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The Fortune Hunter ❮Reading❯ ➻ The Fortune Hunter Author Daisy Goodwin – In 1875 Sisi the Empress of Austria is the woman that every man desires and every woman envies Beautiful athletic and intelligent Sisi has everything except happinessBored with her dutiful Empress lif In Sisi the Empress of Austria is the woman that every man desires and every woman envies Beautiful athletic and intelligent Sisi has everything except happinessBored with her dutiful Empress life in Vienna she comes to England to hunt She comes looking for excitement and she finds it in the dashing form of Captain Bay Middleton Then years younger than her Bay has everything to lose by falling for a woman who can never be his for he is promised to Charlotte The Fortune ePUB í But Bay and the Empress are reckless as each other and their mutual attraction is a force that cannot be denied The Fortune Hunter tells the true story of a nineteenth century ueen of Hearts and cavalry captain and the struggle between love and duty.

  • Hardcover
  • 622 pages
  • The Fortune Hunter
  • Daisy Goodwin
  • English
  • 10 April 2016
  • 9780755348091

About the Author: Daisy Goodwin

DAISY GOODWIN a Harkness scholar who attended Columbia University’s film school after earning a degree in history at Cambridge University is a leading television producer in the UK Her poetry anthologies including Poems That Could Save Your Life have introduced many new readers to the pleasures of poetry and she was Chair of the judging panel of the Orange Prize for Fiction That w.

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  1. Erin Erin says:

    Find this and other reviews at aren't many novels available to those interested in the nineteeth century Austo Hugarian Hapsburgs so I was understandably ecstatic to learn that author Daisy Goodwin was fictionalizing a chapter of their complex history I’m not exaggerating there was some pretty embarrassing fangirl like suealing the day I got my hands on The Fortune Hunter and that is not something I admit lightly So what happened? How did a piece that generated so much initial enthusiasm garner a paltry two star rating? I'll be happy to explain but you might want to make yourself comfortable and I urge you to proceed with caution as illustrating my opinion reuires references that may spoil your experience with the novelLooking back on The Fortune Hunter I can't deny a certain admiration for Goodwin's portrayal of Bay Charlotte Caspar ueen Victoria John Brown Augusta Fred Chicken and even the unfortunate Major Postlewaite I think Miss Baird's passion for photography a stroke of genius and I loved watching the whirlwind of emotional drama inflicted on poor Middleton Unfortunately I don't feel these strengths outweighed the weaknesses I noted in the novel's tone structure and accuracy view spoilerThe cover art features a woman clearly meant to represent the Empress against a night sky augmented with the star jewels made famous in Winterhalter's 1865 portrait Paired with the jacket description I anticipated a story that would center on Elisabeth and was shocked to discover her character featured less prominently than her dashing cavalry captain and his devoted fiancée More important though was the fact that I felt genuine affection between the younger couple and never considered Elisabeth a threat to their happiness Personally I found the Empress the weakest point in Goodwin's exaggerated triangle and even after finishing the book can't claim to understand what the author was trying say with her character uestions in the accuracy of Goodwin's work arose when I noticed the only resource she cites is the less than faithfully adapted 1977 ballet Mayerling but I became genuinely concerned in chapter twenty nine The Widow of Windsor when the Empress and ueen Victoria shared a spirited exchange of veiled insinuations ‘Empresses and grandmothers We stand alone on the World Stage dear Elizabeth’ Victoria was at her most gracious'But you are superior to me in this way as in every other I only have one grandchild’ said SisiSisi's eldest surviving child Archduchess Gisela of Austria married Prince Leopold of Bavaria in 1873 In January 1874 Gisela gave birth to Princess Elisabeth Marie A second daughter Princess Auguste was born in April of 1875 Goodwin's The Fortune Hunter takes place in July of '75 which would make Sisi a grandmother twice over during the course of the novel a fact which clearly contradicts the fictional barb Elisabeth delivered ueen Victoria Chapter thirty one finds Elisabeth and Bay discussing the mail they received on their return to Easton Neston but a casual remark towards the end of their dialogue raised another red flag Bay looked up surprised Sisi hardly ever mentioned her children He had assumed it was from some delicacy about their situation‘I don’t know if he will come here Rudolph doesn’t care for hunting’This is fiction and while I respect that personality traits are subjective this seems like a pretty outlandish conclusion considering the historic evidence Posed on a hunting trip with his father a colored pencil self portrait he drew at age eight a sketch documenting a kill at Salzkammergut standing over his first bear at Görgeny St Imre a stag hunt he attended with his wife and an official portrait dressed in his winter shooting attire Rudolf committed suicide at his private hunting lodge in 1889 so asking him is impossible but you tell me does this look like someone averse to hunting? My ears perked again in chapter thirty two when Bay visits London to attend a photography exhibition in support of Charlotte He glimpsed a profile in the carriage and until its owner turned and Bay saw the luxurious moustache he thought for an uncomfortable moment that the Empress had abandoned the Cottes to follow him to London Then the owner of the moustache lit a small cigar and Bay saw it was a young man not much than a boyThe boy is Elisabeth's seventeen year old son but the physical description of the young man bothers me as the Crown Prince is uite clearly sans facial hair in his 1875 portrait Further analysis of photographs paintings and sketches of the Hapsburg heir show that he didn't actually sport a moustache until the early 1880s well after The Fortune Hunter concludesGoodwin continued to play fast and loose into the final chapters a habit I found severely detrimental to novel's climax Halfway down the list of jockeys was Middleton JM riding Tipsy grey She felt the jolt of seeing his name in print and realised that she had no idea what his initials stood forCharlotte and I have a lot in common Bay's full name is William George Middleton ‘We won Empress We won We must have champagne’‘But I think it was Captain Middleton who won’ said SisiThe winners of the 1875 Grand National were not Bay Middleton and Tipsy That honor belongs to jockey Tommy Pickernell and a horse named Pathfinder Researching that detail also revealed the race took place in March not July Someone from the crowd started to sing ‘Daisy Daisy give me your answer do’Daisy Bell the song to which these lyrics belong wasn’t written until 1892 which is coincidentally the same year Bay Middleton met his death hide spoiler

  2. Heather Heather says:

    Hated it You know you're in for a bad time when the dashing hero comes across as a self involved prick within the first 5 pages of his introduction He didn't improve either no matter how much the writer tried to paint him as conflicted yet sensitive We were clearly supposed to sympathize with him and his infatuation with the Empress but I was just annoyed with him because he was SO ready to marry Charlotte the heroine but the NEXT DAY he met the Empress and was like Ooh shiny and wandered off for some uality banging I spent the whole book wishing he'd fall off his horse and save everyone the trouble of dealing with him I read Goodwin's previous book The American Heiress a year or so ago and disliked that one too I decided to give her one try with this one I've learned my lesson She's incapable of writing characters who are sympathetic or even interesting and the jacket blurbs that insist her stories are like Downton Abbey and have characters that make you fall in love with them completely confound me Next time I'm going to trust my instincts and leave her book on the shelf at the store where it belongs

  3. Lori Lori says:

    Well I'm not sure what to think about this; on one hand it's a 'juicy' potboiler of a read a high class beach novel about an overwrought love triangle in Victoria's England On the other hand a lot about it just annoyed me So here is what I learned from this novel which I'm giving three stars but two and a half is probably accurate1 Always a sucker for a book with a beautiful cover this one does not disappoint even though it highly resembles a lovely one Horan's 'Under the Wide and Starry Sky' 2 An ending right out of 'An Officer and a Gentleman' with horses3 While beautifully written in general the story contains longish stretches of fox hunting details that bogged me down and being the animal person I am I found myself skimming While Goodwin does not get horribly graphic there are still plenty of moments which just reinforced my passionate belief that such blood sports are horrific and I'm really not a fan of steeple chasing results either4 The Empress comes across as cardboard beautiful tragic but nothing about her character really reached me or touched me except Goodwin's end note on her life after the events of this novel Good Lord5 Bay Middleton the dashing suitor to both the Empress and Charlotte the heiress is a manipulative womanizer I never warmed to not even by the end This is a man who can rationalize any of his deceits with married women at least one possible love child the Empress like he didn't know what he was getting into there? and the virginal heiress he charms In fact he's only deeply devoted to his horse Tipsy much so than to any of his lovers and I ended up feeling like Tipsy deserved better6 While recognizing the Victorian setting and the fact women were highly bound to societal expectations and rules especially in these rarefied socio economic circles I wanted to shake Charlotte silly for her devotion to a cad Sorry; while other reviewers have found the Bay Charlotte romance believable I didn't despite the historical facts surrounding it and wanted THIS Charlotte to have backbone and smarts which she does at timesthen goes off on Oh Bay Crap7 Even Victorian heiresses needed their gay BFF to guide them dress them advise them and generally be back up in all things romantic This BFF Casper and I'm not giving anything away here is talented world wise and generally smarter than the heiress and anyone else around Additionally Casper is FAR interesting soulful with a potentially FAR fascinating back story than any of the suffocatingly boorish snobs who are the main characters Casper needs a book ASAP8 Felt the ending was uite rushed in the last 20 pgs or so and left me with uestions I was still not sure of like how did Charlotte's money finally play into things? What the hell is the 'Chicken' story all about? And most importantly who's taking care of Tipsy?Overall a guilty pleasure but with all the pre publication hype the author's reputation and the general pedigree the novel seems to sport I was looking for something I think

  4. Lisa Dunckley Lisa Dunckley says:

    This was pretty good I didn't actually realize that it was based on a true story and real people until I was about halfway through I enjoy historical fiction and this book was very readableThere were three main characters the Empress Elisabeth aka “Sisi” Bay Middleton and Charlotte Baird Sisi was obsessed with her looks is one of the best female riders in the world and is bent on having an affair with Bay despite her Emperor husband Franz back in Hapsburg Her beauty regimen includes sleeping with raw veal on her face Surprisingly she is still somewhat likable Charlotte is heiress to a very large fortune hence the title and is constantly courted by opportunists She is plain and clever and is falling in love with Bay Bay is courting Charlotte and bedding Sisi at the same timeThe story was very interesting it held my attention well and was a uick read despite the length Knowing that is based on actual events made me want to read about the characters As a horse lover I especially enjoyed the horse scenes particularly the Grand National steeplechase at the end with Bay racing on his 15 hand mare Tipsy However none of the main characters were truly likable Sisi and Bay were sorta likable in spite of their flaws—Sisi is arrogant conceited spoiled Bay is kind of a bad guy for courting an innocent young girl while having an affair although to be fair it's probably difficult to turn down an Empress no matter what your feelings are and he seems also sort of spoiled and arrogant Charlotte unfortunately seems a very simplistic character who has no depth to her and you never know enough about her to like her There were some other minor characters who were great—Charlotte's friend Caspar from America was wonderful Also Charlotte's brother Fred and his fiance were not likable but were fun to hate as the “bad guys”I was intrigued enough to read about Bay Middleton and about Sisi so the book did inspire that However it kind of fizzled out at the end and didn't really resolve everything and I wasn't sure that I agreed with the decisions that the characters madeOverall a decent read that made me want to learn

  5. Lori Lori says:

    Huzzah The Fortune Hunter is scrumpdillyicious The heroine Charlotte Baird is an unspoiled heiress that I found easy to like and admire She lives in the sparkling world of the privileged yet prefers to pursue photography an unacceptable hobby for a lady of means The hero Captain Bay Middleton is a good man with a kind heart who is hopelessly flawed Like life their journey is filled with detours and obstacles Oh and I loved the debut of Clementine who will eventually marry Winston Churchill This is a beautifully written satisfying and sensuous love story that unfolds in England's most sumptuous settings It also encompasses many of my favorite elements England a handsome British officer dresses with bustles horses a high minded heiress and a tender first kiss I highly recommend this book to hopeless romantics Downton Abbey fans and readers who like a happy ending D

  6. Samantha Trillium ☂ Samantha Trillium ☂ says:

    I was initially drawn to this book because of its stunning cover It was so beautiful I just picked it up and wanted to read it But unfortunately the story didn't enchant me like the cover didThis story is about a great many characters whose lives circle around each other for a period of time in 187576 The characters in this book are actually based on actual people and some of the storyline is true but most of it is fictitiousSo we have Charlotte Baird who is a comely girl who is about to inherit a fortune She either has to marry or turn 25 to gain access to it In the meantime her older brother Fred is her caretaker Her mother died in a tragic hunting accident but not before leaving all the fortune to her daughter After reading the Wideacre Trilogy by Philippa Gregory and reading what a complicated business and scandal it was to leave money and property to a daughter instead of a son I'm a bit confused why no one seems to be bothered by this detail Fred is about to marry Augusta a woman on the verge of being too old to be a catch yet still carries a worthy title with her name Both Fred and Augusta try to control and influence Charlotte in the way she acts and who she should associate herself with much to the annoyance of poor Charlotte One day at a party Charlotte meets Captain Bay Middleton a notorious horseman and ever notorious womanizer For some reason the two are very taken with one another and begin courting which Fred and Augusta immediately forbid There could be no one worse for their dear Charlotte He is a cad and doesn't even have any money or title to offer They dub him The Fortune HunterCharlotte and Bay ignore Fred and Augusta as best as they can and agree to wait until Charlotte turns 21 so they may marry without Fred's consent In the meantime the Empress of Austria Elizabeth everyone calls her Sisi has come to England to experience a hunting season She recruits Bay as her pilot to show her around and guide her and Bay suddenly finds himself infatuated with the Empress; indeed he has never seen a rider uite like her never mind that she is a woman to bootI'm sure you can guess the way the rest of this story goes The story is uite predictable but that wasn't even the worst of this book for me None of the characters felt real to me They all fell flat I couldn't really identify with Charlotte even though we are meant to sympathize with her She really annoyed me She started out independent and strong minded enough then instantly falls in love with the first man that shows her a bit of attention and completely falls apart when things don't work out right away I wanted to give her a great slap Sisi was also very annoying She was portrayed as a vain and spoiled woman I'm not sure if that is what she was like in real life but I know that she was very unhappy with her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph and she fled to England to try and live a little But in this book she would through tantrums or sulk when she didn't get her way I didn't find that she had much chemistry with Bay; I found their love affair to be uite crigey The whole idea of Bay Middleton did not work for me He is described as handsome and I was having trouble picturing him as such considering her would tug on the ends of his mustache ick Beards are a completely different story by the way I didn't find him charming and I struggled believing that he was truly in love with Charlotte so uickly considering he was a womanizer before meeting her Its not like they had a stimulating conversation or anything in common I just didn't buy it The book fell flat for me I really didn't enjoy it that much Such a shame because that cover really is gorgeous

  7. MaryannC. Book Freak MaryannC. Book Freak says:

    I decided to redo my review on this because my first one was a uick slap dash affair and I want to give this credit than I didI did totally enjoy this novel Daisy Goodwin has a wonderful way with details when she writes her books this my second novel by her and like her first one I was enthralled with all the sumptuousness of her details The beautiful gowns and finery were vividly imagined the excitement of the fox hunt the splendour of the social gatherings of the rich and snobbish were all presented wonderfully in this bookI know this has a mixed bag of reviews but in it's defense this book is geared to the romantic at heart the person who roots for the heroine Charlotte who despite the fact is an heiress is totally unspoiled by her wealth I mentioned that I didnt care for the Empress I was put off by her constant demanding and her worries about wrinkles and losing her beauty I didnt feel sorry for her that she was lonely and unloved she came across as one who got what she wantedBay was a cad for so easily coming under the spell of The EmpressBut without giving away any details I enjoyed the time spent reading this lovely novel I wanted

  8. Reviews May Vary Reviews May Vary says:

    The ending ticked me off and thus I shall never speak of this again

  9. Britany Britany says:

    Charlotte Baird lives in London in 1875 she's into photography and is about to make her debut in the social scene when she meets Captain Middleton Captain Middleton falls for the meek Charlotte and just as suddenly also becomes dazzled by the Empress of Austria This makes for an awkward situation for our narrator CharlotteI didn't completely hate this one and the fact that it is based on real characters is intriguing to me However the point of view freuently changes so it makes it difficult to rely on the narrator and the writing is fair The ending made me want to punch a few characters in the face but hoping I can blame their actions on the timesWouldn't recommend this one unless you have nothing else to read and plenty of time on your hands

  10. Becki Becki says:

    Irritated by love triangle plot devices but the last 100 pages had me completely enthralled Good historical read

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