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Roam ➤ Roam Ebook ➪ Author Kimberly Stedronsky Adams – West Perry has spent his existence searching for and finding Roam Camden In every lifetime that he has found her he has set out to save her and in turn save our world He has failed six times throughou West Perry has spent his existence searching for and finding Roam Camden In every lifetime that he has found her he has set out to save her and in turn save our world He has failed six times throughout history to protect her from an immortal evil Now in their last life together seventeen year old Roam discovers a way to travel through time and try again knowing she must save herself the man that she loves And the life of their unborn child.

  • Paperback
  • Roam
  • Kimberly Stedronsky Adams
  • English
  • 06 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Roam

  1. Annika Annika says:

    WeeeeeeeeeellllYou know those books that annoy you to death at times but you for the life of you can't seem to stop reading because they're so captivating nonetheless?Yeah? Well this was one of those for meThe premise of this novel was great I loved the blurb and the beginning of the story Roam seemed to be such an amazing heroine extremely smart and mature for her 17 years and I didn't even mind the impending love triangle because it seemed to be somehow justified – you know true love vs fated love I can't exactly say I'm a fan of love triangles but I can deal when they're handled sensitively The way Kimberly Adams pulled it off in this book though I hated it view spoiler1 Roam's practically known Logan all her life been with him for years and with him she makes this huge fuzz out of her virginity yet when she meets West she gives it up to him within like a week or so? While Logan is on the run and all alone in order to protect her? So not cool girl So not cool2 Thinking and acting by things like I want him It was that moment when I truly realized how much I wanted him When his hands were on me I forgot about my love for Logan I forgot about everything I felt only need Primeval fundamental need that only West could fulfil followed by her becoming all whiny and drowning in self pity crying about how she could have done something like that to Logan but not doing anything about it instead keeping deceiving the supposed love of her life The sad thing is that I didn't even feel any chemistry between Roam and West so I couldn't comprehend that need at all3 Keeping Logan in the dark while fooling around behind his back in order to not lose him as an ally? What a dick move Shame on you hide spoiler

  2. CT CT says:

    Not your normal paranormal and doesn't involve vampiresangels The story started off like a teacherstudent relationship but the plot moved uite uickly and I was gripped Love it when a book shocks me and this one had me gasping 'oh no' a few times especially the ending

  3. Liz Lawson Liz Lawson says:

    Camden has been friends with Logan since childhood then she meets West this is the paranormal story of West Logan and Camden and their previous lives and fighting to survive evil I found the story slow going and hard to follow the plot till I got to approx 80% of the book now I'm hooked Following on with Fall 2nd book in the series

  4. R.S. Grey R.S. Grey says:

    Absolutely loved this book I sat down to read a part of it yesterday and then I READ THE ENTIRE THING in one day I bought the entire box set yay so I've already started book two I would highly recommend this book It was on my to read list for a few months and for whatever reason I never picked it up and now I'm kicking myself I was skeptical of the historical aspect etc but it ended up having just enough to keep you interested The story was fast paced and I definitely fell for all of the characters Kimberly created an amazing plot and story line that had me hookedRoam West Logan

  5. Imani Imani says:

    Roam follows the story of 17 year old Roam Camden who is in her senior year of high school trying to get into the college of her dreams and dating her best friend her whole life Logan Rush Then she meets her AP World History teacher West Perry and there is to him than just being very attractive He and Roam are destined to be together because their child will save the worldYup I know it sounds very intriguing West is an immortal and Roam has an immortal soul which means that West has been living for 600 years finding Roam in her every life and trying to keep her and their baby aliveThe reason being is because these two guys has always gotten to her before she can go into labor This is the 7th and last time that Roam and West can try and save our worldI very much enjoyed Roam I have been spying on this series for a while and finally go around to reading itThis story starts off as a YA novel and a teacherstudent romance but it evolves into something way different We learn about Roam's other lives who she was and how she was killed each timeThe book is around almost 400 pages but it didn't seem that long at all I really enjoyed it and I love the topic of reincarnationRead it and give it a try

  6. Josephine Josephine says:

    This book was a free download and what a find it was This was a fantastic read It was well written fast paced with very few typos unlike a lot of other self published books these daysThe characters were well developed and I found myself wanting to know each of them even The story was captivating from the very beginning I love that Roam is an intelligent and rather mature character despite her young age of 17 There is little teenage angst which is atypical of other YA novels The other main characters in the book West and Logan are really great as well both strong honorable and selfless Both worthy of Roam despite their past historiesThe premise of the story 4 individuals whose fates are intertwined throughout time have 7 lifetimes to reach their goals This book starts with their final lifetime It was very interesting to get glimpses of those other lifetimes throughout the book There is a huge span of time from the first lifetime to the last History really comes alive through the author's portrayal of eachI could not put this novel down once I started and can't wait for the next one

  7. Jessica *The Lovely Books* Jessica *The Lovely Books* says:


  8. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    West Perry has spent his existence searching for and finding Roam Camden In every lifetime that he has found her he has set out to save her and in turn save our world He has failed six times throughout history to protect her from an immortal evil Now in their last life together seventeen year old Roam discovers a way to travel through time and try again knowing she must save herself the man that she loves and the life of their unborn childMy grade BI think what I loved best about this series is how the author is able to take popular tropes from several different genres and make them work These books are not only well written and engrossing; they also showed me once again that there are good self published authors out thereThis novel ended with a cliff hanger but I was lucky enough to read all three of the books in uick succession I remember thinking that I wasn’t ready for this story to end and being happy that even though West and Roam get their HEA the author left plenty of room for there to be books about the other charactersOne of my few complaints about this book was that I didn’t feel it was explicit enough with the relationship between West and Roam The writing was excellent and it made me sad that the author missed an opportunity to take on the complexities between the two main characters Most of the time I’m than happy with a fade to black or the briefest mention of sex but in this case I felt West and Roam deserved And if anyone else felt this way I’m happy to add that the author published a novella called West which tells the story of Roam from West’s POV and than makes up for what is only briefly mentioned in this bookI would definitely recommend this series to anyone who likes romance fantasy and the paranormal The story told here was able to delve into the fantastic while being grounded in our reality

  9. Shirley Buchanan Shirley Buchanan says:

    What would you do if you were seventeen and everything you believed in had to change to save the world? You would panic just like Roam didSmart focused and college bound Roam Camden has two goals become a history professor and have a future with Logan Rush Happy with her rosy future she panicked when she touched West Perry her history teacher Forces had been set in motion and the fates of two worlds rested on her shoulders West promised he could save her but could he?Handsomeresourcefuland smartWest Perry has a lifetime mission protect Roam from the evil that stalks her But over the centuries six times he has tried and failed This seventh life together is his final chance Markings have appeared on his arm each time she's been reborn Her markings have seared her flesh each time that they first touch And each and every time their eternal love has returned full force Just how intertwined are their lives?Bright athletic and eighteen Logan Rush has two passions the Marines and Roam In childhood friendship flourished in their teens those feelings deepened Planning a future with the service Roam and marriage he's confused when the overwhelming dreams come Will the past collide with the present until nothing seems possible or real?Will the evil one find and convince Logan to kill Roam?Will West's knowledge and protection be enough to save Roam?Or will her salvation come from an unlikely source?This book weaves history culture and science into an engrossing tale of good VS evil Well developed characters Totally entertaining real page turner No emotions weren't employed reading about these charactersI would highly recommend this bookExcellent read

  10. Michelle [Helen Geek] Michelle [Helen Geek] says:

    05132013 Overall Rating 4 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb 3 3 3 StarsWriter’s Voice 4 StarsCharacter Development 4 StarsStory Appreciation 4 StarsWorth the Chili 5 Stars Free on What an amazing read I had no idea I'd like a story like this as much as I did I stumbled on this one uite by accident one of my freebies It sat on my Kindle for a month or so as I watched the ratings stay consistently above 45 Stars I just finished a bit of offbeat paranormal and was interested in a bit Boy did this one fit the billI loved the characters The authors voice is uniue and interesting The story was developed fairly well The only real issue I had was with the story It fell apart a bit in the end I didn't believe the average 17 year old girl would have such a wealth of historical knowledge Nor did I buy the insta love thing between Roam and West but it did fit the story so I'll hang and not dwell too much on this particular elementI'm ready for the next one I borrowed the next in the series and plan to read onSo if you like a bit of reincarnation with an interesting twisted little time travel tale woven in then this will suit you wonderfullyEnjoy and Happy Reading

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