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Billy Joel ✅ Billy Joel pdf ✈ Author Fred Schruers – The long awaited all access biography of a music legendIn Billy Joel acclaimed music journalist Fred Schruers draws upon than one hundred hours of exclusive interviews with Joel to present an unpreced The long awaited all access biography of a music legendIn Billy Joel acclaimed music journalist Fred Schruers draws upon than one hundred hours of exclusive interviews with Joel to present an unprecedented look at the life career and legacy of the pint sized kid from Long Island who became a rock iconExhibiting unparalleled intimate knowledge Schruers chronicles Joel’s rise to the top of the charts from his working class origins in Levittown and early days spent in boxing rings and sweaty clubs to his monumental success in the seventies and eighties He also explores Joel’s creative transformation in the nineties his dream performance with Paul McCartney at Shea Stadium in and beyondAlong the way Schruers reveals the stories behind all the key events and relationships—including Joel’s high profile marriages and legal battles—that defined his path to stardom and inspired his signature songs such as “Piano Man” “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” “New York State of Mind” and “She’s Always a Woman” Throughout he captures the spirit of a restless artist determined to break through by sharing in his deeply personal lyrics the dreams and heartbreaks of suburban American lifeComprehensive vibrantly written and filled with Joel’s memories and reflections—as well as those of the family friends and band members who have formed his inner circle including Christie Brinkley Alexa Ray Joel Jon Small and Steve Cohen—this is the definitive account of a beloved rock star’s epic American journey.

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    This book famously began as an autobiography until the 11th hour when Billy Joel abruptly pulled it from the publishing schedule and paid back his advance claiming he wasn't interested in getting into the nitty gritty of his personal life namely his ex wives and girlfriends His co author on the project Fred Schruers still had hundreds of hours of personal interviews with Joel so it seemed logical that he would take the reins and turn the book into an authorized biographyTo be sure when it focuses on the music the book is highly informative tightly written and filled with juicy nuggets I'm a diehard Springsteen fan and I hadn't been aware how deep the connection and appreciation between the two went Joel is a great interviewee smart and witty possessing far self awareness than most of his rock brethrenThing is it's hard to see why Joel would have yanked the autobiography but then authorized this For a man who says he doesn't believe in therapy or heavy introspection Joel spends a substantial amount of time here doing heavy self analysis and myth makingThe other problem with this book is with its subject Joel has not been a recording artist for than 20 years His tours remain highly popular but also highly static Joel rightly points out that his audiences don't give him the same benefit of the doubt they give Springsteen and Dylan perfectly willing to hear deep cuts and adventurous set lists; Joel's been playing roughly the same set for two decadesThe upshot is that the biography hits a brick wall around 1995 and turns into a truly gloomy cataloging of Joel's failed relationships with some spirited repartee with Elton John thrown in Fully one third of the book features Joel examining in great detail why every relationship he's been in ended If that's your thing you will love this book I fully admit it conuered meThis is no knock on Schruers who did his homework got Joel's inner circle on the record and does his best to make Joel's post '95 period seem as compelling as his recording period He also uncovers a lot about Joel's heritage namely his family's experience in the Holocaust that lend great perspective to Joel as an artist And he accomplishes what a good biography should he successfully convinces you of his subject's importance I've run hot and cold on Joel's music in the past but my appreciation for it and of Joel himself deepened as I worked through this bookBilly Joel is under no obligation to record or tour again He owes us nothing He is entitled to any solitude or sunset riding he wants He seems like a restless spirit ambivalent about fame and the rigors of touring but also thriving on it Whatever makes him happy As grist for a life spanning biography however his 20 year creative funk mars what is otherwise an engaging thoughtful book Recommended with reservations

  2. Ashley Marie Ashley Marie says:

    As I briefly mentioned in my updates I love reading a biography or memoir where I can actually learn something about the person that I didn't know before going into the book That happened a lot with this book and I love Billy Joel even now than I did a week ago by the way who in the HELL ever decided Billy Joel wasn't cool? This man is the epitome of coolSuffice to say I loved this book And the fella who read it Kirk did a good job capturing different voices at least until he hit the 90% mark This book has revved the engine for what might be my biggest Billy Joel kick ever I bought Turnstiles and 52nd Street last night because of this book then went to the library this afternoon and found the full concert plus the documentary about the Last Play at Shea FANGIRLINGIt was incredibly interesting to learn about the inspiration for Billy's songs and I felt for him when he had to deal with all the shit his manager pulled And then to wind up dealing with three divorces just sounded insane This might be why I'm in absolutely no hurry to get married but who knows? You really get a feel for how much research went into this book not in the least if you read the Note on the Sources at the end of the book A hundred hours of interviews with Billy alone plus a hundred hours of interviews with friends and associates It's incredible If you're a Billy Joel fan or just a regular hardworking Joe Schmo who appreciates other people being down to earth I highly recommend this book

  3. Linda Linda says:

    An interesting look at both Billy Joel's life and behind the scenes of the big time music life including the record companies and touring mechanization The author doesn't pussy foot around Joel's marriages or his car accidents or his trips to rehab Joel's music has often seemed autobiographical and the stories behind the songs doesn't change my opinion about that What seems most remarkable is that through the woes of his life Joel is always forgiving he is on friendly terms with all of his exesI'd like to read this again with my Billy Joel albums ready to cue to remind me of songs that I have pushed to the back of my forgetful brain

  4. Susan Susan says:

    Based on interviews with Joel his friends family band mates and many others this biography takes us from Billy Joel’s family history all the way to the present Joel has long been one of my favourite singers and I cannot help agreeing with Elton John that he is a bit of a conundrum so I was very interested to find out about him I have never read a biography of his life before although I was aware of the major events but it was good to have a proper thorough account of his life and careerThe book begins with Billy Joel’s family history his childhood and difficult relationship with his father We move on to his early love of music and fledgling bands such as The Hassles and Attila We follow his story from a stuttering start to his career although personally I love those first albums to the massive success of The Stranger There are management issues some of them extremely serious ones record label worries and personal issues Billy Joel is totally open in this book; discussing his marriages to Elizabeth Christie Brinkley and Katie Lee his problems with alcohol his perceived ‘fallings out’ with Elton John and Liberty De Vitto Along with the difficulties there are also positive things His deep love for daughter Alexa his regard for his loyal fans the high spots of his career such as the Last Night at Shea with Paul McCartney and being honoured by his peers This is an honest and open account of Billy Joel’s life but you do still get the sense that he really doesn’t understand – even now – how superb he truly is as a singer and a songwriter I would love him to write some new material and have the confidence and the passion to make new albums He has so much to offer not just as a live act but as a musician and although I know there have been the odd new song along the way he openly admits that he has lost the will to record Still every album he has made are familiar old friends constantly replayed and his music – like the man – has stood the test of time

  5. Rosa Rosa says:

    When this book came across my desk at work one of the perks of being a librarian it didn't matter that I was already reading three books that were due back in the library before this brand spanking new one would be It was a book about Billy Joel who is not only my favourite singer of all time but is also one of my real life heroes Everything else HAD to go on hold until I could read this one Because his music is my one true love and true love lasts a life timeNow some of the things brought up in this biography is stuff I was already well aware of his battle with depression the collapse of his three marriages and some of the vague details behind them the stories behind a few select favourite songs of mine But even the things I knew were further developed in this book than I had ever read or heard previouslyAnd then there were some parts I had no idea about like the fact that my favourite song from his first album was for all intents and purposes his suicide note during his FIRST suicide attempt When I thought about the lyrics I realised that I SHOULD have known that right from the offI've always been aware that this man whose music is the soundtrack for all major events of my life is a flawed human being I knew the generalities of some of the mistakes he's made over the years and all of the trials he had to face But knowing the IDEA of something is a lot different than knowing complete details It broke my heart made him even human than his music has always painted him and made me love him and his music even than I did before which I would have assumed previously to be impossibleWhile there are still some songs that we don't get the story behind including some of the ones in my top ten we get enough to learn how his mind works And well I learnt that even this genius musician whose music is perfect and WONDERFULLY human and wise and SO SO easy to relate to thinks he's not a great piano player or songwriter In a weird way that gives me hope Because I KNOW he's talented if I could only pick one musician to listen to for the rest of my life it would be him and if even he thinks he's not that great despite all evidence to the contrary then it makes me think that maybe I'm not as bad at my hobbies as I always think I amNote this though the writer is obviously a fan of the musician so if you want to read something to bash Joel and his work then this is NOT the book for you Go pick up a REALLY old edition of an album critiue for The Bridge or Nylon Curtain if you're looking for something to hate on

  6. Christopher Christopher says:

    Schruers' definitive biography of Billy Joel relies so heavily on extended uotations mostly from Joel but also from bandmates friends and ex wives that it reads like an oral history than a proper biography Joel's is a sufficiently engaging personality however which somewhat justifies the format The only real complaint is that much of the mid 70s mid 80s stretch of Joel's life and career the part in which I believe most readers would be interested is notably bereft of details with entire album cycles sometimes being summed up in little than a page This isn't to say that the last two decades of Joel's life aren't worth study but a bit nitty gritty about the recording sessions and the artistic drive and process behind them would be welcome Schruers does do a fine job of explicating Joel's lyrics as autobiography and weaving them throughout the narrative but his and Joel's easygoing geniality and unwillingness to speak ill of or hold grudges against anyone does give the reader the sense that there's uite a bit being left unsaid Some context and embellishment is given to all of the major beats of the Joel mythos the suicide attempts the depression the on stage outbursts the accidents but there aren't any revelations to be found Mostly it just feels like sitting down to hear stories from the man himself which isn't altogether a bad thing just maybe not enough to be truly definitive

  7. Tamra Tamra says:

    OK Here's the deal If you're not a ridiculous die hard fan of Billy Joel you'll like this book better than someone who is a super freak Billy lover like moi and here's the reason why There's not a ton of information in this book that most people don't already know some juicy bits to titillate curious beings such as myself etc etc etc I also was not a fan of Mr Schruers writing It was okay but lacked a certain shall we say natural flow Oh Well it was what it was But if you don't want to read a large book about Billy just flip between a couple of magazines and YouTube some of his songs

  8. Kim Kim says:

    I admit that although I am a Billy Joel fan I didn’t know much about him I found this a fascinating account of his life and career It follows his uite difficult childhoodHe started in a garage bands and writing music They persuaded him to record and he has had great success he has also written for a lot of the greatsHe pours his feelings into his music and the piano has helped him through many turbulent times We hear about his married life and his many interests I really enjoyed this one many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    I think most celebrity biographies are dullest in the opening chapters and only really get interesting as the person's career takes off but I had the opposite experience with Billy Joel Joel's family history is fascinating for fans as well as anyone who cares about 20th century history in general and his journey from Long Island to California and back again is generally fairly absorbing But Schruers' focus on Joel's personal life ultimately works to the book's detriment because once Joel's creative well dries up in the early '90s the book only has his love life to talk about and it becomes a sort of dating memoir for a rich lonely guy in his 50s and 60s On balance an interesting read and this lifelong fan learned than expected but a deeper focus on the music and Joel's post pop creative life might have made it something special

  10. Jeff Wilson Jeff Wilson says:

    meh I'm a fan of the piano man so I bought this book Most of what I read I already knew It's not packed full of information that's not already available to the public Schruers however is a pretty bad writer He has written for the Rolling Stone and it show is this work It reads like a long too long rolling stone article I haven't enjoyed a rolling stone article in a long time now and his writing style grew irritating uickly in this bookI prefer a definitive biography to have a professional and unattached style to it Schruers injects too much of his opinion into the book At times it seem Schruers is not trying to retell the life of Billy Joel as much as he's trying to write a short story with Billy Joel as the main character I would not recommend this book to anyone

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