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  1. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    One family one monumental storm I loved this story because it is so different from the most serious family drama that I normally read This story from start to finish is very moving and very funny Jack and Meredith are non identical twins Their father died before they born and now they both have to watch as their mother go further in to the grip of early onset dementia One day a throway comment starts Jack wondering if their father really died Jemima is a young teenage girl that everything just horrifies her just like most other teenage girls Jemima pretends to be Lucy a twenty something blonde on an online dating site I highly recomend Arms Wide Open to all readers and book clubs

  2. Karen Karen says:

    Tom Winter is a new author to me but this his second book was a delight to read It was both poignant and funny and had a main cast of wonderful characters that possibly with the exception of the downright eccentric you could identify and engage withJack and Meredith are 43 year old twins Meredith’s life hasn’t turned out as she expected She feels a failure because her husband has left her for another woman and seeks solace in plants and gardening She diligently visits their ailing mother in a nursing home despite the fact that her mother has never shown her any affection only unkind criticismJack meanwhile has enjoyed a rather charmed life and has the Maserati to prove it However life has a way of biting you on the backside and with his career and personal life now in meltdown the time has come for both Jack and Meredith to confront their past in order to be able to deal with their futureJack and Meredith are complete opposites and it’s the interaction between them that makes this book so special Add to the mix Meredith’s teenage daughter Jemima – so streetwise in some ways but also so very naive and who deals with her unhappiness by hiding behind online dating forums; 11 year old Luke whose unusual behaviour makes him a target for bullies and Edna the elderly next door neighbour who is still expecting Hitler’s bombs to drop and you have a wonderfully dysfunctional family providing the perfect opportunity for some black humour and some very poignant moments I have to give a mention here to Reggie Edna’s elderly and neglected dog who stole my heartThe story is told by present day character narrations interspersed with chapters going back from 5 45 years so that gradually the reader knows the background to Jack and Meredith's lifeI don't want to give away too much and it really is a book best discovered by reading it yourself but I can’t praise this book highly enough it is a book you simply must read The writing is taut and clear and not a sentence is wasted I am now very much looking forward to reading the author’s debut novel Lost and FoundMy thanks to Lovereading for the review copy

  3. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Having read Tom Winter's first novel Lost Found review here I was really looking forward to reading this and I wasn't disappointed Thanks so much to Grace at Constable Robinson for sending me a copy for reviewThere were lots of characters to familiarise myself with and I did get a bit lost of who's who at the start On the outside we see what seems to be a normal family which could have had the potential to be a bit boring but because its so heartfeltly written as you read on you see things are unravelling at the seamsMeredith and Jack are twins but therein the similarity ends their lives are poles apart With a mother suffering from dementia and the prospect of an hereditary gene the revelation that their parentage is not as they thought this is a drama waiting to happen with the first twist being revealed in the first couple of chaptersJack and Meredith's characters are well supported with those you may love or hate Firstly I thought Jemima was an absolute vile child all a teenager's worst traits imaginable are wrapped up in this girl Luke is a little non descript I didn't feel strongly about him either way At least Edna had a bit of a personality about her bless her And as for John well he was just a disappointment is so many ways All the characters are totally engageable they all feel like someone you know or could just be a family down your street; however you never know what's going on behind closed doorsThe time line flipping back and forth was a bit random and at times there were cliffhangers in the previous chapters and I was eager to find out what happens but I then found myself thirty years ago but to be fair it gives us the insight into the family's past we need and why Jack Meredith's mother is the way she is and the relationships she has with her childrenSome of the chapters have titles such as Buried Secrets and Fears and distractions which give us a little indication of what's to come and I loved this novel for its witty funny one liners which are freuently throughout Edna hadn't planned to leave the tap running but she hadn't planned to drop dead either These things just happenAnd then also when new a new scene starts there are the little headers such as Meanwhile Back At Meredith's An Hour Later it kind of breaks up the chapters and feels uite comedicOverall this is sad funny and sentimental and I liked that it wasn't a predictable ending This would be a great choice for a book club read as there would be lots to discuss If you enjoyed Winter's Lost Found and books like The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year then I think you'll enjoy this touching novelchokengtitiktitikchokengs williwaw there's a word I've never heard before and wouldn't get in a sentence every day

  4. Joodith Joodith says:

    Meredith’s ineffectual husband Alistair has left her for another woman half his age Her children couldn’t care less about his absence; fifteen year old Jemima cares only about her fictitious online life and eleven year old Luke is trying to cope with being bullied at school leaving Meredith in a state of unhappy limbo for much of the time Meanwhile Jack Meredith’s twin brother is in a state of flux his career having gone down the tubes leaving nothing to show but his sexy sports car and a well used credit cardThe twins have never known their father having been told by their mother that he died before they were born but now at the age of forty three they have a burning desire to find out Their mother never a caring nurturing woman is now in the grip of dementia and is unlikely even if she wanted to give them any information about him So the search commences At times amusing at others uite depressing it is essentially a tale about a dysfunctional family just trying to get on with life The characters are well drawn especially the children; the author is absolutely spot on with the teenage angst of Jemima; her Californian exchange buddy Chelsea is absolutely cringe worthy and had me howling with laughter Reggie the senile old neighbour’s dog is also a delightful character but as for Meredith – she’s a bit wishy washy and I uickly became irritated with herI started this book with my mind wide open and whilst I enjoyed the writing and the idea behind the story but about two thirds of the way in it became too silly almost farcical as if the Mr Winter was trying just a bit too hard so for me it was just “okay” sent me a free copy to review

  5. Kim Kim says:

    I had a hard time with this book I liked the stories premise but the book seemed to fall a little short The emotions in the book at times seemed to be lacking It also felt long The story wasn't horrible and it was interesting enough to keep me reading I also liked the twins for me it felt that their characters were the most developed

  6. Lise Lise says:

    A book that I would've never picked up myself but was recommended by a close friend of mine Now after finishing the book I'm glad she did I have to admit that it took me some time to get into the story but I got a uniue refreshing story in return that also made me think about life a bit better Maybe it's a coincidence maybe it's not but today a woman came up to me in a store saying things that didn't make sense at all She had dementia I could tell This encounter had a huge impact on me And just like this book it made me think What if someone I love will have dementia one day? What if I will have it? If i knew I would have it would I start living differently? This kind of stuffSo if you're looking for a good book that gets you to start thinking I recommend you picking this one upNow a bit about the characters Normally I read about younger people maybe because I'm not that old myself So to read about two 43 year olds was indeed a new experience for me Meredith and Jack were enjoyable characters and they really grew on me during the course of this book view spoilerIt was very confronting to see how Jack slowly started to experience the symptoms of dementia It's not him losing his mind from one day to another but actually a process Which I think Tom Winter has done a great job at portraying hide spoiler

  7. Dani C Dani C says:

    Actual rating is probably like 35 starsI had a couple of problems with this one that were uite disappointing The biggest problem I had is that on occasion characters would do or say things that I didn't feel they really would do in a real life setting I can't speak about one of these as it contains spoilers but it's to do with the teenage girl character JemimaThe first of these was the headteacher at the school that the son and daughter go to – she was presented as pretty farcical at times and said things in the book that NO teacher would EVER say For example things like these aren't children we're talking about they're animals I think you should be grateful they just bully your son rather than eat him She also brushes aside an accusation of a physical relationship between a student and a teacher; something that would NEVER be ignored in a real school settingTeachers have a hard enough time of it as it is spoken from experience as I used to be a primary school teacher and many of my close friends are also teachers without them being represented in this way in books that are otherwise supposed to reflect real life Another issue I had is that some chapters in the book seemed a little pointless and didn't move the plot forward in any way which made the book feel a little slower than it should be at times This didn't happen too freuently however I did mostly enjoy this book I picked it up because I read Tom's debut Lost and Found when it came out a few years ago and adored it I was unfortunately expecting a similar kind of feel to the story with this one but it wasn't uite the same which I found disappointing It was a nice read and I enjoyed how the characters changed over the course of the story but I wouldn't say it was particularly memorable ironic considering dementia is an issue that the story deals with 35 stars – a nice story if you're looking for a bit of a light read but I would recommend Lost and Found over this one any day of the week

  8. Tony Tony says:

    Far from being identical twins Jack and Meredith are very different characters and have been living vastly separate lives Jack has his successful advertising company while Meredith's life revolves around her children and her Mum now chronically disabled with a genetic dementia that may come to them both However a chance meeting tells them that the grave they have always known as that of their father can be no such thing; their lives are drawn closer and they now face an uncertain future togetherThe author has created some distinct and interesting characters particularly in the central family Although they may not be absolutely believable they do offer opportunities for a series of incidents and some humorous writing It is light reading despite the underlying seriousness of many of the actions The narrative conceit of telling the main story chronologically but having flashbacks that go back ever deeper in time is an interesting one although I suspect might have been made of it

  9. Lynne Lynne says:

    Read this for my book club A uick read funny in parts and not uite as light weight as I thought it would be initially

  10. Colby Colby says:

    A few initial chuckles; then creeping sadnesses Poignant

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Arms Wide Open [PDF] ✐ Arms Wide Open By Tom Winter – Jack and Meredith are non identical twins Their father died before they were born and now they both have to watch as their mother sinks further in to the grip of early onset dementiaJack s career has Jack and Meredith are non identical twins Their father died before they were born and now they both have to watch as their mother sinks further in to the grip of early onset dementiaJack s career has crashed and burned all that remains is a Maserati and a nervous disposition Meredith s world is also crumbling the decomposing yogurt in her fridge a symbol of her newly expired marriage Her children Jemima and Luke offer Arms Wide PDF \ little support too consumed with the world of online dating and amateur taxidermyOne day a throwaway comment starts Jack wondering if their father really died As they begin to untangle the revelations the twins are forced to ponder both the past and the future their memories of their mother their hopes for finding their father and the fear of what s in their bloodline.