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The Second Guard (Second Guard, #1) [Reading] ➶ The Second Guard (Second Guard, #1) Author J.D. Vaughn – In the peaceful realm of Teuende all second born children at the age of fifteen must journey to the Alcazar to fulfill the mandate of the Oath of Guilds There they train to earn a place among the ueen In the peaceful realm of Teuende all second born children at the age of fifteen must journey to the Alcazar to fulfill the mandate of the Oath of Guilds There they train The Second Kindle - to earn a place among the ueen’s guard or work as indentured servantsFor Sun Guilder Talimendra of the Magda River Traders joining the Second Guard will not only bring honor to her family it will be a chance to uphold her mother’s legacy A lot of blood sweat and tears will be spent to bear the weight of this prestigious title and Tali is prepared to make that sacrifice even as she competes against hundreds of other pledgesBut her loyalty will be tested when she uncovers a secret that could drag Teuende into all out warThe enemy is closeWith very little time and too many unanswered uestions Tali must trust her instincts—even if it means betraying the very guard she’s fighting to join.

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  1. Liviania Liviania says:

    In Teuende all second born children join the guard when they turn fifteen Some will end up serving out their term as servants if they aren't suited but Talimendra has always dreamed of becoming a guard unlike her twin sister The training school however isn't uite what she expects She especially finds herself putting her foot in it when it comes to relating to kids from the other guilds Tali is of the Sun Guild the merchant guild She still manages to make friends with Zarif Moon Guild and Chey Earth GuildJD Vaughn is actually two authors Julia Durango and Tracie Zimmer They've created a strong start to a series in THE SECOND GUARD Each guild has its own culture and the clashes between them end up showing Tali how alike all the people are than how different She struggles both to overcome her prejudices and to figure out why the people are kept so segregated At the beginning of the novel Tali is very trusting that her world is just as it appears to be But as her world grows bigger so do her suspicsions Tali Zarif Chey and a fourth servant friend soon realize that an official in the academy is disloyal to the crown and start spying to figure out whoTHE SECOND GUARD is on the younger side of YA; aside from the length there's not much separating it from a middle grade novel I expect many readers of all ages will be excited by a fantasy that's light on the romance Although Tali does muse about how beauteous one of her instructors is Other readers will be excited that the worldbuilding is influenced by South American history instead of EuropeanThe focus on the mutiny provides THE SECOND GUARD with a strong plot while seeding the ground for future entries in the series Tali might stay loyal but she's beginning to see that much of how the country is ruled needs to change The ueen's heir might bring that change but is it enough to rely on her? Where should change start? Vaughn makes it clear that they've only started to explore the world of Teuende and the hostile countries that surround itIf you're looking for an adventure full of culture clashes surreptitious communication and travel and a battle for the control of a country then pick up THE SECOND GUARD Even though it is the start to a series it stands fine on its own

  2. Lorryn Woodward Lorryn Woodward says:

    For than half of the book I was so bored and uninterested then the fighting happened and things picked up and then I was uninterested again This is probably the only book I've read in a while that has 0 love interest in it I kind of missed it

  3. Jen Jen says:

    This book was absolutely fabulous Completely loved the world parallel to ours taking place in what I imagine would be an IncanMayan area and time I loved the diversity It wasn't shoved down your throat but a natural part of the world I also LOVED that despite the female MC having two male friends they weren't a love triangle at all It was true solid friendship for all of them The ONLY uibble I have with this book causing it to be four stars and not five is it falls prey to the Harry Potter trope of the adults know what is going on but won't tell the youth because they are only kids and need to be protected from bad things This of course causes the MC to make some really poor decisions because she didn't have all of the information present to make the right one That just burns my gritsSo yeah only four stars BUT I so incredibly want to read the next one in the series This is a keeper for me If the series continues to go just as strongly as this first book then I think we will have a winner I highly recommend this book but for mature middle readers on up due to the violence in it It isn't overly graphic but sometimes I think leaving it up to the imagination can be worse than spelling it out Depends on the imagination of the reader I guess If you're a reader though I'm betting your imagination is pretty darn good So yes great book I recommend it for just about everybody I loved the world and the characters and I loved the way the characters are trying to get past their prejudices of each of the different guild groups It's a very well crafted book Go get it My thanks to NetGalley and Disney Book Group Hyperion for an eARC copy of this book to read and review

  4. Tiz. T. Tiz. T. says:

    A very interesting tale set in a peculiar WorldThis is a middle school age book but it is not a children book only The Worldbuilding is carefully constructed pleasant and far logical than 90% of fantasy or dystopia for adults or young adult in the market today a Worldbuilding loosely based on pre Colombian South America which set it up a notch in my book for I had never read a book with that premise and it is saying something Kudos to themThe main characters are well portrayed and rounded people There is no romance which I always appreciateThe plot is rather predictable but it has a nice twist I hadn't seen coming so kudosAn interesting series to look forward indeed and a very good book for a child who enojoys fantasy

  5. Kristin Kristin says:

    I liked it much than I thought I would It was nice that there wasn't really any romance The plot is what drove the book but I'm hoping for a relationship in the next one

  6. Beatrice Beatrice says:

    This was a very enjoyable read with a good plot and likable characters I liked the idea of this peaceful ueendom which sounded to me like it could easily have been in Latin America so YAY for diversity where all families are reuired to contribute to the keeping of the peace by sending their second born sons and daughters to train as soldiers and serve in the renowned Second Guard or spend some years as servants should they fail their training I found that the author did a pretty good job of building up this fantastical world which resembles ours so much and yet is so different at the same time I had a bit of trouble keeping up with all the names and the system of Guilds at the beginning but I uickly got my head around that I loved the idea of putting extracts from a book on the history and culture of the ueendom between the various chapters it made things much easier to understand without slowing down the story with a lot of explanations and history lessonsI also really liked all the characters particularly the MC Tali She was so determined to get where she wanted to and to do what she thought was the right thing I loved the fact that she had to fight to get to where she wanted and she made lots of mistakes throughout due to major flaws in her personality To me she felt a lot like a real teenager than kids in fantasy novels usually do And I really liked the fact that even the secondary characters had a big role to play and I did like to read about them just as much as I liked reading about Tali The only thing I wasn't too keen on character wise was the fact that sometimes Tali and her friends didn't actually feel like 15 year olds to me At times they just talked and behaved as if they were a lot older and then went right back to behaving like normal kids Luckily that didn't happen too often so it didn't really affect my enjoyment of the bookOf course I was waaaay out of the suggested age range for this one so I wasn't actually all that surprised by some of the twists in the plot but I ended up really liking the book regardless My major issue with this title was the fact that I found the middle section to be really slow compared to the rest of the book since a lot of time is devoted to describing the training all the kids go through before they can become members of the Second Guard Of course that's just me and this was an important part of the novel but still I wonder if maybe that section could have been made a little shorter than it was Overall this is a very pleasant MG novel that will likely appeal to readers outside that age range too I will definitely look out for the next books in the seriesOriginally published on Book For Thought

  7. Online Eccentric Librarian Online Eccentric Librarian says:

    More reviews and no fluff on the blog The Second Guard is a solidly written late middle grade alternate universe fantasy drawing upon both Spanish and pre columbian cultures The mixture creates a very uniue and striking world into which we have politics betrayal and the strength of friendships The characters are earnest and the author spent considerable effort to create a very vivid and well drawn world read it's logical and coherentStory In the City of Teuende their peace in a continent fraught with continual war is earned through mandatory servitude of the second child of every family Tali is on her way to join the army on her 15th birthday Along the way she befriends two boys also traveling to the capitol for their service The three though from different faiths and cultures will soon become embroiled in the politics of Teuende as betrayals and scheming endanger both their families and their own livesThe world building is uite distinct in The Second Guard Using continental politics and setting the story in a pseudo Spain but then culturally overlaying the nature mysticism of pre columbian America makes for a fascinating mix The religions of our three main characters dictate a lot of their perspective from the studious moon sect to the outgoing sunfolk and the grounded workforce of the lower caste in the Earth worshippers As well we have a Moorish transplant a gypsy and a nobleman Each has talents and advantages that will help our main characters navigate Teuende and stay aliveThe book is very straightforward and info dumps about the densely plotted world are limited to a few brief paragraphs introducing each chapter They can be skipped but I felt they added uite a bit to the story The book is a deceptively easy read there's a lot packed into each chapter but author Vaughn has deftly woven action around the dialogue to keep young and older readers investedIf I had one uibble it would be that everyone is drearily earnest and comic relief was hard to find Tali and her friends are uite serious nearly all the time and the book really could have used some off beat characters to lighten the tone eg a Hagrid to the Harry Potter There is a uirky professor but he's a Dumbledore than a Hagrid The strength of this book is a very logical but fascinating world that for once eschews the over trodden English medieval fantasy trope It was a pleasure to delve into this world and discover the twists at the endReviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher

  8. Marisa Marisa says:

    This was a great read The author has cleverly combined aspects of Spanish South American and medieval culture into a uniue and intriguing world rich with history and depth The blend of cultures and distinctive aspects of the world had me thinking about it long after I finished the book I particularly enjoyed the history lessons at the beginning of the chapters This would be a fantastic read for young adults and fantasy fansTali is a fantastic main character who grows a lot throughout the book She is forced to confront uncomfortable truths and learn to changer her ways of thinking I did not see the twist coming at the end and it knocked my socks off It definitely kept me from feeling like the book was predictable This is a series I will look forward to continuing – it seems like the adventure is just beginningWarning Contains violenceWho should read it? Young adults fantasy fans and people who enjoy books like “Alanna” “Chosen” etc I’m looking at you MelissaPlease note I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review courtesy of the publisherSee all my reviews and at wwwReadingToDistractioncom or Read2Distract

  9. Jenny Jenny says:

    At the age of fifteen all second born children in the realm of Teuende must either become indentured servants or compete to become soldiers in the Second Guard an army that for generations has held off neighboring warring states Talimendra has anticipated this moment all her life determined to pay homage to her deceased mother who also served in the Second Guard While she does try to uncover a conspiracy among the guards the focus of the story remains on her grueling training and on her developing friendships with two fellow pledges The premise was strong and the characterization of Tali was effective—she is a good warrior and a leader—but the reader will be as much in the dark as Tali So much information about the conspiracy is withheld that it is difficult for readers to connect emotionally to the characters’ plight However the diverse world based in medieval Mesoamerica is a welcome departure from the usual European fantasy setting Overall a suitable choice for libraries that need middle grade fantasy series with strong female leads

  10. Briana Briana says:

    Source NetgalleyI love a good story about teens training to be knights especially stories about girls training to be knights and having to overcome the obstacles presented by their small size lack of proper preparation or institutional sexism Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness uartet was among my favorite books when I was in middle school and I hoped to relive some of the magic in a new fantasy realm by reading J D Vaughn Unfortunately I was disappointed by poor writing and flimsy world buildingAdmittedly The Second Guard tries to offer readers a complex world but too many elements pillaged from too many other fantasy worlds makes Tali’s social system a bit of a mess First there are Guilds Each person worships either the sun the moon or the earth and wears Guild appropriate clothing and has a Guild appropriate job This however means there is also something of a caste system; the other Guilds look down on the Earth Guild for doing the nation’s manual labor Then there is also something going on with a Far World and a Nigh World vaguely akin to our world’s New and Old Worlds and the Age of Exploration Plus Tali’s world is sort of based on our world because there’s a place called Araby and people speak Spanish and so forth but the exact relationship isn’t clear Suffice it to say I spent a lot of the novel confused by how this world is supposed to be builtThe presence of the Guilds also led to some awkward stereotyping problems There’s a pretty clear moral lesson presented in the Second Guard; you shouldn’t judge people by their Guild shouldn’t use Guild slurs shouldn’t assume all people in a Guild are stupid lazy arrogant etc The characters who do these things are clearly the novel’s bullies and clearly wrong for their bigotry However Tali and the narrator? also generalizestereotype Guilds They observe that ALL Moon Guilders are elegant diplomatic and well read They note that ALL Earth Guilders are steady “rooted” and good with animals So the message seems to be that you are allowed to homogenize a group as long as you’re saying nice things about them not mean onesThe Second Guard’s greatest accomplishment then is its ability to build strong character relationships Sure Tali and her trainee friends all speak to each other in perpetually formal dialogue that sounds awkwardly stilted than naturally polite but they do eventually develop a wonderful rapport Tali also has a strong relationship with her father and her twin sister which is uite beautiful to see Add to that a delightful and protective packhound as well as an immensely bouncy jabbering boy and The Second Guard has a great cast of charactersIn the end however these characters could not save the book for me Beyond the baffling world building and contradictory moral messages the plot is slow paced and predictable The major plot twist? I called it from the beginning of the novel Perhaps the intended audience readers decently younger than I am would not but that is not something I can accurately predict So while I wanted to like The Second Guard and would probably try another novel by J D Vaughn I was ultimately disappointed

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