pulp series to follow Check it out

  4. Emmie Emmie says:

    I got this book for free on Normally the free reads are not all that great So this book was a pleasant surprise Even better a female protagonist rivaling Indiana Jones I had fun reading this book It steps into paranormal territory but is still immensely readable Great start to a new series

  5. James Blakley James Blakley says:

    The Lost Continent The Myth Hunter takes off like a rocket propelled grenade While combing the Caribbean wilds for an ancient tablet myth hunter Elisa Hill is attacked by mercenaries She survives only to then have the valuable tablet stolen by a cocky competitor named Lucas Davalos And for the balance of the book Elisa will chase Davalos and others around the world in order to recover the tablet which holds the powerful secrets of the Lost Tribe of Naa'calWith plenty of pulse pounding thrills and moments of vivid violence author Percival Constantine's The Lost Continent The Myth Hunter is admittedly kin to other modern treasure seeking adventures like Lara Croft But the racially diverse cast of characters realistic locales and presence of brawny bodyguard and assassin types than of monsters gives it an Indiana Jones meets James Bond blend of added excitementBut what really makes the story standout from its peers is how complex the cast of characters are especially Elisa Hill and Lucas Davalos As myth hunters which are essentially elite military trained archaeologists both at a moment's notice will cross the globe and each other in search of priceless artifacts and fantastic creatures But instead of being merely cartoon characters Constantine presents Elisa and Lucas as fairly mature aware and fallible He devotes time for the characters to engage in not just witty banter but thoughtful dialogue This gives them something of a conscience as each hashes out not only the significance of the latest legend but of their overall profession Though she tries to leave fieldwork to pursue the research side of the business like her mentor Professor Maxwell Finch Elisa returns to action but as a means of helping people  Meanwhile Lucas with a penchant for cigarillos and Serbian sidearms claims only revel in the rush of tracking these things down but still contracts for 1 million with The Order a cabal bent on accumulating forgotten knowledge from ancient texts With colorful action that jets from Cancun and the Caibbean to Mumbai and into The Orient in barely 150 pages The Lost Continent The Myth Hunter is a relatively fast read Allegiances and attitudes change just as uickly; so those looking for a standard black and white good guys vs bad guys shoot 'em up maybe a bit disappointed But for those seeking a different adult approach to the genre then The Lost Continent The Myth Hunter is definitely a find  

  6. Brad Brad says:

    Indiana Jones Lara Croft Gabriel Hunt Sydney Fox Annja Creed please welcome Elisa Hill to the ranks of adventuring archaeologists Percival Constantine has created a uniue character Elisa Hill is a second generation Myth Hunter who started hunting for money but had a change of heart and now hunts to add to human knowledge This background gives her access and connections to those on both sides of the myth hunting communityIn this adventure Elisa along with her mentor Max Finch is searching for Lemuria Along the way Elisa clashes with a former rival Seth and her former partner Lucas Davalos who still works for their old employer The Order Constantine only hints at the nature of the Order which one hopes he will continue to reveal in future adventuresAnother feature I like about this novel is the open acceptance of the supernatural Elisa is confronted and aided by a Kitsune a Japanese fox spirit without uestion or batting an eyeThe novel is fast pasted but still building characterThe Myth Hunter was the first book to bear the New Pulp Logo and offers an exciting adventure that travels around the world Elisa Hill is a character I hope to follow through adventures

  7. Éric Kasprak Éric Kasprak says:

    I was lookinghoping for an Indiana Jones style adventure and The Lost Continent delivered big time The writing style of the author is effective easy to read with a real flow The characters are fun interesting and somewhat surprising uite intriguing I like reading classic pulp style stories and when I find some of those characteristics in a new bookauthor I'm very happy The Myth Hunter Series ualify as a new pulp style reading and I will definitely be on board for of the series

  8. Linda Linda says:

    OH NO HE DIDN'T I was all prepared to fight by Asami's side as she faced a enemy far stronger than her Asami is a fox shifter changeling on vacation in Japan Then she heard a man implying that he saw a white as snow skinned woman gliding on the ski trail wearing only a Japanese kimono Asami turned away choosing not get involved but she turned around knowing that he friend Elisa Hill would never let humans get hurt but I WANT MORE MORE

  9. Phil Matthews Phil Matthews says:

    OkayThis is simply a poorer version of Lara Croft Reads like a video game Not very original I'll try another

  10. Sean Duggan Sean Duggan says:

    Much as with his Infernum books this is not a series to take too seriously It's firmly in the pulp vein with improbably weapons ancient death traps and one note antagonists The protagonist and her antagonists are all simple characters thrown into the mix and the adventure travels down a straight line to the predictable conclusion Everyone wields exotic weapons but their uniue properties seldom make a difference To give an example at one point a scimitar is drawn and the description given is stabbing rather than the chopping that scimitars are literally built for It's nice to see a nod to kukris and khopeshes but it feels like it's just a namecheck that would have works the same if the characters had been carrying knives and swordsThe editing was pretty decent on this I don't remember running into any spelling errors and there was only one case I remember where I had to reread a sentence a few times to have it make sense in my head I think it was missing a word or two on top of a convoluted structure Initially my review was a bit less favorable but then I accepted that I was raising the bar too high for something that advertises itself for what it is a throwback to the pulp novels

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