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Mirage ❮BOOKS❯ ✭ Mirage Author Tia Fielding – When forty six year old washed up country musician Jasper “Red” Blue looks at the past all he sees is a series of failures His one treasured success is six years battling alcoholism without the he When forty six year old washed up country musician Jasper “Red” Blue looks at the past all he sees is a series of failures His one treasured success is six years battling alcoholism without the help of AA To secure his children’s future Jasper desperately wants to produce a new album but he can’t write alone And he won’t work with just anyone Jasper's record company manages to secure the writer one of the biggest country music songs in recent history to help write the album Cade Wallace is a long haired former soul surfer devastatingly handsome talented and willing to take a chance on the rugged musician Jasper on the other hand is deep in the closet With Jasper's career hanging in the balance he can't promise Cade anything and Cade eventually heads back to his full time job as a truck driver taking Jasper’s hopes of a relationship with him If Jasper’s dream of a life together is ever to come true he will have to take some big risks putting both his career and his children’s security on the line.

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  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    Well that was awkward This book seemed like all kinds of up my alley cowboys washed up country singers last chance romanceHell yeah and a side of ice cream But this wasn't awesome sad faceInstead of feels and hot sweaty man sex we get divorced maybe gay bi in the closet possibly gay for you threesome at times complications; lots of ex something or others wives girlfriends boyfriends in the picture; meddlesome friends and family coming and going; mostly off page sex; mostly off page relationship There was telling though SO MUCH telling The ending should have made me giddy but it all felt forced and flat This may well turn out to be a case of everyone loved it but me I feel kind of bereft And now I'm getting the hell off this pony

  2. Karen Karen says:

    This one's been kicking around on my e reader for a while now and for some reason it caught my eye the other day and I decided it was time So here's the thing I can't say I loved italthough I really wish I could and I don't feel like being redundant about the things that bothered me because honestly my friend Dani here on GR summed it up nicely so because I'm feeling lazy here's the link to her review 'm just going to expound for a moment here on one of the things that Dani covered in her review and that was the ending To me it was over the top throw in all the sappy sentiment and moments we can find and add a sprinkling of flowery gushinesssorry sometimes less is and I think if the ending of this had been toned down a bit and put into a believable context that alone would have improved this story significantly for me Well that and a reasonable explanation of why anyone would go by the name Red Blue hell I'm still trying to figure out why Ottawa wants a hockey team called 'The Red Blacks' I mean really? Just think with any luck maybe my parents could have named me Red Green because I likeoh damn never mind that names taken I suirreled again didn't I? Sorry Ok let's wrap this upAs for what I liked because there were things that I liked I liked the overall idea behind this story to me it was about second chances finding love learning to forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past Those are all things that appeal to me very much I liked that Jasper was older that he was gasp 46 years old Also coming from a small town environment and a large family I totally related to all the meddling but well meaning family and friends and found them to be rather amusing for the most part and I really liked the dogs Yes there are dogs in this story and to be honest they're around a lot I like dogs so it only stands to reason that I like their presence in this story There were horses too although they weren't as present as the dogs and I'm going to end this torture with a uick nod to the cover I do like that cover it's very reflective of the story and it incorporates some important story elements very nicely and they all lived HEA THE END

  3. Tina Tina says:

    Okay I’ll admit to being a “woman of a certain age” For those of you who aren’t one that means around fifty years old As someone who has earned every single damned gray hair and wrinkle and C section scar can I just say Hallefkinglujah to Tia Fielding for writing a book a LOVE story with a main character who is forty six years old I have no idea when “they” decided that only the under 35 crowd got to fall in love but “they” should piss off because love is there for everyone to trip over at whatever age it finds you My mom who is a serial monogamist found her latest love at 62 They live happily and in relatively good health at the Jersey shore because really is there a romantic place on Earth?Mirage is the story of Jasper “Red” Blue a washed up alcoholic country music star In the six years since he dried out he has been white knuckling it on his property in Texas in virtual isolation He has focused on his relationships with his kids and ex wife She has always know he’s gay but the kids don’t And he’s definitely not out to the public His career hasn’t felt important as long as he had enough money to support his family and himself But now he feels ready to make a new album He unfortunately seems to have lost the ability to write a good songThe brain trust at his record label is able to hire an amazingly successful song writer to come to the ranch and work with him to get enough songs together for an album Cade Wallace is a full time truck driver part time song writer who happens to be devastatingly hot and talented He also wrote the most popular country music song to come along in many years He arrives at Jasper’s home and sparks fly immediately Cade makes it clear that he is gay but it takes a little longer for Jasper to admit the same to CadeTheir song writing becomes a reflection of the development of their relationship The songs are great but their chemistry is incendiary They spend months working on the album that’s old timey talk for a bunch of songs recorded at the same time by a band or artist And in that time Cade meets Jasper’s friends and his family and just carves out a place in Jasper’s heart and life Jasper just isn’t willing to make any plans past the end of their collaboration so Cade is forced to take a trucking job when they finish writing He leaves Texas and doesn’t look backThe connection between Jasper and Cade was great It was lovely to see Jasper coming out as a gay man one toe at a time until he got a much needed shove But it was a good thing Being a woman of a certain age also enables me to recognize how impossible it can seem to make a big life change at that age To switch up everything you know and that people think they know about you Jasper may never have stepped out of the closet if it hadn’t been for that shove It’s hard to undo 46 years of thinking and behaviorWhile Cade is on the road not looking back Jasper is figuring how he can get Cade to come back to him Jasper’s ex wife and kids are awesome supporting characters through the whole book but especially here They fall in line behind Jasper and have his back in a way that is only possible if they really believe in him and trust his sobriety and dedication to them If Cade won’t take his phone calls he’s gonna have to do it up rightOne big public gesture coming right up I’m not going to spoil it for you Just know that I was shaking in my boots for Jasper I was crying with him as he did it up right With his ex by his side It was so sweet and romantic and brave I jumped out of my chair I was so excited That was before I really got in to the meat of the scene and started crying So good The way a love story is meant to be toldTia Fielding Tia Fielding how did you do it up right with Mirage? Let me count the ways your main character is 46 years old he is a GINGER he’s a triple threat he writes plays and sings and he is a country singer We have read enough closeted rock stars to fill an arena and I will still read them because there’s just something about a rock star but there aren’t a lot of gay country music stars In fiction I mean That’s four ways that Tia Fielding did it up right with this book Just so happens to coincide with the number of stars in my rating Go figure

  4. Tina Tina says:

    45 starsTia Fielding is a new author to me and when I came across the blurb of Mirage I immediately new this story would be the perfect opportunity to get to know her writingThe age of Jasper Blue aka ‘Red’ was the first thing that fascinated me If you read MM romances you will be used to heroes of a ‘certain' age it seems unusual for MC’s older than 25 or 30 to fall in love So it was refreshingly different that Jasper is forty six and still has the ‘right’ to hope for the love of his lifeWhen Jasper starts talking about his life you feel the sadness and the loneliness behind his words He’s a forty six years old washed up alcoholic a country music star who lives in self imposed isolation with his horses and his dogs Smith and Wesson the ‘Munitions’ how a certain guy calls them later somewhere on a ranch in Texas Even so he’s been clean and sober for a few years now the possibility of falling off the wagon is still his daily reality His ex wife who knows that he is gay still loves him dearly and supports him as best she can Jasper’s career though never gave him the opportunity to step out of the closet Being a country star and openly gay? Keep on dreamingAnyway after six years without any new music Jasper is determined to make a new album and is looking for a song writer to help him with the lyrics Cade Wallace is the name of the truck driver and song writer who shows up at Jasper’s ranch and starts working with him Hot talented with beautiful long dark hair a movie star smile and ten years younger he is Jasper’s dream guy the sparks immediately fly and soon Jasper has to decide if Cade is only a mirage that is going to vanish into thin air or if they can build something togetherTia's relationship development of Jasper and Cade is so emotional her writing remarkable I loved the chemistry between them the tension was building nicely and I couldn’t wait to see them getting to the point when all the intensity between them just exploded And when that happened after some heart breaking moments of embarrassment wow it was so brilliant emotionally written I was in heaven Those two are just a perfect fit and I loved that the story is focused on the relationship between Cade and Jasper and not always the sex Mirage touches some areas of sexuality that aren't usually included in the average MM romance and makes it very real Those two men have tasted the bitterness of life have both gone through so many ups and downs they are marvellously imperfect with their insecurities and inadeuacies wonderfully damaged and lovable with their different backgroundsThe story has a really nice and solid pace and it’s so easy to fall for both of the guys You love with them you suffer with them and you want to kick their asses when their insecurities their stubbornness and their fear seem to destroy their loveMirage is one of those stories where you fall as easily for the secondary character as you do for the MCs They are so realistically done so lovable and engaging a strong support system to Jasper and Cade They love these two men and would do anything to help them finding their HEA I only want to mention one of those incredible friends Mia a trans character a cheerful girlMirage is brilliantly written it made me smile it made me sad it made me feel for the guys I just wanted to hug them and make it all better Recommended to those who like a character driven story with lots of heart dogs kids horses country music and a sentimental sappy ending the epilogue just blew me away Highly recommended

  5. Kade Boehme Kade Boehme says:

    This was a great book A couple of the plot choices irritated the ever loving hell out of me but they're standard MM plot devices ie cliche that are starting to piss me off in all books so I won't make an example of this book for 2 moments where I clenched my teeth This was really a fabulous story I love that they were older I LOVE how true and imperfect and insecure JasperRed was His flaws made him so real and so perfect Aside from the whole Reina thing that gave me a twitch and the fact there was no one in the man's life he HADNT had sex with I really liked Cade as a character maybe not so much as a person Regardless This books had me all tense during the separation and happy for the reunion I loved the inclusion of Mia What an unexpectedly powerful yet very subtle inclusion of a trans character and letting it be as it should not worth than the passing oh she's trans moment Kudos on that I also like that this one didn't go down the path typical musician stories do where the guy comes out becomes even desired wins a grammy and becomes a bigger superstar While the sentiment behind writing that stuff is precious letting it just belegitwas refreshing Not that he failed and people hated him and life sucked or anything it was just realistic So this is why despite those twitchy cliche moments I had to love this book There were way happy surprises about this book Great workSolid story I'd recommend

  6. Portia Portia says:

    I really enjoyed this story Tia Fielding is uickly becoming one of my favorite ‘romance” writers She can get down and dirty with the best but at the core of all of her stories is a sweet love story At the beginning of Mirage Jasper is a hot mess Literally from the first page you can feel his insecurities peeking through And based on his family’s reactions he has good reasons He’s been clean and sober for a while but the possibility of falling off the wagon is his daily reality Cade isn’t as obviously broken but as the story progresses you realize that he ain’t as together as you might thinkThis story had a really nice pace I was a bit concerned at how fast they came out to each other but that was the only thing fast about this relationship Both men want forever but neither knows how to ask for itAnd this is one of those stories where you love the secondary characters as much as you do the leads If Tia Fielding decides to turn this into a series she has already introduced us to a few characters that are strong enough to carry a full novel Hell I even liked the ex wife and ex friend with benefitsAll in all a solid story that kept me clickin’ my Kindle Realistic characters who have to work for their happily ever afterHighly recommend

  7. Shannon Shannon says:

    I think I'm in the minority here in that I didn't love this book I barely liked it I didn't feel the story I just read it I don't know if that makes sense but it's like each part of the book worked up to something and then we were told about it after it happened We didn't experience them as they occurred Gah it's hard to explain but it just didn't work for me The 3 stars is for the parts of the book and there were a few that really did work Not bad just not my favorite

  8. Caroline Brand Caroline Brand says:

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE425 StarsTia Fielding delivers once againJasper Blue aka ‘Red’ is a Country singer who has reaped the rewards of his success but now lives with his demons and finds himself unable to find the words and lyrics for his latest album Six years ago he found the strength to deal with his alcoholism but there is not a day that goes by when he doesn’t live with the temptation or relive his imagined failures Just because he no longer drinks does not mean he is curedLong time friend and producer Kenny suggests they bring in a songwriter and when they manage to hire the very talented and popular Cade Wallace things begin to look up Cade arrives at Reds house and for the next couple of months the two men find the lyrics within themselves for the next album but also so much Never has Red felt so ‘safe’ as he does when he is with CadeRed lives in the closet and in his own words he is so far in there that he would probably need a torch to find his way out You will grow to love this strong needy and very loving man who has so little faith in himself He lives almost in seclusion but has a very strong group of friends and family who provide a support system when reuiredCade is a trucker and never stays in one place too long Like Red he has a strong support system in his friends but he is looking for someone and not somewhere that he can call home It hurts him to think he may have found this with Red but with circumstances out of his control he may lose it just as uicklyThe first time these two men ended up in bed together my heart broke a little With the after affects of his alcoholism causing Red shame and embarrassment Cade was so gentle with him I think this was where the relationship changed and although neither men knew at the time there was no going back from this pointWith the album finished and Red terrified for his career if his adoring public find out he is gay Cade leaves and returns to his trucking This is devastating for both men In the past Red would have turned to the bottle to help deal with his feelings and loss but if he is to keep his promises to his family and have any chance of getting back the man he loves he has to fight than his fear of drinkingThere are some amazing secondary characters in this book who love these two men and would do anything to help them including showing a beaten up country singer that bravery and honesty can reap spectacular rewards both on stage and off

  9. Whitney Whitney says:

    I was expecting from this title The blurb pulled me in but the execution left a lot to be desired And those are the same problems I’ve had with other Tia Fielding booksToo much happened off page I would’ve loved to actually see Jasper and Cade’s relationship develop instead of being told about it And I would’ve liked for their sexual tension to last a bit longer than Cade’s first couple days of being there When Cade came on to Jasper it felt like it was coming out of left field and I was really wondering if I had missed something After shacking up and doing it like rabbits which we don’t get to see either weeks go by and characters pop in and out giggling and teasing up a storm If you’re going to deny the reader sex scenes at the very least make their out of bedroom relationship interesting and perhaps give me some delayed gratificationInformation was needlessly repeated like Cade’s racialethnic background Side note Jasper’s son is white and he needs to get over it And caucasian does not mean you’re whiteAs soon as the nosy mother figure came into play I should’ve known I was headed down the “meddling friends and family members” road I’m all for secondary characters chiming in to tell the MCs they need to take their head out their asses how many times have you wanted to do that to a character? but I can not stand when they play the go betweens and romance advisors when the MCs need to talk to each other directly I can put up with a lot of horrible writing cliches but I refuse to put up with that oneI liked Jasper and Cade as a couple for what little on page time we get to see them together But there were too many other characters that though likable detracted from the story the MCs could’ve had25 Stars

  10. Gigi Gigi says:

    Has anyone started this? Mirage looks REALLY good and Tia Fielding is a personal favorite but I'd love to hear how this one is going before I dive in

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