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The Greatest Love Story of All Time ➣ [Epub] ➝ The Greatest Love Story of All Time By Lucy Robinson ➭ – It's Fran's thirtieth birthday and things are good She's bluffed her way into a Very Swanky Job and her outlandishly handsome and talented boyfriend Michael is escorting her to the Ritz with a bulge t It's Fran's thirtieth birthday and Love Story PDF Ê things are good She's bluffed her way into a Very Swanky Job and her outlandishly handsome and talented boyfriend Michael is escorting her to the Ritz with a bulge the shape of a ring box in his pocket But something has gone wrong Very wrong By the end of the evening Fran is howling in bed with one of Michael's old socks In her uest to figure out why her life has suddenly gone down the drain Fran comes up with a failsafe plan live like a hobo stalk a The Greatest PDF/EPUB ² stranger called Nellie and cancel her beloved Gin Thursdays in favour of drinking gin most nights But then Fran's friends force a very different plan on her and it's nowhere near as fun How could eight internet dates possibly make her feel better But eventually she agrees And so begins The Greatest Love Story of All Time Reviews 'Many novels claim to be laugh out loud funny but this debut actually is Prepare for public transport belly laughs' Glamour 'The new Marian Keyes' Cosmopolitan 'Perfect summer holiday Greatest Love Story of All MOBI :Ê reading' Observer 'Plenty of laughs throughout' Chicklit Central.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 282 pages
  • The Greatest Love Story of All Time
  • Lucy Robinson
  • English
  • 21 September 2015

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10 thoughts on “The Greatest Love Story of All Time

  1. Silver Thistle Silver Thistle says:

    The single defining reason that this was a terrible read for me was Fran's Scottish friend Dave Yes he's funny and yes he's a good friend to Fran but as soon as he called her by the cute little 'nickname' he had for her I couldn't bear himI'm Scottish so I've heard that word used plenty and in it's proper context It's really NOT a nice name to be called It certainly isn't a name to be used in affection for a close female friend by a man shudderThere's no grey area here it's just simply not a name anyone would want to be called It's derogatory The word might sound harmless to someone who's unsure of the meaning but it's really notHad it been used once I might have been able to overlook it Maybe But it's used over and over and over If Dave were real he'd find himself without any friends if he persisted in calling them that nameI can only assume the Author knows the word from a Scottish acuaintance and used it without knowing the connotations It was a terrible choice of word If she had even checked the Urban Dictionary she'd have been in no doubt that it was a poor choiceFor me that word just sucked all the joy out of reading this and I abandoned it Note I received this book from the publisher

  2. Aneesa Aneesa says:

    This is why Chick lit is one of my favourite genre Lucy never fails to disappoint This book is a perfect combo of humor drama and romance If anyone is interested in a light heart humor book this one is a deffo recommendation I loved and enjoyed reading about Fran's journey to love she and her friends are both loveable and laughable I loved mostly Stefania she was a delight to read and I instantly fell in love with her character

  3. Ivi Oltovska Ivi Oltovska says:

    i really liked it 4 stars

  4. Natalie TBGWP Natalie TBGWP says:

    ​So here we have what I can only describe as a book for the girls of today A book for the girls who will give the men a run for their moneyFrom the very start you connect with Fran she's that friend that you've known forever The one who you be extra silly with and tell everything too You will also love her 'charming' cat Duke Ellington Her friends sex mad Leonie Princess Stefania and big huggy bear Dave become your circle of friends too Altogether you can take on the world and so take on the world of online dating catastrophic relationships alcoholic mothers political scandals stalking sex love marriage You feel every ounce of pain happiness for every one of these people As I said they're now your friends too The story covers most aspects of relationships and heartache It puts you through your paces and has you laughing nonstop even in the sad parts It is hand on heart the funniest book I have read so far Fran’s speak before she thinks potty mouth Leonie’s no shame in telling strangers about her sore bum from anal sex Stefania’s wacky dress sense organic vegan recipes her miss pronounced words Dave’s manliness Glaswegian swear words and roll ups This all mixed together becomes utterly fantasticFrom the minute I started this book I was gripped I hand on heart was so excited to turn the page to see what was next I even refused to put it down to eat This resulting in a terrible Spag Bol stain on page 365 DevastatedTo anyone who knows me personally I have a terrible mouth Never mind a potty mouth I've got a full on garbage mouthLucy Robinson has captured today's way of thinking and new found freedom of speech and miraculously produced a book of wonder and excitement with using the dreaded and much frowned upon C word Good on you girlThis isn't your typical chic lit Rom Com book it's trendy honest fucking brilliantIf you want nonstop laughter a brilliant love story with an alcoholic twist then this is the book for youI can guarantee you will not be disappointed Not for the faint hearted I may add but for the normal everyday girl this is the book of your dreamsSerious praise for Lucy Robinson​55Book on its way to my friend will be reading this again soon

  5. Jvermeersch Jvermeersch says:

    Have we all really read the same novel? Because the one I read ticked all the wrong boxesForeign characters vho zo not speak ze Inglish very vell? Check Ridiculously stereotypical and annoying characters? CheckMentioning female body parts in every single dialogue either as pet name insult compliment or totally irrelevant metaphor? Check unfortunately In each of the 45 chapters in every dialogue Either the author is obsessed with female sex parts or all characters are be they male or female themselves Plain weird like some weird bet on how many times you can use these words in a bookCan't stop reading predictable story? Nope though that was what I was looking for Just seemed to stretch on foreverConflictuous love triangle? NopeLaugh out loud humour or swoon worthy romance? NopeAs good as Lucy Robinsons other novels? Nope not by a long stretchTempted to ditch the book? Check several times but persevered to find out why this book has such high ratings Did not solve this mysteryGreat love story? Not at all

  6. Rupali Rupali says:

    Initially I thought of giving this book 3 or maybe 4 stars Then why did I give it a 5 star rating you ask?It was the ending that did it My God The ending was amazing I loooved itAfter finishing it I knew this book deserved nothing short of 5 stars ^^

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    Review originally posted at Once Upon A TimeIt feels like yonks ago I read and fell in love with this book looking at my Goodreads page I suppose a month ago is a fair while but hey that’s why I take notes and I do remember how much I absolutely adored this book to the point that I told off Ms Lucy on Twitter for making me actually cry and I couldn’t read anything else for three whole days afterwards and I told a random lady in Tesco to buy it because it’s really really good as well as many other people ahem YesLucy’s writing style pulls you in from the very first page when Fran is telling us about how and why her friends broke into her flat only to be disgusted by the state they find her in and demanding that she go on this “Eight Date Plan” while on her 3 month break from her boyfriend Michael She has this fantastically hilarious way of wording things and it’s such a British sense of humour So often I’d burst out laughing at something or other1 and I’d get the “what are you laughing at?” look from my other half“Walking out of the building and into the cold hard afternoon sun I caught sight of Michael’s bottom I’d not realized I was a bottom sort of girl until that moment but Michael’s was exuisite Small manly and firm with just a hint of muscle I wanted to cup it gently And then firmly And maybe give it a soft slap just to be sure”My only major criticism of the writing style itself was the overuse of exclamation marks Whilst they did add a lot excitement to the text often they added a little too muchFran is just so absolutely mental and Bridget Jones like with her clumsy drunken lovesick stalking ways She has low self esteem yet loves her life and when she suspects her currently ex boyfriend of dumping her on her birthday to date a posh gorgeous girl called Nellie Daniels she gets a little crazy Whilst it could all have been fixed by a simple text it did make for a hilarious read and things wouldn’t have worked out uite the way they did And that was a pretty freaking epic ending I’m also completely in love with the side characters Dave the Glaswegian cameraman who always seems to have a cigarette in his mouth and there for Fran through thick and thin Barmy Stefania the nutty European exact origin unknown Duke Ellington the evil cat And the dates My word they’re so hilarious Though it isn’t all hilarity Fran’s mother has been dealing with an alcohol problem for years and there are some very heartfelt dealings with that problem as she tried to get her mum to go to Alcoholics Anonymous They all give the story a kick of life and it wouldn’t have been uite the same without themShould you read this book? Hell to the yes There is a lot of swearing and a teeny tiny bit of sex but it’s not too adult in my honest opinion I thoroughly believe that it’s too brilliant to miss Often I find chick lit has a lot of trouble with predictability but here I just didn’t see any of the twists coming and Kay finished gushing If you have a secret penchant for chick lit while nobody’s looking or a great stonking love of it give The Greatest Love Story of All Time a go I love it so much and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

  8. Monica Miller Monica Miller says:

    I really love Lucy Robinson's writing It's very nice and detailed and focuses a lot on the characters And this was a good storyBut it kind of drove me crazy at points and I think it could have been a tad shorter I wouldn't have minded thatThe story revolves around Fran whose boyfriend Michael broke up with her for 90 days on her thirtieth birthday without giving her a reason At first I was sympathetic with her seeing her so broken but then somehow it became uite a lot She was kind of horrible to her friends and she put Michael on a pedestal She never realised how many sacrifices she did for him and that he didn't seem to care view spoilerDespite the book being super lengthy the ending felt rushed She suddenly realised Michael was an arsehole and that Dave was actually the love of her life It felt super rushed And she realised she was in love with Dave hide spoiler

  9. Noodles78 Noodles78 says:

    Loved Dave Fran was sometimes annoying Michael was a prick and I shouted and got cross at the situation alotEnjoyed every minute of it

  10. Simona Simona says:

    When Fran meets Michael I really thought they were meant for each other but it turns out After almost two years of relationship Michael wants a three months break Fran thought he was going to proposeNow she is sad lying around and doesn’t want to get out of her flatIt is interesting to read how Fran met Michael and you gotta love her three friends Leonie Stefania and especially DaveThey’ve got a plan to send Fran on eight dates the last one has to be the perfect date but we only hear towards the end what that really meansFran misses Michael and starts stalking him or his „girlfriend“ Nellie However it all is a big misunderstanding and everything turns out to be really complicatedI find the scenes hilarious when Fran is acting all strange trying to find out When Michael finds out that she is dating he sends her messages again His best friend Alex is a nightmare at work and then everything about her mam is released in the pressFreddy one of her online dates seems to be a great guy but when Michael wants Fran to go to Paris to meet him she cancels the date with himLeonie is with Alex now which seems to complicate the situation even In Paris Michael and Fran talk a lot and they want to get back together again Michael also tells her why he wanted the separation but then Leonie calls and tells her the whole truthWas Michael really playing with her this whole time? I was really disappointed in Michael I never thought that was possible he seemed like such a nice guy Well that made the whole story even interesting and took it to a whole new levelAlex is a good friend now and Fran has real success at work But what about Freddy?Dave tells her that he is leaving Only when it is almost to late and with a little help from her friends she realises who Freddy isWill she get her happy end?This really is a great love story It has an unexpected ending and you can really dive into the story I love Fran’s mad moments and the stalking thing is just hilarious LOL moments guaranteed And it is also romantic gripping and entertaining Lucy really understands to make a story interesting vivid and sparkling and the love scenes perfect ; ♥

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